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  1. So I heard, yeah. Access_flux:
  2. I'm not afraid at all, I just faint whenever somebody sticks a needle in me.
  3. Been wanting to get a tattoo of a dragon or celtic cross just under my shoulder, so it's easy to cover up. Need to find a way to get around my allergy to needles though..
  4. Blah. Anything that doesn't confirm to your description is done on purpose because it otherwise looked like ****. And I refuse to make ****.
  5. You don't WANT to know what comes up when googling my name. Lot of mapping stuff too, though.
  6. From what I gathered from the newspaper: The man was running from the police because he was illegally staying in the country.
  7. Wow.Ever since cheap Japanese horror-attempts got popular, little girls are the scariest thing ever, it seams.
  8. http://hauntedbyangels.deviantart.com/gallery/ Rawr. On a sidenote, I just got a Daily Deviation feature on deviantart, which I'm really proud of. Golook.
  9. Listen to Bauhaus, then listen to Hammerfall. You'll see that they're nothing alike. Yeah, it is. I love how they combine sirene female vocals with deep grunts.
  10. Favorite genres and artists within the genre I like most: Gothic rock/new wave Bauhaus Sisters Of Mercy Joy Division Depeche Mode The Cure Gothic Metal Nightwish Epica Trail Of Tears Sirenia After Forever Lacuna Coil Leave's Eyes Powermetal Iced Earth Hammerfall Dream Evil Sonata Arctica Siebenburgen Death metal Morbid Angel Arch Enemy Illnath Summoning Goatwhore Yeah. I was bored and decided to mention some bands.
  11. Rammstein sucks noodles. :|
  12. They switched the names of The Netherlands and Belgium. :|
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