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  1. Wow, that's some quality work! I'm gonna play this when I'm able, amazing job
  2. Good job! at first I thought you were a spammer (due to those bunch of threads you've just revived). I'd like to see a left side screenshot if possible, pretty good job on the hair, I like it a lot!
  3. Yes. Click in my signature.
  4. Try contacting Buffy, she has them for sure.
  5. ^^^ Go better to the link of my sig.
  6. The SBD is actually a vehicle in wich you're forced to spawn in. So it has a different skeleton which mean custom animations made by the author. And the JO models have that bug because there's a bone missing on the right hand of the skeleton, or it has a different name in the JA skelleton (if i remember correctly it's the "l_hang_tag_bone"). Anyway if you wanna fix it you'll have to weight it to the JA skeleton.
  7. Yep it is for Dark Ages mod. Theres no news on animating, since i've done 2 models for the mod (warrior and barbarian) and this month im gonna have to study for june exams, so i think i'll animate it in summer, i won't leave it unanimated.
  8. I dont really know but it was supossed to be released today, and it seems that it wasn't totally death because there's people asking for it today in other forums.
  9. As far as i know no, it won't be released since the author of the mod has dissapeared (and some people paid him to make the mod) and even the forums have dissapeared too. Also this thread might not belong to yoda's swamp forum.
  10. Lol man i'm too bussy to make a tutorial on animating plus i dont have xsi mod tool so i don't know how to use it, you should ask minilogoguy who seems to know how to animate things in xsi mod tool, he may teach you. Anyway I have the juggernaut half weighted i believe, i don't know why i stopped on animating it, probably because i left modelling for a long time i can finish it since its only one animation (moving wheels) but i'd send you the .glm with the animations and you'd have to put it ingame and all that annoying work, you decide. And yep, thats the mod .
  11. Nice job Cuillere I've seen at gamingforums your Ironhide artwork and you'd go to make that model, hopefully it'd be a playermodel and now you can put models ingame with XSI mod tool =)
  12. It looks pretty cool Thrawn i always love your models
  13. Hey Thrawn nice to see you , thanks btw. Yep you told me it by msn and i saw some screenshots of the raptor ingame, it's good to know that you finally got the propper credits. Damn it I'm sorry to hear that Pahricida I hope those people don't put the dragon in HL2, once Its done without asking permission. @Culliere, I'm just finishing a barbarian model and a knight model for a medieval mod for JKA and then I'll start animating the dragon which will be really really hard... btw.. do you still want to animate the juggernaught?? =P
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