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  1. aXoe

    Firewalled In

    thanks a lot, its just what i was looking for
  2. aXoe

    Firewalled In

    Which version should i have. I had 1.04 and am going to install it sooner than later again, and am getting jedi acadmey so i hope not to have the same problem. Hey where was the forum that you posted on about the server. Can you give me the link plz? If thanks!
  3. Guys help. I dont have a firewall installed on my computer but my dsl modem is not letting me play any online games. Do you guys have any suggestions tips or do i have to change anything with my game. I also tried to install gamespy and look for games from there but none pop up on the list thing. To boil it down my main problem is i cant see any games in the servers list no matter how many times i press refresh.
  4. What is the godam command line in JEDI OUTCAST. Somebody help plz!!
  5. friss and filth. Are you having the same problem im having with seeing servers on the list, or having a problem setting up a server. I cant even see any servers when i try to play never mind setting up a private server.
  6. For all of us who do not have a firewall installed on our computer do we still use the same method, and or could you explain another one. I dont want to start making my own games, only just to enter them. My main problem is that i do not see any games at all when i press the refresh button. Help!!
  7. aXoe


  8. At least you can see the games. Ive had the same problems with jk2 in the beginning with ctf. Well wait a while, i mean siege will be popular and enjoyed or crappy and dumped remember capture the 4 sylable whatever. Enjoy the other game types tho
  9. aXoe


    I can not connect or see any games on the server list or play any games online (jk2 and jka and counting) even tho i have no firewall installed at all on my computer. Maybe its something with the internet connection i dont have a clue, does anybody have any idea how to connect to games/same experience and how you solved it. Help??
  10. aXoe

    Mp Omg

    Maybe Raven will never make another Jedi Game. I mean everybody here has their blood boiling about the ctf feature. You guys cant expect the game to be perfrect over night can you? Some of the posts only make me laugh. I cant be bothered to say which ones, but those of you probably know who you are. Go outside, drink a beer, meet with friends this game hopefully is not your life and by the time the next Jedi game comes out this one will be obsolete (shiver in your pants because hl2 is supposed to be here). I have no intention to put any of you down but come on its just a no-brainer game. Swing the saber, hope to hit. Push the guy of the ledge (ohh there are many) and get the flag. How many of you think, really think about how you SHOULD play the game, what you/your teamates should play/kill/protect, no strategy whatsoever, up to now at least.
  11. aXoe

    Mp Omg

    Well yoda or whatever the person who started this post is. You keep on saying state ways in which we the game can be improved. I have a suggestion. STOP PLAYING IT for a while. YOu havent noticed that in Europe the game only come out TODAY so not enough people can join. If you like clans WAIT A GOODAM While that will be your remedy. Also raven looks at these forums and looks for GOOD ideas in which to improve the game. The 1ST patch will come out in 1 month or 2 imo.
  12. Damn why do you have to wait till christmas? Thats pretty bad
  13. Keep in mind its just a game looks cool but gamespot was right in their own way, i mean come on all the features of the game have already been made available through mod and how long do you think this game will last on the market. Im glad you like and so do i but a lot of people will probably be playing HL2 and many other games in the years to come (amazing games btw) and people still enjoy playing star craft which is outdated. As long as people still play it a stupid rating doesnt matter. Remember most people still havent played the original game itself and a lot of people cant give their opinions
  14. Not in australia but damn... delayed that long?? Sheesh that must suck i mean i n greece we get it one day before the brits do suckers!!! Dont worry by the time you do get it theyll be servers up and running like no body knows. Speaking of essays thanks for reminding me should get it done before the weekend too grrr. Sydney is the capital of aussietralia, but shouldnt they get the copy before the rest of the country does? Seems logical
  15. I hate amazon.co.uk grrr. They release the game officially 19th of september. good and in greece they relase the 18 thing im going to get it on the 20th from and electronics shop!! How is siege and powerduel (try praticing) Is the saber combat good. And lastly what saber type do most ppl use online? Sorry for the questions just curious
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