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  1. I hate the current incarnation of SWG and find it un fun and unplayable, I urge you to cancel your subscriptions and not feed SOE any more money, or ever buy another sony product. They have ruined a game that they could have made alot of fun. Its no fun and unplayable from my point of view. Please refuse to pay for SWG anymore, there is no point in attempting to play, an un fun game. I urge you to not pay SOE a single penny more. Only when they see the entire community and player base no longer playing and paying will they see they have totally screwed up. Money is the only thing they see, as long as they are making money they will ignore you entirely. Afterall its there job to get you to buy it and pay for it, they have no care for if its fun or not as long as they make money. Protest by not paying, and not ever again buying a Sony Product.
  2. Ouch. JA and JKII have alot of servers that are meant to keep things friendly. I think the people who really play it want to keep jerks away. I go to a CSS Server, and I am likely to find on a well traveled server alot of Racists slinging the n word about and cursing profanity. Alot of FFA JA Servers are mostly large community meeting and multi duel servers. For the large part racists and people who are Jerks in general get driven away because admins are usually around. My clan has its own server, and I change it to whatever suits me. If its a FFA game we do do FFA, but we also respect not killing ppl who are just watching as long as they are taking up space on the server. If you run away from a fight a person can kill you even if your saber is down. I think people take the game at times way too seriously, and over do stuff like "SAY GOOD FIGHT OR JOO ARE BANNED!!". In a sword like fighting game where things are more personal and up close people tend to have less tolerence for Racists and Jerks. I think mostly people have left because the game doesn't feel right, and there are too many exploits. Who wants to die from a Staff Saber to the foot because it was a special? No one, the reason this game did not catch on was because of major bugs, not just because the community is a tad anal about there servers. If there were constant updates and the use of a system like STEAM (by Valve Software) where they directly sent out information to there customers and more easily took in bug reports etc. and did more fixing then the game might have caught on. I don't think we will see a new Jedi Knight Series game till at least after Quake IV. (I'm gonna guess and say that may well be the engine it may run on)
  3. Who is ready for a new Jedi Knight game other then myself? And what Engine, and Company would you want to do them? Ravensoft has the experience but maybe another company would be more passionate? Quake IV based maybe?? Anyways what do you guys think.
  4. I still would like to see an official RavenSoft fix for this glitch (along with many others).
  5. Really? On a Lan? But were you on a dedicated server? I'm looking at various Cvars to see wether there are any that could potentially......... lessen the likely hood of "ghost-blading". If I discover anything I will post it here. If you find out anything relating to this ("ghost-blading" and any way to help avoid it etc.) then please post it here.
  6. OJP Defenitely looks promising. I'd like to see the glitch fixed by RavenSoft officially though.
  7. Yes, "Ghost-Sabering" or "Ghost-Blading" might be a better name. Someone seemed to think it happened more often on server whose transfer rate was lower.
  8. I was wondering if there was an official name for the Glitch in Jedi Academy where when you are fighting someone the Lightsaber appears to go right through them but does no damage. I heard someone call it "Ghosting". I was also wondering when this glitch is more likely to occur and how one might be able to set a server in the best possible way to avoid that glitch. Its defenitely time we picked a name for it, if it does not have one.
  9. I was wondering if anyone knows what the command is to activate warmup. The only Cvar I know of is "g_warmup", and I give it say a value of 30, but I cannot get it to work in siege. Any clues? Or is it not avaliable in Siege?
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