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  1. Hi starting a second form CFG files. I like to make CFG files for binds and client side SET comands. For any who dont know if you bring down the console you can change settings to make your client on a server run the way you like. Also in SP mode. I like to bind taunts to keyboard settings LIKE this /bind x "taunt" // where x is a letter or number. /bind x "gloat" /bind x "bow" /bind x "meditate" Try them out you will like them. Please other's add your setting hear for other's to enjoy. I am looking for anyone who can tell me how to use the voicechat command as well as music, startorbit, mp3_calcvols I am hopeing to run my faverate music as I play the game and make my own taunts with voicechat. Can anyone tell me the setting for turning your cross hairs to red so you can see what your aimming at. Let's make this form the most popular one by entering the setting that will make the game the most fun for the game player.
  2. if any of you would like to have a place for input to my server RED QUEEN I have a Jedi group set up for this. its address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BradsJediWars/?yguid=114076197 Hope to see you there I will take input as to how to set up the server for others to play on and maybe even have a contest of best FFA or CTF or Duel maybe all the above. This Group will alow for the signing up of the players to compet. We can have a lot of fun go to the Jedi Group site and give me your feed back as to what you would like to do.
  3. Hi I have been asked for the info of adding Bots to a server. in yor server.cfg file add set bot_enable 1 then add the line set bot_minplayers x the disired amount of bots. The bots will go away as human players come into the server. The bots with this setting are random and the level of play is random as well. For the server admin that likes controle this is the set up you want. In the server.cfg file have the line. exec botfile.cfg in the botfile.cfg have this. seta bot_enable "1" seta bot_minplayers "x" // x is where the amount of bots you need in the game. seta bot_nochat "0" // 0 turn chat on 1 turns chat off. seta bot_fastchat "1" // 1 on 0 off. seta bot_challenge "1" seta bot_groundonly "1" seta bot_thinktime "100" //this add's the bot's addbot Reborn 3 RED 0 Reborn addbot Luke 3 BLUE 0 Luke // the name of the bots well vary must use the corect name or the bot well not be in the game. 3 is for the level you want the bot to attack at. Red or Blue is the team color you want the bot on. 0 is the Ping level you want the bot to work at Have fun with bots now.
  4. you need to have your dedicated server on a different port, than your Jedi Knight 3 client so in the command line of your shortcut it would look like the following : "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\jampDed.exe" +set net_port 29071 +exec server.cfg see the +set net_port I changed it to 29071 cuz JK3 is using 29070 by default, this is why you cant see any servers while yours is up. There you go, have fun.. I cant get to see it listed tho but people are connected to it.. I can connect to my server too, to play with others.. I just cant see it into the free for all listing.... bah. needs a patch.. master server is screwed up. I did not write the artical above and could not find a name of the person that left it but it is very good and to the point about what says the only addition I will add is copy your base director to another location as several file are used by both server and client and it well cause a crash if you dont also make sure the server port is open as it has been changed to 29071 from 29070. You no longer have to forward 29070 if you change it to 29071. Thanks to the person who did the artical that I have now posted for you.
  5. Hi I was asked about SIEGE settings this is a new game for JK and looks fun I have not played it yet. Hear are the settings for Siege. // gametypes // 0 = FFA // 3 = DUEL one on one tournament // 4 = POWER DUEL // 6 = TEAM DEATHMATCH // 7 = SIEGE // 8 = CTF set g_gametype 7 set g_autoMapCycle 1 map mp/siege_desert //EOF This is the simple way to set it up. But do I use the simple way no I must always do things the hard way how about you? hear are my settings for Siege the more complex way. set d1 "set g_gametype 7; map mp/siege_desert ; set nextmap vstr d2" set d2 "set g_gametype 7; map mp/siege_hoth ; set nextmap vstr d3" set d3 "set g_gametype 7; map mp/siege_korriban ; set nextmap vstr d1" // start the first map vstr d1 Still not done you can add difernet setting per map this way by add set comands in each line like this. set d1 "set g_gametype 7; map mp/siege_desert ; set g_speed "275"; set nextmap vstr d2" set d2 "set g_gametype 7; map mp/siege_hoth ; set g_speed "300"; set nextmap vstr d3" set d3 "set g_gametype 7; map mp/siege_korriban ; set g_speed "250"; set nextmap vstr d1" // start the first map vstr d1 //EOF the above added settings are for g_speed settings per map will change speed in each map as listed Cool you can add as many settings as you want per map this way tell me you have no controle in your server invirement now. Try setting your g_saberDamageScale per map Saber Damage is just what it sounds like you controle the amount of sever saber damage you want. And how about the g_weaponDisable and the g_forcePowerDisable camands if you think certain maps are best used with certain wepons are force powers set them and have fun the amount of changes is up to you. yes there are other settings needed for differant game types but I hope this has opened up some eyes as to what can be done. Again forgive any miss spelled words.
