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  1. The answer to the burning question I know you all have about the ID4 sequel. (minor spoilers)
  2. It's actually a Nova Scotian specialty. The classic tzatziki sauce is substituted for a sweet garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese is added!
  3. Had a donair for the first time this week. It was magical.
  4. In the summer and fall I had a pretty consistent post-work run schedule of every other day, but since Daylight Savings Time hit, it's gone to **** with how dark it gets. I really need to find an indoor track somewhere around here because I hate, hate, HATE treadmills. :/
  5. I've been running 5ks intermittently and I'm able to churn out 25~ minute efforts so far. Want to consistently run sub 24s in the new year! I figure I should stick around with all the new Star Wars stuff coming out. Plus I miss most of you goobers too.
  6. You need to stop bragging, Keyan. I would kill to be able to run a 7-minute mile consistently. ;x
  7. Awesome thread title, Keyan. Ran a 5k this morning, didn't die. Off to a good start!
  8. This was actually a pretty good year for me. - Traveled the country a lot (CA, LA, IL, IN, MN, FL, VA). - Lost about 40 lbs thanks to eating better and exercising. - Picked up running as a new hobby, managed to bang out a few 5Ks. - Built a new computer (to not play all the fancy new games on Steam I bought). Hope this doesn't mean I'm due for a ****ty year in 2015, but I do hope everyone else's year is better than 2014.
  9. Happy Zombie Jesus day errybody! Kylilin, you have excellent taste in video game music.
  10. Link to new One Year Thread Archives Figured you jerks would appreciate not having to comb through a couple of pages to relive the past. Plus they're all there now for posterity or whatever.
  11. So I heard we had a rodent problem in here and it appears that's true! Zoomie, welcome back!
  12. POKEYMANS LET ME SHOW YOU DEM Also Groovy, great to hear you're doing better! Miss doing that talky thing with you!
  13. is this where we post to talk about x-wing alliance how do i shoot lazers
  14. Carwyn had watched all the events unfold before his bleary eyes, his head slumped over on the countertop. As soon as Irithoi announced the caravan was moving, he perked up as best he could. Rummaging in his rucksack for coins, he grabbed a few copper pieces and dropped them in front of the barkeeper. "Your biggest glassh of water, pleash," he managed as he sat up straighter. The barkeeper arched an eyebrow at the sloppy ranger, but pulled down a glass so large it was probably a vase and filled it, setting it before Carwyn and collecting the coins. Carwyn grabbed the glass with both hands and brought it to his mouth. A good amount of liquid got all over the front of his tunic, but for the most part, he managed to down it without incident. Setting the glass back down, he gave a small hiccup and sighed, then glanced over at the the two women looking at him. "Well, shall we be going?"
  15. "Hi, I'm Aya. You, erm, traveling with the caravan today?" Carwyn looked hazily at the brunette who had spoken to him. "Gonna try to, ma'am," he responded. "Just as soon as I find where I life my bowsh and arrowsh." He shook his head to clear it before sitting up straighter. "I apologize, where are my mannersh. I'm Carwyn Shtormchild, ranger of the Wesht." He attempted a bow that wasn't quite up to his usual standards. Just then, a second woman took a seat at the bar, possessing hair almost as blonde as his own. Carwyn cast his bleary gaze over to her. "Your friend, Aya? Maybe your sishter?"
  16. The back door to the tavern swung open and admitted a slender figure with tousled blonde hair, dressed in dark, supple leather and soft, but functional cloth the color of evergreen trees. Carwyn Stormchild was never much of a drinker, and the fact that they didn't have anything but water and beer at this tavern was a bit of a letdown. Always one to try new things, he had had one tankard of ale before he had to trot out back to relieve himself. Even as he entered, he felt his legs wobble a little so he had so slow down to catch himself on a stool. Stumbling over to the bar, he gripped the polished wood counter and hauled himself back into a seat before reaching over to waggle an accusatory finger at the bartender. "Sooooo.... just how shtrong is that stuff? Because I'm pretty sure it's not legal in whatever kingdom we're currently in." The bartender chuckled at Carwyn before sliding a glass of water over to the tipsy ranger. "You pansy. Drink that before you expire on my bar." Carwyn groaned as he took the glass and put it to his lips. "Buaaah..." he exhaled miserably after downing half of the water. "I just wanted a cookie."
  17. what is all this i dont even
  18. The storyline is pretty short, especially compared to DII. Blew through the game with my monk in less than 10 hours on Normal Difficulty. Fortunately, Diablo has never been about the story, but more about the phat lootz. If you accept this, you'll be fine! The only thing I really don't care for is that your friends can just randomly show up in a game, if you have them on your list. Normally this isn't that bad, since most of my friends aren't complete morons when playing cooperatively, but their friends can now join the game I'm in, significantly complicating the situation.
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