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  1. Okay so, my roommate and I play the hell out of the Xbox version and are having a knock-down/drag-out arguement over this, I started to write this long explination, but I figured I'd just ask straight up: do you think some of the levels in BF2 have balance issues (ie are easier when playing as certain factions when holding certain bases at the begining of the match)?

  2. I think it gas something to do with you being able to create your own name for your character. You could no longer have options of the character saying "My name is_____" since they couldn't synthasis every name. Just like how the only characters that refer to you by name are speaking another language.

  3. Mission and Bastila


    Mission asks Bastila if she ever uses the force to get back at annoying people. Bastila gets all stuck up. They argue back and forth for a bit. All of a sudden Mission falls on her butt. She gets mad a Bastila, and Bastila plays it of like it wasn't her.



    I just had that happen yesterday. I laughed pretty hard.

  4. Ok so I went to Yavin for the first time and tried to leave my ship, but I couldn't. I noticed all of my party was in the middle of the ship. I talked to Jolie for the first time and he was really pissed and me so I though maybe I was in a dream sequence since no one was in their normal positions. I went to the cockpit and there was this floating droid called the galaxy droid. I talked to it and it asked me where I wanted to go. It listed every location in the game: endar spire, taris, dantooine, tatooine, kashyyk, korriban, Manaan, yavin

    unknown planet, leviathon, star forge


    curiosly I choose Endar Spire, the droid says something to the effect of "we're here isn't space travel fun?" No travel animation so I talk to it again, this time I choose Tatooine. Same response. I walk to the room just outside the cockpit and the game cuts to the load screen. next thing I know I'm standing outside the hawk on tatooine. I return to the hawk and everything is back to normal. I thought maybe that was what would happen at the end of the game if so you could finish up any side quest you might have, but alas it is not. What did I stumble upon?

  5. I'm really surprised I didn't stumble across any spoilers being that I didn't get the game till about 2 months ago. But yeah, I'm avoid all tsl stuff too. I haven't even visited the web site for it yet.


    I just beat the game like 2 minutes ago (the credits are still running) i sent afore mentioned friend an email letting him know I beat malak on my second try becuase "i'm that damn good"

  6. I was one of the


    people. I told my friend who had already played it and he was like What you had to wait for them to tell you? I cussed him out. But he deserves it he's always talking about how good he is at the game eventhough he can't beat malak and has had the game since it came out.

  7. Okay so it took us 2 months to get a JA patch. Raven kept saying the patch was ready but LA wouldn't put it out. However the KOTOR get's a patch 2 weeks after the game comes out. What gives?

    I'm not a fan of games needing patching right after release, but if it's needed it should be released quickly.

  8. Originally posted by Tesla

    Well if you think about it, and numbered these games as the Dark Forces series...


    Dark Forces

    Dark Forces II : Jedi Knight

    Dark Forces III : Jedi Knight II : Jedi Outcast

    Dark Forces IV : Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy


    So really JK2 was DF3, and DF4 is JA. ;)


    You didn't follow that through all the way. Using your formual the correct super long title for JKA would be: Dark Forces IV: Jedi Knight III: Jedi Outcast II: Jedi Academy.


    Any way, I would be down with a guns only SW game. Like Prime said, if it took place during the Rebelion era that would be a bonus. Maybe even set before ANH, like chronicaling the beginings on the rebelion.

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