  6. Hi serveral new questions hear I will try to answer them. Please if any one finds I have miss stated any info please corect me as I am not perfect. First several people have asked about more than one kind of server. I prefer the dedactaed server with ether windows dedecated server file to run the server or Linux dedecated sever file on a seperat server altogether. You can run the install on a seperat server and pick advaced setting when creating a server in the menu and pick dedecated server and other options this is also the easy way for people that dont like haveing lots of controle to your server setup. If you dont pick the dedecated server option you have a hole diferent kind of server one the doesnt avertise its self to the server comunity this is for people who want to call there frends and say heres my server IP address lets play with out other people knowing we have a server. There are mulitable server types. If you want answers to questions about a server set up I will need to know what your wanting the server to do for you in the end result and what your restrictions are the will reduce your options are. Please if any one can answer questions on Xbox setups go for it as I have no Xbox and have no way of knowing what you will need to do to make a server on a Xbox. My full info on Xbox is it runs on Ethernet the same way as windows so ports it requires need to be opened and a conection to the network suplied by nic card built in or added. Some Xbox systems are wireless as the use gatway that plug into the nic on the Xbox and the Gatway is a Wi Fi unit to conect it to the network. Microsoft is now making its own gatway for this now I say the ad a few days a go other venders make the Gatway as well. Second point to bring up all the dedecated server type's have Issues on crashing servers right now JK3 is in real bad need of a Service Pacth for the dedecated servers as Windows and Linux will both stall in shut down. I am testing the second Linux 1.01 file yo see if it is better ley you know how it goes later. Please if your server well not advertice to the master server with the Info from above you have to choices. Put your server straght on the Modem to test only dont leave it there just test to see if your ISP will let you run a server. Second wait for a update the choice is yours dont endanger your critical information this way Thats why I say only use a computer for this that is not used for any other perpuse. Remember we are only a few days into the new release of the game and the master server is being adjusted as much as we are adjusting our setting for it. Please forgive my spell as I rushed and I am not a great speller in the first place.
  7. Yes your right about the ports but I have only the server open on thoes ports and some people chose other ports that the one you have said I will haveto check on the TCP I know that UDP was last time and My server works on just UDP. I run seperat computers for server and Client I would say dont put any computer open to the outside that your not ready to have atacked so dont use your computer that has all your important stuff on it to run a server from. Again thank you for the corection on two many ports open I new it was to many but if your running a server just for this its not that big of a deal. Burn a cd with all the files to put your server back on line or better yet make a image of the hole server for fast restore if you have the means.
