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  1. Im sorry but I just about fell off my chair with laughter at this. "Real time combat means a game of the year award!" is basically what you are saying. Funny. I have played several great games over the years with better combat systems then K1, they were even real time! *shock horror etc etc* but they didnt win game of the year awards, or if they one a few they didnt win as many as K1. So your idea that "Real time combat means a game of the year award!" is a fallacy. What won K1 the GOTY awards was the story, characterisations, in depth ability to mold your character to how you like to play etc, not the combat system alone. Lucasarts problem isnt non-real time combat but the time they like to shove sequals out in if a game is good, they need to realise people are willing to wait for a great game and spend the time/money to make it rather then "it won awards! quick rush out a sequal by the end of the year!"
  2. This is allowed and not just for the Kotor games. Once you have downloaded it and installed it you can do with it as you will. Aslong as you dont upload it anywhere and say it is yours. ie if you download a new robe but find the sleeve cuffs are a colour you dont like or too dark/light for your liking you can change them. You can increase/decrease the stats etc for your own use without needing the original modders permission. And sometimes something you do as a personal mod might even be included in a rerelease of the original mod if the maker likes it (like the lightsaber skin Red did for his niece for my pink 'sabers set that when I rereleased added and gave credit to)
  3. A question for those going on about K2 being unfinished. Is K1 in your opinion finished? or unfinished?
  4. Alveron182: Legal: We can modify: uti's (items) , utc's (characters) , utm's (merchants), tga files (skin files and walls etc), models (making Miras saddle bags smaller etc) We can make: New models and relevent skins for them (Ultimate Saber mod, "A few guns by me!" by mono etc), new utc's, new uti's new utm's, new tga files. We can recreate: uti's, utms and utc's from K1 in K2 and visa versa but not directly take them from K1 to K2 and visa versa. We can also recreate skins from K1 that aren't in K2 or modify skins from K1 to look like ones from K2 but cant move the skins from game to game. Technically you can move skins from one game to the other but we dont talk about that here as its porting. Illegal: taking files from K1 or K2 and putting them in K2 or K1 respectively, this includes skins, uti's utm's and utc's. Models can not be moved between the games, (some models arent used in K2 but are still in the K2 model format so we can use those - star forge robes, the scout, soldier and scoundral outfits for instance). We can not also take items from other games (even if not a LucasArts game) without permission fromt he respective game companies or people who own them (if you got permission to place the Master Chief in to K1 from Bungie for instance you could do it, but Bungie won't allow it so you cant**). ** If you recreated from scratch (ie you made or someone that isn't a part of Bungie made a replica of) something from Halo for instance (the guns, grenades etc) and put them in to either game it should be fine aslong as you made sure you could prove you made them/ got permission from the person who made them if a mod here asks for it. Its still a bit iffy but if its all you own work (model, skins, uti's etc) then generally ther wont be a problem. On the EULA Im not really versed in this stuff but LucasArts could shut us down in a heartbeat if they wanted to. We kinda skirt under the rader a bit by not doing anything that would highly upset them (like porting or the SERIOUSLY BIG "NO NO" modifying the exe files). Hope this helps!
  5. I love this statement: Yes becauase it was soooo difficult to do stuff like click and drag/point! ... yes because, as I said above, click and point is so darn hard to manage. You conciously have to think, of all things think!, about what you want to do. >.>
  6. Actually it is possible. svosh made a new male body mesh and has irt working in game. He just hasnt released it as hes stilld oing stuff to it (I hope, it looked damn good) This is still porting, porting isnt just about moving it from K1 to K2 but also other games that exist. If the Sims 2 came with a EULA that says "you can use our models etc in other games without being sued etc" then there would be less problem. But seeing I doubt it doesn't it is still porting and thus illegal. I know there is a Darth Maul skin and a Darth vader skin at pcgamemods so your best bet to have those two characters in your game is asking for them in the pcgamemods request sticky in this section of the forum.
  7. You should ask Avol to do this or ask for his permission to get someone else to do so. Its his mod and its kinda really frwoned upon here for someone else to do work on someone elses mod for release without the original posters permission. And if you cant contact the original poster (in this case Avol) then nothing can be done about it.
  8. I promise to get on to it soon then. And I may crate a robe to go with them.
  9. If the game had half a dozen different styles of saber * *Short handled single saber *Long handled single saber *Extra Long single handled saber *Curved single handled saber etc etc And the differences were cosmetic (different skins depending on the saber crystal etc) then sure fine. But making more then that? Nah I'd rather have more stuff like D3 said.
  10. Coming! Coming! I know I have said that before but this time I mean it I just finished building my new comp and getting everything installed (K1 and K2 included) So should be able to start work on them in the next few days. They wont be new models unless someone makes some for me (I get confused just looking at the tutorials for modelling, let alone actually doing it!)
  11. If you are wanting to release it when you are done make sure you get Krystie Kristic's permission to do so as she is the original model modifier.
  12. As Red said just drop it in to your override folder. .ncs files are the compiled script files the game uses to do "stuff". So unlike .rar or .zip they are already to be used without any more work. Just thought Id point that little info out incase you were still wondering about the file type.
  13. Your not paying for potential you are paying for a blu-ray disc drive. Which is not only expensive but movies that come out on it are likely to be 50% more in price then normal DVD's. Yay for ripoffs! He first states you are paying for potential but the PS3 might not live up to it. So hes trying to make sure people who buy the console knows it might not be good?
  14. My "bashing" isnt new, I have always thought they looked horrible. Sure they are pretty damn good cost/gig wise but looks still play a big part in my decision about if I am going to want to use something or not. And as I still consider the ipod ugly I am not going to want to use it.
  15. Heavy Armour, Black Outer Robe, Hood, sabers attached to your belt and a dozen sith troopers looking your way. ... Now that would be fun.
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