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  1. *The hot Tatooine sunlight streams through a window in a guesthouse in Mos Eisely, not far from the Cantina. A man groans and sits up.* Deac: Bloody hell, how much did I drink last night? I had this insane, universe shattering dream which involved mythology from planets I've never even heard of, all kinds of extra dimensional travel, prophecies, gods and demons, and gradually less and less to do with the galaxy I know, then more, then less again. And this whole crazy family. That was messed up. Oh well, time to overthrow the Empire! *Retches* Maybe after breakfast....
  2. How ironic. This is the second time a router's caused us problems in the cantina. I remember my old EVIL router that wouldn't let me post more than 3 lines to a forum. Heck, I remember having problems posting in this thread after my 28.8kb modem died. I'll say that again 28.8kbps modem. As in DIAL UP
  3. I honestly can't believe it. Here I am, sat supposedly working in the uni computer lab, showing this someone else who used to RP on Forums, and here you guys all are! I'd love to start this up again in some way, shape or form. The Cantina was meant a lot to me during it's prime. A reboot might be needed, or maybe just a simpler summary, as we've got DC comics complicated in here these days. Whatever happens, it's good to see you guys back here again.
  4. Orthos: Wait a minute, woah, woah, woah! *He moves between the group and the woman* Orthos: Destroying the Aether? That doesn't sound like a good idea to me at all. Why would we want something that can do that. *Gortick steps forward* Gortick: Sometimes, brother, it's best to have something bad so that you're enemies can't have it. Case in point, me.
  5. *Deac holsters his lightsaber* Deac: Why? Why should I accept? *Deac ponders this to himself for a moment* Why is it? I always seem to do it. Is it because I saw half my world burn at the hands of the Empire, not once, but twice? Is it because I think I owe an alien god that saved me from becoming another laboratory experiment? Or is it because...*he remembers a blue haired young woman from a long time ago*...that I owe it to her. I "think all of the above" probably covers it. Deac: Alright, you want to save the galaxy, and you want me to help. It won't be my first time. I'll help you, but you're going to need to tell me who you are, what's threatening the galaxy, and how we're going to save it.
  6. Coruscant, Waste Reclamation Facility *Deac is clearly taken aback by this. He keeps his lightsaber drawn, but moves into a more passive stance* Deac: I can't touch you? Must suck, being insubstantial. *Deac deactivates [i love that word, I always want to read it as DEAC-tivate] his lightsaber* Deac: What do you want from me then, if you're not out to kill me?
  7. The Galaxy is in turmoil: Lord Cracken, son of the emperor, is dead, and the Imperial Remnant threatens to tear itself apart. Meanwhile, the Heloki have been unleashed, and the Prophecies of the Blood Scrolls are close to coming to pass... ------------------------------------------------- Coruscant, Waste Reclamation Facility *Deac, after hours of searching, is surprised to come across a garbage dump as the source of the voice telling him to come closer.* Deac: This is it. I've finally snapped. After everything. *The voice speaks once again in his head, tiny in timbre, but suddenly crystal clear.* Voice: Are you the only one left? *Something coalsces in the air in front of Deac, shimmering like fog.* Voice: The guardians of peace and justice are turning on each other. While friends parry friends' blows, the world eats itself. Soon now. Too soon. Almost too late to stop. *The pearly mist drifts, one moment appearing almost humanoid, the next switching to a form more indeterminate.* Voice: Once I destroyed planets with a snap of my fingers. Now with you, I will redeem myself. Oh, and I have waited for this, Deac Starkiller. I have waited for a very long time. *Deac draws back and ignites his one remaining lightsaber* Deac: I hope I don't disappoint.
  8. Ok, the intro will probably suck. I am skimming two years worth of plot here.
  9. At this very moment I am going to review the thread in order to make a decent intro for part 15. Be patient.
  10. Hi guys. Been a while, but unfortunately it's going to be a little longer for me as I'm going on vacation on saturday for a fortnight. However, I do still want in, and am happy for you to start up without me.... --------------------------------------- Coruscant *Deac spins around* Deac: What the hell? I suppose it wouldn't be the first time I've heard voices. NOR THE FIRST TIME YOU'VE ACTED ON THEM... Deac: You're right, I suppose... *Deac feels somehow he knows where he's going, and walks out of the NRI building, following toward wherever he is supposed to go...*
  11. Sorry I've not been on guys, good to see stuff's moving again. Work has been hectic, and I've been trying to find a place to live next year. I'll see if I can get upto speed tonight and churn out an awesome post for you all soon.
