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  1. Hi, i've done an eopie model (i hope that will be a vehicle :p):



    -this is an eopie :p

    well some shots of the model:








    The model has not skin yet, if somebody want to skin it tell me, cuz i can skin, but i sux a little :p . It needs some details but its almost finished :)

  2. Hey ya, i have started playing SWG and i have seen this thread and much like this on many forums, well i've found some shots of Dark Holocrons, here is a shot of whats u hear when u use it:


    Well, that guy tell in other thread that he is now Master Entertainer and that he doesnt have heard nothing yet. Maybe he have tu activate more than one holocron, well i dont know. I've heard that many ppl have found holocrons in Jedi Caverns; a group found 4, 2 sith and 2 jedi, but that dont says that only are found there.

    shot 1

    shot 2

    shot 3

    the dark holocrons says: In order.....absolute power..

    the light ones says: In order.....light..

    The third change was already revealed, that Jedi suffer total skill loss at their final death instead of "permadeath" (same thing except you don’t have to recreate the character unless you want to). This had the unannounced effect that Jedi Master do not become "Blue Glowies" (I know most of us hate that name too). I’m not going to talk any more about Jedi Master though.

    thats from soe forums. And the voice says a random class (it seems). Well sorry if i've post some info that was posted before, but there was too much to read :D

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