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  1. Tyrion, you also own a 9800 pro 128mb? Yeah i noticed it does not perform that well with very high tex.
  2. is there a huge performance diff between the 9800 pro 128mb version and 256mb? like frame rate?
  3. lol 9800 xt is for hardcore gamers. and i dont have that kind of money for xt.
  4. well on only high tex its only a sec. but im talking about very high detail textures. i play at 1024 by 768 and use trilinear and high detail. everything else is at defaults. i want to know the performance of other ppl at very high detail tex. i got a 9800 pro to play at higher res, and play more games. it would suck to know that it works good only at high tex.
  5. it lags after playing with very high tex. but with just high tex its fine. i think very high tex is a strain on my pc.
  6. when using very high tex, it takes a couple of min. but when set to high, i get in in less then a sec at awaiting snapshot. When set to very high detail in mp takes forever to get in a game especially siege and ffa. my specs are athlon 2800+ xp, 9800 pro 128mb, 512 ddr400 ram, and 80gb hd withh 7200rpm but 2mb cache.
  7. when i set textures to the highest in jedi academy, "very high detail" it takes longer to get into a multiplayer game. So i set it to "high" and i can get in very fast. Can any of u manage to get into a multiplayer game fast with textures set to highest detail? if so, can u give me the specifications of ur pc or give me tips on how to do that?
  8. it seems that the unreal2003 engine runs way better on my pc than the quake 3 engine. the frame rate in jedi academy changes so often especially in siege mode. however, unreal2003 runs so smoothly. i hardly get any jerks or jitters unlike the quake 3 engine. the Q3 engine is suppose to be less demading on the pc and i use a 9800 pro. lol jedi academy takes so long to load snapshot with very high textures turned on. unreal loads so much more quicker. i wish at least jedi academy could have been more optimized to run smoothly without frame jitters and jerks. My system exceeds the requirements. its a athlon 2800+ xp barton, 512 ddr400 ram, and of course 128mb radeon 9800 pro. cant wait till unreal 2004 comes out.
  9. i set the max framerate as 300 in jediacademy. after about a hour of playing, the game takes longer to load and framerate is jerky. my pc specs are athlon 2800+ xp, 512 ram, 9800 pro 128mb. Is this normal to happen or not?
  10. whats the default frame cap in JA? i set the max framerate as 300 in jediacademy. after about a hour of playing, the game takes longer to load and framerate is jerky. my pc specs are athlon 2800+ xp, 512 ram, 9800 pro 128mb. Is this normal to happen or not? also whenever i do force push or pull, my framerate frops as hell. is this suppose to happen with ati cards? i have the latest drivers and all. this never happened on my laptop. and it has a crappier card
  11. do vid card reviewers turn details down to get high fps?
  12. i got latest drivers. in a review of the card that i have im suppose to get 300 fps for quake 3. still 90fps at lower res.
  13. when i play quake 3 at 1280 by 1024 the frame rate is maxed at 90fps. i thought its suppose to go more than 90 and im using a radeon 9800 pro 128mb? what can i do to make it run faster? jedi academy never goes above 90fps either at same resolution
  14. are omega drivers better than the ati drivers? im using the latest catylist drivers now.
  15. mine is the 128mb version. so far my opinions are mixed. i get like 90fps at 1280 by 1084 with 4x aa in jedi academy. but when there are alot of effects like force pull, drain, lots of ppl, my frame rates jerk. suddenly drop to 30 and back to 90 and its annoying. i have the latest drivers and the card itself is installed correctly. any suggestions?
  16. i just got a 9800 pro. should i use direct3d or opengl for gaming?
  17. i bought a sapphire radeon 9800 pro. but its oem so i does not come with manual and box. So i read the ati version manual online and they said that mobos that dont use intel AGP chips need custom AGP drivers from the mobo makers. My mobo is an albatron nforce for AMD processors. did you all have to do this when you installed a new card?
  18. i have no experience in building computers. Some site said that you need the help of an experienced person. Is it possible for a noob like me to build a pc by just looking at tutorials on the web? Also, can someone give me a good tutorial in building a computer? I just bought all the parts i need to make a pc. Im just afraid about connecting the wires correctly and installing the cpu.
  19. thanks for the replies. i just found out that my case has one rear exhaust fan and one side panel fan. So i just need one fan at the front? Is geil good for memory? they have a dual channel memory for a good price. here is the link http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=20-144-512&catalog=147&manufactory=BROWSE&depa=1 also i only plan to get one optical drive. my pc will be used mostly for gaming. should i get a cdrw or dvd drive? also my processor is a athlon 2800+ xp barton. is a 350watt power supply good enough? or get a 420 watt?
  20. im about to build a custom pc. how many fans do i need in a case? the case i chose has 1 side panel fan and one fan on the top. my pc will be a gaming pc so it has a radeon 9800 pro. Also, is 2 sticks of 256mb ram good or just one 512mb ram?
  21. is it worth getting the 9800 pro or is the 9700 pro fine? I heard that there is only litttle difference between the two. i can save $70 by getting the 9700 pro. also what are the best drivers for ati? When i get the 9700 pro it will not come with any installation cds because its OEM. But the i can still install it with the drivers right?
  22. Do gamers really need HT? Or is a regular pentium 4 adequate to play future games like HL 2 and doom 3?
  23. I think kotor sabers and sabercombat looked better than swg
  24. The sabers in that video look like ****. They dont even fan right. They are just glowing sticks. The duel looked bad too. Jedis dont stand in one place when they fight.
  25. i heard the geforce fx`5200 has problems with unreal 2003. And unreal 2003 is a game that i really like. I just want a card that will handle unreal 2004 when it comes out.
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