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  1. I have some LucasArts rarities up on eBay if anyone is feeling the need to spend some money.
  2. I think the 4400 became one of the 4400. They had, what, 4 epidoes then go off the air forever? What exactly is the plan with that show any way?
  3. I've not seen these about so if you're interested in the CD Audio from the Fm Towns Zak McKracken, take a look here.
  4. I think you need to perhaps find something else to do. The rarest version of Monkey Island is the FM Towns version if you aren't considering the CDTV German version, of which maybe one or two promo/beta copies 'might' exist.
  5. Just Adventure games man, not everything with the LEC guy in it.
  6. I would be all over it if it had "Monkey Island" on it, but alas it doesn't so it is just junk too me
  7. I have all of the discs scanned also, just take a look at the site in my signature.
  8. It is not the best and it is far from rare. Perhaps your getting it confused with the Fm Towns version.
  9. Anyone lusting for some LucasArts booty? http://forums.vintagegaming.org/showthread.php?p=3537
  10. If you do not do what LucasArts asks you to do, then perhaps next they ask you to remove all of the content that they do hold the copyright to.
  11. In case you didn't know, we do have a LucasArts forum that, sadly, seems to get somewhat more activity than this forum does. Stop by if you are simply dieing for something related to LucasArts games that don't involve Star Wars. LucasArts Museum Forums
  12. Yes, looks like this. [edit] I was replying to a post that has since been deleted. [/edit]
  13. Just an update to this thread.. If you never figured out who the seller was, I'll let you know.. .. Brian Moriarty
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