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  1. Buggy models ruined MB2, for example. Of course, it may just have been me, but was the SBD, kinda, bugged? Is he meant to hold his arm over his head?


    The SBD is actually a vehicle in wich you're forced to spawn in. So it has a different skeleton which mean custom animations made by the author.


    And the JO models have that bug because there's a bone missing on the right hand of the skeleton, or it has a different name in the JA skelleton (if i remember correctly it's the "l_hang_tag_bone"). Anyway if you wanna fix it you'll have to weight it to the JA skeleton.

  2. Yep it is for Dark Ages mod. Theres no news on animating, since i've done 2 models for the mod (warrior and barbarian) and this month im gonna have to study for june exams, so i think i'll animate it in summer, i won't leave it unanimated.

  3. Lol man i'm too bussy to make a tutorial on animating plus i dont have xsi mod tool so i don't know how to use it, you should ask minilogoguy who seems to know how to animate things in xsi mod tool, he may teach you. Anyway I have the juggernaut half weighted i believe, i don't know why i stopped on animating it, probably because i left modelling for a long time i can finish it since its only one animation (moving wheels) but i'd send you the .glm with the animations and you'd have to put it ingame and all that annoying work, you decide.


    And yep, thats the mod :).

  4. Hey Thrawn nice to see you :), thanks btw. Yep you told me it by msn and i saw some screenshots of the raptor ingame, it's good to know that you finally got the propper credits. Damn it I'm sorry to hear that Pahricida I hope those people don't put the dragon in HL2, once Its done without asking permission.

    @Culliere, I'm just finishing a barbarian model and a knight model for a medieval mod for JKA and then I'll start animating the dragon which will be really really hard... btw.. do you still want to animate the juggernaught?? =P

  5. Its skinned, an awesome skin btw. When i have the skin i'll post an screenshot over here. Then when i'm done with the exams by the 19th feb i'll start animating it.

  6. Hello? Anybody out there?? Hehe, well, this is the dragon vehicle im making and i'm also hoping to make it walk-flyable with some coding (thats why i asked in coding forum), i didn't used any concept so i hope you like it:














    I'll finish it in march because i have exams soon, a skilled guy @gamingforums will skin it while im on exams so most probably there won't be any problem to finish it, hope you like it :)

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