  12. *Orthos spins suddenly, looking at his surroundings, while Gortick blinks repeatedly in shock. As Ellela finds herself in the mysterious room, she falls over from the sudden shock, with Gortick moving to help her up* Orthos: Where the hell? *Orthos is cut short by the strange woman entering the room* Orthos: (Regarding the drink) Uh...no thanks. I'm fine.
  13. Scar, you're pretty much there. I miss the glory days of the Cantina.
  14. [uh, Red, kinda need some more info on what you have planned here] Flashback, Avatar Facility, Lokpihet System *Deac is suspended in a chamber surrounded by blue light. He is unconscious. Scientists scurry around as a figure enters the room* Man: Are we prepared? CyberEyes: Yes. Syrnl believes he's undergoing a few diagnostic tests Man: Fool. A damnable upstart, but a powerful one. The Order will be glad to be rid of him once this is over. CyberEyes: But, my Lord, the last person we tried this upon... Man: Our scientists have a new theory. It will require combination of the energy to produce a viable candidate. We found the perfect sample. *A third chamber slides into position, containing a young man* Man: We had a clone of Syrnl's son prepared to infiltrate his family should we need to dispose of him. We can use that to our advantage. Is the process ready? Tech: Yes. Man: Begin the fusion. *A blast of energy fills each cylinder in turn, golden from Deac, black from Syrnl, and fusing into red in the third cylinder. A being of red fire appears, roaring* Man: It appears we were successful... ---------------------------------------- Some time later *Two stormtroopers watch Deac and the red being in their chambers. Syrnl has left his* Trooper: And I heard them say Princess Leia's disappeared... Trooper 2: She's a do-gooder. Probably gone to give medical supplies to some backwater rim world or something.. *Suddenly the red figure roars and shatters both of the cylinders. The stormtroopers have enough time to swear before they die as alarms start to blare. The figure stomps out of the room, creating a large hole in the wall. Deac meanwhile wakes up, and looks around confusedly, and runs toward that hole. He finds himself running faster than before, then manages to swing a beam out of the way without touching it* Deac: What...? I have no time to explain. Trust me. If you want to stay alive you will listen to what I have to say. Pick up that pipe and go now!
  15. Tech #2: I'm afraid we can't tell what it is... Beler: If it were harmful it's safe to assume you'd be dead by now. As for this kind of data...Deac...we need you ex-dimensional friend on this one. *Deac reaches for the comm Rwos gave him* Deac: Uh...Rwos...if you can hear this...we need some help. The Empire's found some info on the Sleepers, plus a whole load of other stuff we were wondering if you could help us with. *Deac meanwhile is transfixed on the readout of the experimental subjects. The mech, and the other one, 087....* ------------------------------------------- Enoy *An unimpressive mining planet in Imperial Territory. Recently, reports of a disturbance reached the Imperial Sector overseer, reports of a rogue force adapt. A team of anti-jedi crack troopers has been sent to track him down* Commander: Ok team, this guy's a total nut, and killed a few troopers. We're going to bring him down. Adepts! *Two sith apprentices move up* Adept: I can sense him. It's a fairly strong life force, but the force energy is fairly weak. We should be able to down it in no time. Commander: Ok. MOVE OUT! *The team rushes over the ridge to find a crimson figure in the centre of a blast crater, it's eyes burning with fire.* Commander: By the... *The soldiers open fire without hesitation. The figure turns to face them and begins to attack. Several soldiers go down to a crimson blade, while the rest scramble for cover. One of the sith adepts manages to link minds with the being, and hold it in place* Adept: I've seen your kind of power once before, during the Vampire Crisis on Coruscant. I didn't realise there were more than two of you. Let's take a look inside and see what you- *The adept reaches too far in and his head explodes in psychic feedback. However, the flame of the being burns out, leaving a battered human body in it's place. The surviving troopers run over* Commander: Get him into a force cage and we'll take him back to Poderis for processing. We got any ID yet? Trooper: Yeah, colony records give him no surname, no history before he got here. Turns out he had a wife and she got arrested a few weeks back, killed in the crossfire. Commander: This thing got a name? Trooper: Yeah...Gortick, apparently.
