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  1. What's wrong with a lame map editor? Custom maps are arguably the best form of fan-made content. Documentation, Tutorials and consumer-friendly map tools don't grow on trees. You also don't require the source in order to make modifications. Not if you want to implement extra abilities but if you're out to tweak the data values you're home free (given that you can read the data like the formats you mentioned earlier). I believe Halo had some extra tools released, that fits your precedent description. Not that the inclusion of tools with TFU will depend on such precedents.
  2. Which is why one should take careful note to pay attention to what they're writing. You posted absolute nonsense, I made you aware of that. You seem to have misunderstood my point. You also seem to confuse "not releasing modding tools with a game" with "dirty money grabbing *******s porting for a quick buck how dare those sinful devils abuse us so" (slightly exaggerated). Sometimes it's easy (all their own tools, and friendly to use) sometimes it's not (heavy use of licensed sofware, the need to replace that with new solutions). We'll see what they'll do. Condemning their efforts already seems rather premature at this point.
  3. Oh yes, they're definitely not porting the game to make the game available for purchase for PC gamers who don't own TFU yet. It clearly makes more sense to only appeal to those who already own it. You're a genius. Aspyr Media is handling the port, take from that what you will. They've done the Jedi Knight series and a whole bunch of other games to Mac before. They're not exactly green on that front. But you seem to know more? Do tell. LEC has been supportive of modding in the past, but it will depend on the tools they use on TFU whether or not they can be released easily. Ease of use, stability and use of licensed software from other vendors come to mind as plausible pitfalls.
  4. That would likely cause more problems than solve any. Map won't (shouldn't) load unless you join a server playing that particular map.
  5. There is no need for interconnectivity with Xbox 360 players. It would create more headaches for the PC gaming crowd (for starters, Steam would be switching their fast/easy update system for the horrendous Live Certification slowdown period to keep both systems synchronized). Easy question. You are a lot more dependent from your three teammates (and they from you, once you screw up everyone knows) and sticking together is insanely important for survivors (and for infected it's important you don't just attack whenever you feel like it) compared to TF2 where you can easily do your own silly stuff for as long as you feel like it. Even on a public 24 player server you can still achieve a lot of stuff with only 3 players working together and the others jacking themselves off. In L4D your team is toast when players start goofing off. Makes it a lot more fun to play with friends, but I sure as hell am not touching public matchups.
  6. No. Days will be assigned to 366 AND will evaluate to true. You shouldn't have even run gcc to verify this. I suggest you go over the basics again to ensure you didn't skip something else. Silly mistakes like these can be too painful (hello zune).
  7. My top 5 favorite games of '08. 5. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin 4. No More Heroes 3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2. Team Fortress 2 (F yeah updates) 1. Left 4 Dead
  8. Hating EA is so '07. Get on with the times, update your boycott filters. Activision is the new EA. Also, according to analyst Alegis from the Alegis Analyst Group, game analysts never have anything interesting to say.
  9. Alegis


    Don't get your hopes up. Hands-on previewers have been very disappointed. Well, you'll get to check it out for yourself soon enough with the demo.
  10. /b/ isn't weird, for it is extremely predictable. A gargantuan ****hole would be more accurate. OH ROFL C-C-C-COMBOOO XD XD SLOWPOKE EPIC FAIL GUY ROFLLLL CHRIS HANSEN PARTY V& CP LOLOL Disgusting.
  11. Tried it out last week at a friend's place, quite fun. Took turns with the mic, in which I'm horrible unless I tried singing in high registers. Anyways, fun was to be had. When the fourth player left we tried combining microphone and drums. Needless to say the failure sign reared its ugly head halfway into the songs. Perhaps something I might get next year. It's a solid product in any case.
  12. Sure, PM me your Brawl (or anyone else that is, I won't be actively checking this topic) FC when you have it. Mine is 4511 1294 2657 TRAINER ALEGIS WANTS TO BATTLE!
  13. Norton is still bad. Still bloated, still inferior detection rates (both false positives and negatives). NOD 32 > * If it has to be free, Avira is your best choice.
  14. Reading LFN topic. Pressing submit in just a sec
  15. Don't bother with those girl troubles, and you'll live a happy life. A happy hermit's life, but a happy one.
  16. Didn't bug me. What does bug me though is the scene in RoTS where Sidious easily slays the 3 best saber fighters IN ZE UNIVERSE.
  17. Around ... ten years ago someone showed me some dull Star Wars Name generator thing. The name I turned up with was Aleers Gensan. That same 'someone' suggested Alegis Gensan instead. I liked the name, and would later drop off the Gensan part and just go for Alegis. Later on I loathed the guy though for other reasons and never heard from again. Considering it came from a generator that took the first 3 letters of your name, I found it a fitting alias. I'd use it anywhere, works fine as an RPG name too. As to what it means? Well I guess that in ancient greek it means 'from Alex'. But that's rather a meaning that sprouted after 'I' came up with the name.
  18. VLC has a nasty way of dealing with subs for one. CCCP and you're set, myself I prefer Media Player Classic. Currently watching: Aria the Natural, Seirei no Moriboto and Legend of Galactic Heroes. Coming seasons can wait until I'm done with my list.
  19. The Nintendo DS Lite has been one of my best purchases in years.
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