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  1. Well, i agree with you. But this hardly is the thread to start discussing it, now is it? And how's the work going TimFX? Just take your time.
  2. Techically, I'm quite a newbie at the Jedi Academy, since I only joined at the end of September 2003. But anyways: I know what it's like to work really hard on something and have it stolen by someone else I shall join the revolution! C1 rules! And so does HIS mod! Good work man!
  3. okay, great just take your time Excellent job, I might add
  4. allright So, I guess the mod isn't to far away anymore?
  5. So, how's the contacting with the people going? Can't wait for it to be available.
  6. I agree It looks so cool Be sure to post something when it will be available for download, allright?:-)
  7. Hope it doesn't take too long Because I'm really looking forward to it Keep up the good work by the way!!
  8. So, how is this mod coming along? When will we be able to download it? I'm looking forward to it because it looks really great
  9. I would defintely download it, even if it is a 600 MB big... It looks and sounds very cool and I'd love to have it... Can't wait for it to be released
  10. That sounds great... But where did you download it? because last time I looked, it wasn't on the site...
  11. Ok, my fault It wasn't jediacademy.com but it was http://www.thejediacademy.com Sorry for the mixup.
  12. Owkeej... I Made this forum to hear everything about the jediacademy (not the game, but the site) (http://www.jediacademy.net) This forum is made so everyone can hear about your experiences with this site, and the way of teaching at this site. I hope I'll hear alot of good (and bad ??) things Thanks
  13. Yeah, I got that one... So you mean it isn't on the site? or what? In each case... If you want to put it on... I would write a letter to Lucasarts (a mail will do, I believe) and ask for sponsoring. I don't know if they will do that, but if you get it, then you can host the site. Reasons why you should get the money: It's a very great mod for one of their games (be sure to mention this in the mail/letter to Lucasarts)
  14. Owkeej... Sow I looked at this site But I have NO IDEA what it is that you have to download I found the update... but that doesn't work and somewhere they are talking about a cd... Any help here would be hot... Thanx
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