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  1. does anyone knows where can i see how chocobos move/walk/run? I dont have any FF game so i don't know how they move :/
  2. theres not a "fire" animation in this game, so it cant be done
  3. Im not stupid. After that, i talked to Culliere and he told me to dont move the middle leg, thats why he made it smaller than how it should be, thats why i didnt animate it in the walk animation.
  4. I have it and have played it, but at sometime it turned boring for me, too repetitive, well its just my opinion, its a good game tho
  5. a kinda swoop chocobo could be made, also it only would be in a static position, it wouldnt look too realistic, flying vehicles can't have a walk/run anim, its just an static animation, for example, you can make a plane vehicle, but you can't make the helix of the rotor move all the time when you are flying, thats the bad thing about JA, is not much mod-able. Superb job Cuillere ^^
  6. in-game shots : The first person view from the vehicle works perfectly, i just forgot to make an screenshot. Oh and dont worry about why the atap of the right have 1/4 of his foots in the floor, thats because on SP custom walkers doesnt work and when you look up and down the whole model moves, instead of only the head. In MP it works perfectly.
  7. Everything is finished, well i have to do the .veh and .npc, anyone knows what kind of bullets does it shot? I have attached a bolt driver so that the first person camera will be over the seat, but i have to try it in game, animation samples: PS.: The frames per second are distorted because of the conversion from .avi to .gif, and because i didnt set any custom fps making the renders, so dont worry, in game it will move ok.
  8. guys let this thread die, it cant give anything interesting anymore.
  9. The white stripes (near the 20)
  10. the new obi face in game looks for me like if it was a plastic mask or something like that
  11. +.+ *dies* Really good news ! I can't be as happy as you, but i know how you feel
  12. clone skins are like a cancer, they won't stop reproducing never o.o
  13. it's all recorded and sent, also Nightfox if it was my thread i would like to see the screens in urls, because its a thread about my work. Also Cuillere, tell me if you need any explanation.
  14. Its taking about 2 hours to reder it in a 3mbps template, i guess the size will be ~65mb..I'm starting to think that it won't work because the quality is really bad, you can see everything except the letters, i'll try to upload it to any file site, if not i'll most probably leave it, is really annoying O.o
  15. Maybe im stupid, or maybe its not me, i don't see any model around to say "Looking good", stop the spam...
  16. I have Sony Vegas 6.0, though i have to try which template is the best one to make it have at least the quality to be able for someone to understand what's happening, i rendered it with a 100kbps and i got a 6mb video, but it was impossible to get anything, so i'll try around tomorow, and try to upload it in any upload site. Good night.
  17. ok, its recorded, and its about 220mb, i'll see if i can take the size down and preserve some quiality, but..how i send it to you? i don't know how to send a big file, any ideas?
  18. i think i could record a kinda tutorial about animating, but i don't know if it'd take much size, it would be just a leg with a poor animation or something like that, also i think you need 3dsmax 5 in order to animate it. Does anyone knows about a recorder? i have no idea.
  19. thats my problem, i think that its because its in english and there are things that i didn't understand and i got bored too quick of stealing everything, but i've seen in some magazines here that it'll may be in spanish, if so ill buy it. Also i don't like that guards will have x-ray vision for the things you've stolen, if they do that stealing is useless
  20. I dont think i have forces to skin it, thoug i'll try once i buy a wacom(which i don't know when), other than that i'd be glad but dont hope it soon, i have stopped it till i buy the wacom or till someone wants to skin it (though i want to try a skin once i have the wacom to try to make it look as near as possible as the FF ones, at least as far as i can with my amateur skills), because once the skin is done i can rig it, animate it and put it in-game in three or four evenings (finishing the model, which is not finished yet).
  21. superb job Szico, the effort you are making is really impressive
  22. whats that? frog trooper? fosforite trooper?, surprise us.
  23. Is nice but in my opinion you should work more the face, specially the nose
  24. Man all the files sites are stupid or what, it seems that a guy posted a file of movie stances as if he was me so that it appears in jk3files as if i made the file...the lack of profesionalism is really anoying pfff...¬¬ (sorry for the off topic, i just saw it when i checked the ATPT)
  25. O_o i remember downloading sith yoda when i even knew what was 3dsMax, superb job marz!
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