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  1. I still hate that I was so blinded with rage that condoned the deaths of countless civilians. I suppose the one good thing about this is that I was just thirteen and not older and holding these views. Also, good Lord, my grammar and argumentative skills were just atrocious. I really wish we could 'round up everyone in this thread to see what they feel looking back on this.
  2. So..........care to have another go around?
  3. You know, as this approaches again, I'm still ashamed of how my thirteen year old mind was filled with so much anger.
  4. Well, just had to say the ol' boy RL almost was an engaged man. Keyword being almost. Yeah, crazy how life happens like that and ish.
  5. Let me just saying, being in the Army is incredible. I love it. Yes RL is back to steal the show
  6. I'll be at Benning for my Airborne training in April of next year. All those years of watching Band of Brothers, would have never thought I'd be doing what they do.
  7. Calvary Scout huh? One of my first recruiters did that, said he loved. Where did you do BCT? I'm heading to Fort Sill in September.
  8. Thanks. It's crazy thinking back to being the eleven year boy who signed up for this site to the twenty-four year old man enlisting into the Armed Services. Anyway, what's your experience with the MOS?
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