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  1. Search failed me, the FAQ failed me. I know it's possible, because I've done it once, but there is a give command that basically gives you the force crystal that shadow troopers drop on their death. And by holding this key down, you are basically giving yourself unlimited force. So, does anyone know what this command is, or have a comprehensive list of all giveable stuff?
  2. I'm a shameless terantanek fan, so I'm asking... Is there anyone out there who would be willing to make a working mod that allowed the player to appear as a terantanek? All my attempts to do this with KSE so far have no only fialed, but failed miserably. I'ma big fan of that look, and if it's possible, I'd love it. As another note, and a far, far lesser priority, is there any way of making a mask that would just take the appearance of the peragus sith assasin helmet? Just the head and neck stuff, preferably without the robes. If this isn't, I understand, it was just another idea I had. If anyone is willing, I'd be more than happy to to provide some item stats.
  3. I come and go on the forums as my intrest waxes and wanes, but something disturbs me. I know about the dueling feats and all that, but in consideration, this is my asusmption: Blaster rifles, single pistols, two handed melee weapons (To a somewhat lesser extent) and single swords/sabers are *severely* limited compared to weilding two one-hand weapons. For instance, the jedi eaponmaster gets superior two weapon fighting, and no advanced dueling feats. The disadvantages of two single weapons are practically taken away with the right feats, yet single weapons only get very minor bonuses in feats as I see it. Is it just me, or are these weapons severely, severely limited in the long run? And hopefully, are there any modifications that fix this?
  4. All right, thanks. And they seem to be occuring at both random areas, and when specific things are triggered. For instance, just walking through an area, it will semeingly crash at random, with no pattern., But sometimes, like when opening a certain door on telos, and contronting the enemies on the other side with a melee weapon equipped, will crash. But when at the same point, and switching to ranged weapons, opening and firing, nothing wrong at all. So I'm really not sure as to what to think. Higher level force powers used the TSL patcher too, can I ask what mods you're talking about? I'll try this, and if it doesn't work, I'll begin re-installing those mods. System specs: OS: Windows XP 5.1, build 2600 service pack 2. CPU: Intel, pentiumĀ® D CPU 2.80GHz RAM: 2048 MB HD: (NTFS), UNICODE 65.91 GB free Video: AIW x600 series, 256mb. Audio: USB audio device OpenGL ATI techs inc, 1.5.4709 winXP Release DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
  5. I'm a die-hard modder, but kotor 2 seems to be crashing, at least, like once every other area, and I simply cnanot play like this. Therefore, I am trying to reduce my mods to the bare essentials, and wondering if anyone can tell me if any of these are likely to cause crashes. The most desired mods of mine are: Ultimate saber mod. Adds a lot more of a unique feel to the game, not the dime a dozen lightsabers. High level force powers 2.0 With the 2.1 update. I think this is the most likely candidate for causing xcrashes, as much as I love the powers, but if it is, at least I can replace it with the floating sabers mod. Mandalore without helmet: Simple mod, I know it probably isn't causing the crashing, but it looks soo good. Slender body mod: No perverted comments, please. I just think it provides a better look for the female exile. If this could possibly cause crashes, what I'd replace it with, the new female PC pack probably wouldn't be any better... An improved force-crush mod: A cool mod that kmakes it sound like crushing and squishing ;o New loading screens: Replaces some of the horrible low-rez screenshots for the loading screens with concept art from the game. Which of these are the most likely to cause crashes? >.>
  6. Well, in kotor 2 guns and sabers aren't even, but if you play your class right, you cna still be a devastating wepaon of destruction, though the random loot makes it difficult. I personally would suggest dual mandalorian disintigrators, and preferably a stun power with sneak attack.
  7. YAY! ^_^ *runs off to download so I can play kotor 1 again to get a better view of kotor 2* @_@
  8. Well, that's just PERFECT. x.x Would there be any way around this?
  9. After a recent hard drive wipe, I've re-instlaled Kotor 1, but when I try to patch it,. this is what happens... Your game version is: 1.00.514058 English Pinging: swpatch.bioware.com Retrieving autopatcher version information Patching the autopatcher. Connecting... swpatch.bioware.com Locate patch file swupdate.ne_ Downloading swupdate.ne_ 505 KB It says my SW Update version is 1.03, and when it completes, it says that I need to restart the aptcher to continue updateing. However, it just repeats the same thing, the same file, the same version, meaning that I can't update kotor 1. Could anyone lend a solution to this problem?
  10. I'll admit, I'm not entirely sure if it fits into this forum, but I could find no better fit. While exploring some of the settings, I've decided to try going through the game with lower than normal gravity, via the "setgravity" command. Howqever, no matter WHAT I set it to, it's like there is negative gravity, and the higher the number is, the faster I rise, decimals, and engative numbers don't seem to affect anything. Is there any way for me to set the gravity so that it's still there, but lower?
  11. Yes, AIVAS lives again! Well, to make a long story short, before my move, kotor2 worked fine, hence the lack of system specs. I changed nothing, other than re-installing kotor2. After which, I go through the character creation process, I get the scrolling backstory that's infamous to SW now, and then when the actual gameplay should start up, black screen. nothing, zip, nadda. I've tried patching, but that doesn't change anything. I've completely cleaned out my kotor2 file,, uninstalled, installed, and tried everything I could think of. Does anyone know the root of this problem?
  12. Dominate mind. Mainly for my girlfriend. "You will never wear a bra again." Force crush. Hey, what can I say? I'm evil. And of course, heal. I'll never have to worry about getting my hindquarters handed to me in a fight...
  13. Yep, shame the computer I have it instaleld on can't be connected to the internet at the moment. Ah well, I'll look for the new Catalyst later. Any idea where I can find it? *is a technical N00B*
  14. Forgive the technically uninclined, but this seems to hapen to me to. Actually, I still have my HUD and everything using tactical mode visor, yet everything else, the wolrd I'm in goes black. I was hoping this was an issue with the game itself, so that I wouldn't need to start getting all the papers for my hardware. >_<
  15. Thanks, I really want to get my prestiege class, and getting allignment points is much harder than it was in the original, at least, it seems that way. >_> EDIT:
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