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  1. You have a cool name "The Tingler". Not quite the next "ThunderPeel", but its pretty cool noine the less.
  2. You have a good point Mafiozi. I must congratulate you on that. Now its time to go get that beer. Just picked it up from the bathtub. Its full of beers surrounded by cold water, rather clever eh. I should've brought my bottle opener cause the one I used to open teh botle is rather ****e. Then again I didnt quite expect this computer 2 be here other wise i might've bvrought my andveture games and uploadedthem onto my site.
  3. You'd sound like a kid too if you were in the middle of a party, which by the way is still going on, and slowly getting more drunk by the minute (or eating salted rice, which is what i'm doing just now) Thanx. Someone who AGREES with one of my ideas. You need to remember to add a ™ when referring to me. Theres a difference between donkeys and Donkey™s. Wait a minute... What do you mean EMPEROR Nelson? And what about me doing AS GOOD AS him? I'd do BETTER than that gimp. For one thing I'd uncancel it. But me controlling LucasArts is about as likely as them uncancelling Sam & Max. Wow. Me starting a thread, then getting severyl replies, then replying a few times ALL ON THE SAME DAY WHEN A PARTY IS GOING ON!! This is a first for me and I think I shall go grab another beer to celebrate.
  4. EXACTLY. If they tell us to take these fan games down, then they have to promise to uncancel Sam & Max. By doing this we could also show them the online petition and other stuff that shows that we want it. But then again, they might just ignore these "Fan games" in the same way they ignore the other stuff that I mentioned.
  5. Perhaps an alternative solution (I'll probably regret this suggestion when I've sobered up because its sounds stupid) Make fan games that are EXACT copys of the original. But I suppose that'd be useless too. If i could magically become the predisent of LA then I'd make then uncancel it (Ihats what evry1 would do thiough) I think its time for another beer. Dicsuss this stuff some more. Amd mabye we can kome up with a bettre idea.
  6. After careful evaluation of the stuff goin on with LucasArts and their disregard for adventure games, I have thought of something (please forgive me if it sounds like I'm speaking crap, but I'm slightly drunk just as I'm typing this). I'm saying that because LucasArts couldnt give a damn about adventure games, it seems like they are abandoning them. Therefore they might as well be considered "abandonware". We should have a serious discussion about this as I suggest that some of us (or someone) host an abandonware site purely for LucasArts games. The good thing about this is that we could use this to blackmail LucasArts into uncanceling Sam & Max. The bad news is, Ron Gilbert and all the other guys who created those games might be kinda upset (either that or I just feel guilty because it their games) or LucasArts might ignore the blackmail and just sue me anyway (or you, if you decide to host them). Like I said, this should be discussed first before we all agree on it. I'm gonna go get another beer and then join the party (Its grampas 80th birthday today and hes a rather wonderful guy)
  7. "'Always on' connections will replace the need to dial up."
  8. Actually, Spaff didnt read the email until two weeks after the cancellation. He told me this and thats when I found out that my "Joke" wasn't happening.
  9. I thought that the Sam & Max 2 cancellation was all an April Fools joke when it first got announced back in March. Why? Because two days beforehand, I had emailed Spaff suggesting that LucasArts could pretend that Sam & Max is cancelled for an April Fools joke. When the bad news was announced, I thought that Spaff had sent LA the idea and they had agreed within two days that it would be a good send up. When I found out later at the end of the month that it wasn't a joke. I was devastated. LucasArts had betrayed me. I had been thinking that it was my April Fools joke all this time. I've been having some rather bad luck this year. First, my CD-RW drive goes on the blink and the replacement that my Dad bought can't work because of the requirements for it, my brand new mobile phone gets its SIM card rejected. The only thing that kept me going through this month was the belief that I was behind this "Joke" (and my Sonic games too). Now I think I'll go make some hate art to show what I think of them now.
  10. You and everyone else on this forum buddy.
  11. Check these out Ome Henk - Opblaaskrokodil Ome Henk - Opblaaskrokodil (Different lyrics) Dynamite - Opblaaskrokodil (Almost Complete version, it cuts off near the end) And check out the fanimutation French Erotic Film - Jesus H. Christ vs Colin Mochrie Part 1 And if anyone can send a link to the FULL version of Dynamites song, that would be good (I actually heard that there are TWO versions by Dynamite, if thats true and you have a links to both of them, then post them here.
  12. I think that the Monkey Island that was used in MI4 was different from the Trilogy. I think it came from another dimension. Dont ask me how it happened but it must have done. As to where the hell Timmy came from (werent you guys even a LITTLE bit curious about him) he must have met Guybrush and Elaine during thier honeymoon. Something else I dont understand either is... (comment will be finished tomorrow)
  13. MI3 - Old Blind Pew & Dinghy Dog MI2 - Walt & little Guybrush MI1 - Spiffy (or whatever his name was) and .... I dont think there was another dog in this one
  14. CMI is a really great game and err.. um... well... EMI is... er... {LIE MODE} EVEN BETTER THAN THE FIRST THREE PUT TOGETHER . Actually no, but it is (mostly) good fun.
  15. I think I'll play BS 1 & 2 again before getting BS3 Funnily enough this thread has me saying the same thing, but with Monkey Island instead }:¬) I also saw Broken Sword 3 posters displayed and sealed up in the toilets of a shopping centre in the neighbor town to where I live, do you think I should take the risk of trying to pry one off?
  16. Well its been one week since I bought my PS2 so to celebrate I got MI4 out the library}:¬) I'll play it as soon as I get home (which is usually half past 7 cause thats when the library shuts, unless I get bored with the internet or too many people want on it) (I should probably be doing my homework really, ah well) (Just for the hell of it I'm making a link to this. It even has a screenshot from MI4.(most of you have already seen this though))
  17. I can get it (for PS2) out of my local library for £1.50 (for a week) I'm gonna play through the Monkey Island trilogy first before I get it.
  18. Yes thats right. I am using Trapezoids music. By the way I've updated the site a bit (I now have a guestbook and I've made another comic strip) now check it out before something else distracts you.
  19. I have made myself a website here and I need help in developing it a bit more (Especially the "Flight of the Amazon Queen section") So help me out if you can.
  20. Will Ferrell appeared in the first 2 Austin Powers flicks and Jay and Silent Bob Strike back and is in a new film called Elf. btw if the MI movie was directed by Mel Brooks it would mean he would have a part in it. I think he would do a good Fester Shinetop. And if it was directed by Terry Gilliam, then one of the old Monty Python characters would appear in it. I think John Cleese could play one of the guys in the SCUMM bar (the nervous one who tells you all about LeChuck) because he looks like him. Oh and I like Staredcraft' cast list. I'm amazed that no-one has closed this thread.
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