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  1. I though it was kind of funny to see Gybrush holding a duck...
  2. Is the first part of Gabriel Knight with speech tough? Or is only with captions?
  3. Yes that warm "underground" feeling...I want it back..
  4. I used to like the old design of adventure gamers - back when it was adventuregamer. That is when the whole backround was black.
  5. But then again, Titanic just doesn't sound right. I don't know I will check it out...
  6. Yes I've played the Last Express several times, and really evertime it just feels different. I haven't played it for years, so I maybe I will play it again soon....anyway I though about Gabril Knight 2. It kinda feels like the Last Express, now I just have to find it from somewhere...
  7. Being a history buff and all I wanted to know if there are similar games like that masterpiece.
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