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  1. Medusa Heads from CV - Always got hit by the sick freaks in CV4, resulting in me falling to my death Mine Monsters from JO - They scare me, I always run out of batteries and I cant see them Rodian Snipers - Killed me so many times... Fission Metroids - These freaking things were harder than metroid prime himself. Dammit, every time I killed one another would replace it, and thats not even counting that the one I killed split in two. Mustve taken me 30 minutes to get past these sick bastards.... Overall, I say Fission Metroids over all.
  2. Obviously you didnt see the Morpheus. Oh my...Ugh, It really made me look away it was so bad. Also, Galak as Trinity, man, I couldve done better by just calling Galak trinity without doing anything...
  3. Im slightly confused...is the model still being worked on or not? It may ahve been awhile since any updates, but, he never said it was dead. As far as I know, its still alive, just hasnt been mentioned to us cause then we'd just pester him about its release
  4. Ohhh, I like, alot. If you are blank for ideas, I vote that she gets long black hair BTW, thats not her head up there is it? Its a blank spot where the head will go right?
  5. Well, I will keep my fingers crossed! BTW, the Mercenary Kyle is the perfect replacement for Kyle, and I am using it in my single player game as we speak
  6. Heh, I cant believe it took me this long to find this mod! I hang around massassi too much I guess. Anyways, I found my way here through the mercenary kyle model. And I must say, bravo! Great stuff! I would pay for the full version of this if it was nessacary! Now that I have got my initial excitement out of the way, I wanted to ask, are there any plans to release your new models sepereatly like the Mercenary Kyle? I specifically would love to see this one. That stormtrooper makes a huge improvement! So please, release some of your other models, I beg you!
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