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  1. I got the game to load with the .bat file but whenever the server uses the Destroyer2 map my game crashes and says "Jedi Academy Multiplayer has encountered a probelem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconvience." Help.
  2. Hey all. I just got it and whenever I try to play a server with the map on it I get the error: Error: Could not load mp/map/Asteroids2.bsp. . I put all the files in the Asteroids folder I made and I keep getting this dang error. plz help.
  3. I asked if there was a RPG server not people telling me to go buy KOTOR or SW Galaxies. If you see or know of one please tell me.
  4. Is there any RPG servers for JA? I just would like to come in and start playing without signing up for one. Thx in advance
  5. Once I was on a server where 2 girl jedis walked every where and yelled at people for fighting. So I rallied a bunch of people to the cause and we fought the admins! They couldn't stop us. There was atleast 15 in the server and I got about 10 to help me. It was sooo funny. The Admins were crying "lamer! lamer!lamer!" and their 5 body guards were getting killed whenever they spawned. I cant remember the name but it was fun.
  6. Are you going to realese the beta? And when do you think the full version will be done?
  7. How did you get the allies to stop following you?
  8. It's gettting really annoying. Do I have to put something in the consol or something? Thx in advance.
  9. I just got a few npcs and skins for them.
  10. When ever I try to load a game this error message pops up: Error NPCLoadParms: Ran out of space before swoop model could be read. Plz Help. Thx in advance
  11. Hi I just got a awesome looking Vader model and I want to use it as my character in single player as a enemy or as my character. Thanks in advance.
  12. Someone once posted about a complaint about a strange server with freakish girl admins who would walk everywhere and would give people the "evileye" when they did something wrong. So I was looking throught the server list and I found a cool looking server, and joined. There they were! The freaky girl admins! Crouched down watching people fight, and I spawned right behind them once I joined! Sabers down and all! Well I just couldent stand the temtation because the banned a fellow former so I typed "g_dismember 100" and "cg_dismember 3". I still couldn't believe it. I changed to yellow stance and swung. Muah ha ha ha ha! They both fell headless and started calling me a lamer in german. Hehehehehe. So you all know I hate saber down=peace. Muah ha ha ha ha!
  13. I've tried makeing a x-wing in MP but there is no way to take off! When someone else spawns one I can fly. Am I using the wrong x-wing model? Once another person spawned a x-wing I killing tie-fighter by the dozen. Please Help.
  14. Hi. Kurgan told me to download the win32 JAMP file. Ok. I did that. I just need a real detailed step by step instruction on how to start a dedicated server with this program. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi I never been part of a RPG and it sounds like fun. I just don't want to buy galaxies and have to pay $15 a month to play. thanks in advance.
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