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  1. I just thought of a new power, prehaps call it force confusion? I think it should be light side orientated, and act like a flashbang in counterstrike, blinding enemies who have the jedi in their field of vision. Prehaps at a lower level it just acts like the targets are hit by the interigator droids needle, then it blinds them, and at highest level it blinds them and prevents them attacking, like the howlers scream. Might need some though to make sure its not abused, but i think it has potential.
  2. Will this make it so that if you use two sabers but select to use a single saber style, one remains at your side instead of being deactivated in your left hand? I see some have multiple weapons on, like saber or guns in hand and others holstered in the examples, will that be incorporated ingame? If so can we control what is visible, I dont want to walk around with the flechette ill never use on my back, but dont mind carrying the disintergrator rifle or pistol?
  3. I know some are for and against 'dbz style' powers, but id like to point out that animations and effects for a beam attack, which id like to see personally, exist in the game, Rosh's Reborn twin minders from the battle at vaders castle use something that looks like a beam attack to regenerate him. I think it would be cool to charge it up, taking more forcepower the more you charge, to get more power and knockback behind it, and if it could cause dismemberment with a good hit.
  4. I havent been through the whole topic yet, but Id just like to get my ideas down: Character customisation: Obviously if the game features speach its hard to name your character exactly as you wish, but maybe you could select from a number of titles, first and last names? And i feel a greater impact of dark/light allignment on the single player game would be good. Prehaps have a kind of mission tree, where you start either as a padawan on Yavin 4, a dark jedi/sith initiate on some Remnant world (Pre dark empire Byss prehaps, or Bastion?) or a mercenary, whos game would feature more gunplay. Though along the line you can choose to change allignment to light, dark, or a Kyle esque maverick using powers of both sides, based on the descisions you make and the ways you obtain your objectives. Furthermore, it would be cool to have things like 'Darsiders with good intentions' with an ending reflecting how they are doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. Further to customisation, customised saber styles? Start with a basic fast/medium/heavy stance and buy from a selection of acrobatics, kicks, throws, katas and such to get your own style. Prehaps an experiance system that automatically level ups certain skills (such as force jump so you can always complete the next level), but allows some customisation, whilst over skills can only progress past a certain point with use (so in order to get level 3 lightning, you need to use level 2 alot). And Id like more 'film-style' dueling. I think normal jump, though enhanced by increased force jump levels, should not cost force points but not take you so high, and have a dedicated force jumpo power for the massive jumps. In the films when we see such jumps (the Carbonite chamber duel and the Naboo reactor) the Jedi had to brace themselves, they couldnt just bound about like that. So implementing this should keep duel grounded. And leading AI allies would be nice, so your jedi would lead a commando team to blow up a base or something.
  5. Assuming you still have the button to switch to your saber set to '1', press one to turn your saber off. Other than that you could switch to unarmed mode with iknowkungfu.
  6. I want to make it so my hair goes yellow and stuff! Now thats a mod right there! Are the existing 'unarmed' punch actions no good for you?
  7. I expect he means the modified Alora and Tavion models. I dont have time right now, but i used the bind_melee.cfg to get all the weapons in singleplayer, i expect if you open that up in textpad (I think it should be in melees folder). For added amusement in the ladder mode, set "g_corpseremovealtime 0" and watch the bodies mount up! I wonder if there is a command to stop the blood stains vanishsing (I expect that stuff like cuts in the walls made by sabers would stick around too if there was)
  8. I cant seem to get dismemberment to work properly in singleplayer, when i boot up the mod and play the normal singleplayer story. All the gore effects and weapons are there, but only arms come off, even if i enter the saberrealisticcombat code. Can anyone explain this?
  9. I think that can be remidied by starting the mod, saving, quiting, opening normal JA and then select the mod and open the save. It should look normal then.
  10. Purple as it matched the clothing of my Rodian (though Id rather he had purple skin like my SWG character) and also as it matches that of Mace Windu, who created and was one of the few to practice the most aggresive Saber style. Prehaps the reason Mace didnt have a Blue or Green saber was because as a mark of his using this style, like a martial artist wears a black belt.
  11. Im loving this thing to bits, shame you run out of enimies and have to suicide out into the cold vacuum of space. All the varied weapons behaviours are simply superb, and seeing the wolverine claws made me want to go back to my aborted 'saber-gauntlet' idea i had playing outcast. And the blood is amazing, no suitable for lightsabers which cautarise, but great for all the blades. Some ideas that I may put to the guys that made this: Kill Bill mod- I guess were all thinking the resturant and the Crazy 88 as a Ladder game? Right-handed shield that uses the boxing/unarmed style and can be thrown for a Captain America effect. Any kind of single player story game, or just normal levels. I really hope we see more from these guys.
  12. Ive made the shortcut with sabermorerealistic 2, it doesnt work. I substituted sabermorerealistic 2 for saberrealisticcombat 10 and it went to JO style dismemberment, but I want to get it so idle sabers dont do damage, so i dont need to worry about accidently exploding crates i get to close to..
  13. I think Exar Kun (why didnt he have a 'Darth' title?) used a single Two bladed saber that could seperate into two seperate sabers, giving him a very broad range of combat styles.
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