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  1. I'll be playing it (or won't be playing it, as it seems) on PC. Goddamn you, LEC.
  2. The Sith Lords is just called: KOTOR: The Sith Lords.
  3. I think I'll go hide in a cave for the coming seasons. I have around 700 eps (not incl movies) still on my disk I really want to check out. Not really anime, but after enjoying the Nodame Cantabile anime I gave the live action a spin. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even more than the animu. Story of an aspiring conductor Chiaki and piano student Noda Megumi. It's not cheesy, but offers interesting story and of course great music. If it really has to be from '07, I'd recommend Kaiji Moyashimon Baccano! Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Nodame Cantabile Seto no Hanayome
  4. It's a b**** to install on some systems though. Like as if it deletes itself during the installation.
  5. Common sense v3.12 Premium Edition. NOD32 is running but never felt the need for it.
  6. Akagi on the back of a shark, yes. Silly fanart, but I like it. A show you need to see if you haven't already.
  7. Because I have nothing better to do and these threads are an incentive for me to clean my desktop. Click the image for larger.
  8. That's what you get for messing with batman.
  9. You almost sound like one of those 'PC Gaming is dead!' preachers, pulling those numbers from your behind (yes, even with the consoles combined it is ludicrous) and calling it a waste of money. For example, it is in fact more troublesome to develop for the PS3 architecture (quotes aplenty), with a smaller proven Star Wars fanbase and disappointing software sales (links aplenty, see EA statements for example). Wouldn't make much sense business wise, right? Not really. And there most definitely is the target audience on the PC unlike other console franchises would be ignored. The 'we can't do it because of the graphical requirements' nonsense has already been handled by others in this thread so I don't have to. They're being lazy, that's all there is to it. Or merely postponing PC release, hoping to rack in more console sales.
  10. I highly doubt they'll let him go for this once found guilty. Two life sentences in jail does sound very harsh though, almost inhuman. Insane fellow, like many others. They say lightning doesn't strike twice at the same spot though.
  11. I should follow these shows on a regular basis. On an unrelated note; remember when Digg used to be good, before all the world news crap? Sure, many things were always bad and people will have nostalgic feelings nonetheless, but Digg was good. TOP 10 LIST OF EPICCCC 4CHAN IMAGES LOLLLL
  12. Own: Jedi Outcast Jedi Academy Knights of the Old Republic I Knights of the Old Republic II Battlefront Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Played: Rogue Squadron 3D Pod Racer Republic Commando Dark Forces I want a new one. For PC please.
  13. Widescreen is my main screen (22"), the smaller screen (17") acts like a 'aid' desktop where I keep most quick link icons and IRC/browsing while gaming on the main screen. Works out fine actually .
  14. Merry Xmas and happy new year. I know how I'll be spending my New Year. Not entirely alone.
  15. Two quality figurines, present my mother managed to find in Rome. And yes, I'm interested in Nazi history. And no, I don't share their twisted ideology in the least bit. And yes, I'm sorry for Mr. Orwell. He just happened to be there for the pic.
  16. 1. Ur mr gay (Very fun to play, varied, did I mention fun yet) 2. Orange Box (Portal/TF2, EP2 was quite good but still same shootan) 3. The Witcher (awesome RPG. Great story, great gameplay, great setting) 4. BioShock (very atmospheric, but still the same shootan) etc.
  17. I want a No One Lives Forever 3.
  18. Yes, as it would be much wiser to make the jump to PCI-E. You don't have to spend $150. When you're about to buy a GPU, I advise you to visit http://www.tomshardware.com/us/ Every month they have an article listing the best GPU's in different price ranges, so as to get the best price for your buck. A great guide.
  19. What has the internet done? Many blood shall be shed if this Cocker thing leads to more 'people like him' parading on the streets seeking attention. Cocker on Maury: http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/27106/ececc7d6/chris_crocker._gefeliciteerd_.html
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