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  1. actually, I usually stare what's in front of the cockpit. I rarely look at the rear. The fact that the targeting circle is missing (not talking about the reticule), I'm pretty much blind trying to find Tie fighters (fighters, interceptors, and bombers don't stand out easily).
  2. I was playing x-wing alliance earlier and I noticed that the targeting circle (it appears when you select a target of some sort that's in front of you) is missing. Is it toggled or is there something wrong with the game itself?
  3. I'm still trying to work on icons for the skin. I was hoping for some feedback for things like the existing icons, icons to change, the font style and such. Didn't get much from the Telltale forums though Emily did make some suggestions.
  4. I made a Windows Blinds skin that uses the style of Telltale's Sam & Max. I didn't want to post this at the Unofficial Sam and Max forums because there's a couple of rude people there. This is a work-in-progress. If anyone wants to try it out, email me at pheeph@rocketmail.com You just need Windows Blinds to use the skin.
  5. It appears that someone was kind enough to put a short Sam and Max segment titled "Sam and Max Artsy Craftsy Bit Of Time Wasting Nonsense" on Google video. Just search for it on video.google.com and if you really want to keep it on your PC, download the google video player first. But if you want to get to that video now.... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4526371113989647287&q=sam+and+max
  6. I just got word that some former LucasArts programmers that worked on Sam and Max 2 now have their own company called TellTale Games. I emailed them asking if there is ANY way Freelance Police could be resumed. I eventually got a response from Dan Connors who was once the producer of that game. He told me that although it's unlikely the game could be resumed, he said he's sure Sam and Max will be seen again in some form. He also said that Kevin Bruner, who is the lead programmer, is also part of that company. I think this company started several days ago.
  7. you have a cable modem? You can contact me on AIM by the name '[blurnk]'. I could transfer them to you
  8. well it said 39% a moment ago. When I got back to see the poll it was 38.1%
  9. well, hey. I didn't know it the poll on Sam and Max was going to speed up that fast.
  10. keep it coming. If more people vote, Sam and Max will be in 2nd place
  11. I remember reading this years ago. This swat kats fan fiction has a sam and max crossover. Part 1 http://www.fyresight.com/skarchive/ball/sammax1.txt Part 2 http://www.fyresight.com/skarchive/ball/sammax2.txt
  12. oh man, this sucks. I'm definitely turning my back on any more LucasArts games unless they brought Sam and Max back (which I definitely doubt).
  13. pheeph


    I like both. I just want to see all the sam and max 'my poor eyes could stand.'
  14. 1. Why does Sam always get the phone whenever it rings? 2. Is Max immortal? 3. How much effort did it take do draw all those random things in the background (like weird restaurant names, rats stealing a motor, and such)?
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