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  1. And by popular demand, it gets closed - sorry guys
  2. Welcome to the boards. Please do not advertise other sites or forums in your posts. Feel freem to promote them in your signature * * Edit by d3: but there is not need to make a specific post announcing your sig. Edit by RH: Since this thread has no other purpose
  3. MacLeod and Luke; cool off buddies. Disagreeing on the matter is fine et al, but we don't want this go get to personal
  4. Okay guys, just a reminder: I know The DaVinci Code moves on some slippery slopes because people have various ideas and concepts about religion, which we have to respect. So from now, please don't make any comments on whether you consider the bible, the quoran or any other founding text of a religion myth or fact. We can all consider us fortunate to live in countries where everyone is entiteld to his own religious beliefs; let's keep it that on this board
  5. Should you find any more posts by Osama, please report them to us mods until he can be properly taken care off.
  6. Hitpoints feel outdated? Strange, since every game uses at the core hitpoint calculations, be it a rpg, shooter or rts...
  7. Moved the thread to the Telos Tourist Bureau. Interesting theory, btw
  8. Yeah guys, sorry if it wasn't as funny as last year^^ But what can I say, there are only so many things you can do with a single-player only rpg franchise that has officially no sequel in development^^ Quick April 1st history: 2003 - KotoR on the PC was cancelled 2004 - KotOR II: TSL was announced (you have to appreciate how close we came to the truth with that joke^^) 2005 - the modding boards had to be shut so for 2006, we had the options of cancelling the game, or announcing KotOR 3. Seeing how the last April Fool's cancelation has been 3 years ago, we went with that
  9. Microsoft for example has admitted a few years ago that they cancel about 60% of their games in development before they are ever announced. Just like Baldur's Gate 3: The Black Hound and Fallout 3 were never announced, but still died.
  10. Does anybody know if there are any KotOR minis in the Star Wars Miniatures game from WotC. Or are there any plans for this year?
  11. BioWare has always stated that they were working on two next-gen games: Mass Effect and another unannounced one. Guess we know know that the other game used to be
  12. It was locked by a moderator because it violated the board's ToS. That's all there is to it. No more follow-up threads please.
  13. Pokejedi, spamming is against the Board ToS. Consider this a warning!
  14. My definition of a mature gaming experience would be Max Payne 2 - not just from the violence, but also the story. And it is one of the coolest games ever, imho
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