  16. *Deac shudders* Deac: WHAT. WHAT DID THEY PUT IN ME? *Deac is visibly shaking. Several lights begin to swing* Beler: Deac...calm down. We'll fix it.
  17. *Deac is somewhat unsurprised by these images* Deac: Figures, I guess. They wanted to know how Syrnl got so powerful in such a short space of time. It's not surprising they were monitoring me. I suppose these... *he points at three figures, labelled 043 and 044, both marked "Terminated"* are Beta and Gamma. That just leaves... a mech? *He gestures at 045* What the hell? And... *he points at another figure, not numerically listed, marked ACTIVE. Unlike the other three figures this one also has the superimposed image on it.* No...no they couldn't have...that's impossible... Beler: What? Deac: If those symbols mean what I think they mean...
  18. NRI *Beler turns* Beler: Deac, are you sure you want to be here? Deac: Can't tell me anything I don't already know, right? *The techs don't answer at first* Deac: RIGHT?! Beler: What information on Cracken is there? Deac: I think we need to answer the first question here...
  19. Deac's Apartment *Deac is sat reading when the call comes through* Deac: I'll be right over... *Deac throws on a coat and exits the apartment, taking a cab to the NRI building.* What the hell is it this time? *Deac exits the cab and makes his way to the computer room* Deac: All right, what is it?
  20. *Orthos follows the group, sword out* Orthos: Well, I joined up because I wanted to travel. Gortick: I didn't join anything. I mined because I wanted to eat. Elella: Boarding school for me. *Both turn and stare* Elella: Your b*tch auntie was rich, ok?
  21. NRI Intelligence Headquarters, Computing Department *The Datacore is hoisted into position in a large alcove surrounded by several consoles. Immediatley several techs begin inputting code. Computers beep softly* Jil: How long until the encryption is broken? Tech: Unknown. Several hours minimum. Jil: Inform us. Starkiller, in all honesty, you look terrible. Go home and sleep. Deac: *Pausing* I've never actually been on Coruscant long enough to get a house. Jil: Well, stop over at mine. Take the guest suite. *He throws Deac a key* Republic Plaza, Apartment 18987. LB will recognise you. Deac: Sounds good to me. *He leaves and heads off*
  22. NRI Building, Bathroom *Deac and the techs plunge out of a shimmering portal, much to the surprise of Beler Jil, who stands at a urinal, relieving himself* Jil: What the ****? Deac: *Not noticing Jil is somewhat busy* Hmmm. Odd. Why here? Jil:*Somewhat angry* Starkiller? What the hell are you doing here in the restroom while I'm trying to take a leak?! Deac: Got compromised, had to take a portal back here from the research base. You wouldn't believe the trouble we had to take to get this datacore. I guess all the residual energy from when this had a portal device in it drew us here, like an anchor. Jil: This is the last time I ever have laboratories, even destroyed ones turned into laboratories. Now do you mind?! *Deac and the techs carry the datacore out, somewhat embarressed.
  23. *Orthos dives into Elella* Orthos: NO YOU DON'T! *He charges toward Sakara, carrying them both across the line and disappearing. Gortick, his veins nearly bursting, stomps past* Gortick: I'M COMING TOO! ------------------------------------ *The three appear in mid air above a dark chasm. As they fall they can see a huge floating landmass in the distance, and a dark shadow below. For a split second they seem to float in mid air* Orthos: Ah, sithspit... *They fall*
  24. [OK, final post for two weeks as I'm off to Vancouver. See you in August] Imperial Base, Datacore Comm: Sir! The reactor's collapsing and portals are opening everywhere. We've got one in your location...we have to go through! Deac: Very well. *He throws his lightsabers at the top and bottom of the datacore, removing it from it's mounts and charges at it, grabbing it* Deac: GET TO THE PORTAL! *The two techs diver through, followed by Deac, carrying the datacore.*
  25. If we don't make it past, are we cut off from the rest of the group permanently? I ask because I'm going to be without net access for a fortnight and need a way to get the group out of it for a while.
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