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  1. Hahaha I didn't even notice. Wonder what it looks like
  2. Damn...it's been 11 years for me haha
  3. I live in Buffalo,NY. It's snow joke about the weather here.
  4. Holy flaming cow poop! I remembered my password! It's now been over a year since I've been here and now over 10 years since I've joined! Good lord what did I do with my life?!?! Haha [edit] I just realized I have a link to my MySpace page hahaha holy wtf
  5. I've been working on my scale airplane models, going to work, helping my brother build his house, slaying Dragons in Skyrim, and drinking a LOT of beer.
  6. Oh it's been so long since I've been here! Well my newest purchases are a M91/30 (Mosin Nagant) and a Ghillie suit.
  7. i lost my grandpa a few weeks ago. he was buried the day before my grandparents 55th wedding anniversary
  8. Saw it coming. Beat one game, the next is already out, get that one, half way through the next two installments are already out....
  9. my girlfriend got me a new XBOX 360 with Kinect. It's fun with the game that came with it but I need to buy another game to fully approve.
  10. Ted's F**king Hot Dogs pwns all burger joints. Also I had the chance to see Coheed and Cambria for FREE at the New York State Fair, but I took my girlfriend and her friend on one too many rides and they both got nauseous and vertigo. So I had to drive them 3 1/2 hours home without the pleasurable tunes of Coheed and Cambria...
  11. jebbers


    *hugs monitor* the swamp is fun
  12. As some of you know my father, brother and I are roofers on the same crew. He had this heavy steel bar about 6' long with a flared stopper at the end used for prying, and was in a small space. He swung straight down with it, the side of his right hand caught an "L" bracket. Laws of physics took its course, his hand stopped but the momentum of the bar kept going. The stopper hit the top of his fist and caused the bone to break. A pic of his broked hand...
  13. watched my brother break his hand today at work, no more fappin or video gaming for him...for awhile at least
  14. the owner is my girlfriend. they were her dogs. i bit the one dogs ear almost off to get him to let go of my cat. i did alot of things i wouldnt have normally done to an animal but i had to in order to save my cats. but i lost dallas to save charlie
  15. Me and Charlie relaxing after she was attacked by two pitbulls twice. I managed to save her after substaining many cuts and bites to my hands from both the cat and dogs. Dallas and Charlie, Dallas was attacked by the pitbulls as well, he didn't survive. I wasn't fast enough to save him.
  16. Its in really good condition Bongo, interior was re-upholstered, the dash isnt cracked, theres minor rust here and there nothing too devastating, the milage was about 86,000. And no Sithy not lime green though i did think about a repaint.
  17. Bought it a few months ago but never told anyone here about it. 1986 Chevrolet El Camino! Paid $2,500 for my baby.
  18. My buddy Jay, my girl Erin and I just before doing some Urban Exploration. Also my finger was in a splint, thus the middle finger. Inside an old abandoned school gym, trying to figure out how to get a giant wall clock off the wall.
  19. jebbers


    ive been here for 6 years and some change. i just havent posted all that much in the last year. but I AM ALIVE! also, leXX do go on about the laser nipples....for science...
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