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  1. Estimates, estimates. Not really going to pay much attention to those numbers for now I'm worried now. Apparantly the shop where I pre-ordered has a list, not sure which number I am now. Probably somewhere in +50 at least. Some other pals from a forum mailed to Nintendo Benelux and shop in order to get some more info on the launch. i'm going to die if I don't get zelda at a reasonable time before my exams.
  2. Dec 8th.. I NEED YOU NOW Try reading the article. It's bullcrap. As shown in this vid, the fatlards have no idea how to use the thing. From several videos their disdain for the Wii is very apparant. The main bad points in the review, why it was undeserving of +9, was that it was bring zelda elements back. Not revolutionary enough. While 'Gears of War' is the damn revolution itself according to him: Holy **** that's new. You know you're dealing with idiots when the points they bash on are praised by all other sites (because it IS zelda). You do NOT review a game of a series which promised to bring old gameplay elements back and complain they bring them back. It is as if I'd review an FPS and whine about all the shooting. "Zelda is bad because its 'too Zelda' ". Thats what bothering us.
  3. Death Note is awesome http://www.death-notes.com Ouran High School host club was hilarious and great as well.
  4. Just making sure everyone has a chance to rethink the best signature. (alright alright I'm not an ahtonaut)
  5. Dude, don't read gamespot Wii reviews. Check out their Xbox 360 reviews and xbox point spaming, but definitely not the Wii platform. The idiots can't figure out how to use the controller, and the Zelda review was a goddamn disgrace. Not because of the "low" score, but of the bull**** in the article. The X360 fanboy made no effort to hide his disgust " ... to save some princess named zelda" And bash things that are zelda elements. Yeah.
  6. I think he has a proper rip as well. But you can sure for all of us! (iz not my directory) Damnit I'm uberhyped, I already got furious at gamespot.
  7. Should have bought Wii play instead of just wiimote! Guess you'll want several remotes anyways
  8. Pre-ordered Wii+Zelda Dec 8! This will screw up my exams.
  9. The manual art is SEXY Gamerankings.com lists Twilight Princess as average review ranking ... 98% Reading lots of reviews right now, all of em stating game is a must-have awesome sexy game. The music from the 1 nov trailer is also beautiful linkeh WII BE MINE. SOON.
  10. It is. Better for remaining awake ^^ Not the first time someone notes something like that here Of course the right hand was used for the camera. Left I do not remember.
  11. A sort of piano concert last year. I totally blacked out and failed miserably. Slipping fingers and had to regain concentration. Afterwards audiance was silent except for one friend, who applauded while 'ROFL'ing. Oh but now I do look back and laugh. And see that I don't repeat that mistake this year.
  12. Good post! A ranking system like BF2/BF2142 certainly has its disadvantages, especially for a game that wouldn't be so popular at all. It would be better to have several FPS servers rather than a game that wants to be an MMO. Ranked servers also means mods won't be popular, and that is something the SW community loves doing
  13. A tip, make posts that are a genuine pleasure for us to read. Do not exaggerate exclamation marks or CAPS LOCK key. A neat forum function called topics organizes posts into one page, this is very convenient when followed. Using a list was a good choice, and other than topic title and finish line not bad. Now try again if you want to. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2208742
  14. And with this lock, I will guarantee to make this THE BEST TOPIC IN HISTORY!! Your other post was merged in the one and only wishlist topic, it was not removed. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2208742#post2208742
  15. Always LS. Started playing outcast multiplayer as one of the few LS because of pathos DS only for the other side of the story. I remember having some difficulties choosing DS stuff in KoTOR
  16. Who are you? Who am I? It's all so confusing! It has merely been a while Well to remain on-topic, for Battlefront III I'd like err, Star Wars Cantina band faction!
  17. A few of my favs Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Jedi Outcast No One Lives Forever Super Smash Bros Melee Zelda: The Wind Waker World of Warcraft Dawn of War Battlefield Vietnam Call of Duty
  18. 4:24 am. so much work to do. browsing internet for entertainment. took pic yoo!
  19. Ah? That's where it is. Anyways, saw the trailer back then and gave it a huge WTF but uploaded it to the local server anyways because it's hilarious. This is the example how to overdo it, they jiggle in complete wierd directions with the exaggerated separated physics for each mammary.
  20. Yep lots of good stuff! http://www.zelda.com/universe/game/twilightprincess/ Articles, pics, vids ... the official site got revamped! Today I am proud I finally continued Majora's Mask and fckingKILLED THAT BASTARDSONOFA Gyorg! quarter HP and game timer 2 mins left till game over. Man I was glad. Frustrations! <3 <3
  21. Jesus christ, so many movies/reviews/info pouring in and no recent zelda topic? Heresy! Played it today, it was only a little dungeon level but I loved it. I'm hyped. Ordering Wii monday. Haven't been anticipating a game like that for a long time! Controls are smooth. While I had some problems at first when switching to bow, one will get the hang of it quick. Sword moves are coolest, shaking right hand and nunchuk voor the spirl moves. The bow aiming didn't go as quick as I thought, but faster than with the analog stick anyways. After a while I think you'll make your own gestures like pulling your bow. Fishing also takes longer than I thought, you need to turn the nunchuk for quite a while before you can land your fish.
  22. Cool I didn't screw up while merging! Yay to me! What is this place?
  23. Ah yes, makes more sense. TSR brought me off guard!
  24. It does look cool. I'll request a sample copy from ubisoft :]
  25. Known about the game since before E3 and I was interested, can't say I am after the beta. It's just not my thing, I prefer sandbox squad RTSes. Seriously you didn't know about it? Was considered most promising RTS/one of the most promising pc games at last E3.
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