  8. Hi second part the server. I will post my server Info use it as is it work great for me and lots of hours spent makeing it. Me server is sound for a Version 1 with out the first SP made yet. Here it is. First the Bat file that calls the program "jampDed.EXE" +set sv_pure 1 +set com_zoneMegs 32 +set com_hunkMegs 32 +set com_soundmegs 16 +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg This is very inportant all the +set need to be the way they are only +exec server.cfg can be changed as it is the Config file for the server. The other lines are setting that make the server Stable. you can run this from a bat file or comand promt if you like to type in the info by hand. You can also uses this on linux by adding it to a File.pl pearl script file lots more to do for Linux get to that later. also copy the Base folder to the server from your workstation that you installed the game on as this is the files needed to run the server. You will also need the dedicacted Win32 server EXE file from Lucausfiles. I am running the retal version of the game with the dedicated server file if you are runnig beta there may be changes that have been made and your server may never be stable as retal verstion. With that all out of the way lets get back to the server recap we have a good base diretor in a dedicated server file and the Bat file made now the server.CFG file. // Server Config seta g_motd "^1Server Red Queen awaits you." // Slogen sets "Config File" "Jedi Wars" seta sv_hostname " ^1Red Queen." // Name of Server sets "Admin" "MasterAcad" sets "Admin E-Mail" "Bradacad@yahoo.com" sets "Hours" "24 by 7." sets "Clan" "None" sets ".Configured By" "MasterAcad, Kansas City, KS" seta sv_maxclients "9" //Total Number of players seta sv_privateClients "1" //Total Number of Reserve slots seta sv_privatePassword "xxxx" // Password for Reserve slots seta rconPassword "xxxx" // Password for Rcon seta sv_maxPing "200" // Set the Ping conections will slow server seta g_inactivity "0" // my preferance seta com_HunkMegs "32" // stable the server seta sv_minclients "0" seta sv_maxRate "10000" // stable the server seta sv_minPing "0" seta g_forcerespawn "3" // my preferance seta sv_fps "50" // Some set this higher seta com_zoneMegs "16" // stable the server seta com_SoundMegs "16" // stable the server seta sv_reconnectlimit "3" // stable the server seta g_warmup "0" // my preferance seta sv_zombietime "30" // stable the server seta g_gravity "500" // dont need this my preferance seta g_speed "275" // dont need this my preferance seta g_dismember "100" // If you like Dismemberment seta g_maxForceRank "7" // 1 to 7 seta g_allowvote "0" // 0 no vote 1 vote seta sv_allowDownload "0" // 1 truns this on dont seta sv_allowAnonymous "0" seta g_doWarmup "0" // my preferance seta sv_floodProtect "1" // stable the server seta g_friendlyfire "0" // my preferance seta sv_pure "1" seta g_synchronousclients "0" // stable the server seta g_privateDuel "1" // my preferance seta g_saberLocking "1" // my preferance seta g_weaponDisable "65531" // Disable weapons seta g_forcePowerDisable "0" // All Force Power seta g_saberDamageScale "2" // 0.5 half 2 twice damage. seta g_ForceRegenTime "1" // my preferance seta g_saberLockFactor "6" // my preferance seta sv_timeout "300" // my preferance seta g_weaponrespawn "0" // my preferance // gametypes // 0 = FFA // 3 = DUEL one on one tournament // 4 = POWER DUEL // 6 = TEAM DEATHMATCH // 7 = SIEGE // 8 = CTF set g_gametype 0 set timelimit 30 set capturelimit 40 // set bot_enable 1 // if you want bots add this // set bot_minplayers 1 // put the amount of bots needed set g_autoMapCycle 1 map mp/ffa1 //EOF This file works great for me there are other setting that can be added and some can be taken out up to you have fun.
  9. Hi so much to cover so lets start at the first part and work our way down. Linksys Router if you have other brands it will be close but you must interpet the diferance as I use a Linksys Router as well. here we go. Go to the Advancced Tab then to Forwarding this is Port Forwarding put a name in the Customized Applications I put JK3 this info only so it does not do any thing by its self. Next under EXT.PORT add 28069 to 29071 you could just put 29069 to 29071 this allows 3 ports open the first one allows JK2 and JK3 ports open you use the one that works best for you. Then check the Protocal UDP this is the Protocal that JK3 use's add IP Address of your game server must be static IP so the IP address does not change. In windows must set a IP address manule no dhcp to put the IP address on the server only you can still use the Service for your workstations just not this server. Now push the Apply button you done on the Router part. Hop this helps if you stiil have issues test the server by hooking it straght up too the modem let it genarate a IP address or if on DSL put in the IP address given you to test and find out if the ISP is alowing you to run this service on the Cable or DSL line, some Cable and DSL companys are restricting this from happening. I think all broadband clients should be alowed to uses there lines as they like but that is getting off the subject.
  10. I have set up a server for ffa on JK3. The Red Queen try it. My question is what are all the new map names has any one have them yet I want to set up maps from other MP game Maps not in FFA you can do it if you have the Map names. The snow in one Map is great think about that in FFA. I get cold just thinking about it. Defernt maps keeps the game fun. I find when you add maps others who dont have them just go to other servers and useing maps that are already in the game keeps them on the server in not bored. See you on my server or send me a email. I well respond to questions about server making. I have had lot of time doing it in JK2 Windows servers and Linux to.
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