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  1. Thanks, everyone! I think I'll ask the folks at DeviantART if they spotted "something" in this drawing and see how many people (if any) are as keen as the fans here. Akril
  2. A hint, you say? All right... Do you see any familiar shapes floating about? Akril
  3. Thanks! I made this with Paint Shop Pro 7, by the way. I could never get the hang of Photoshop. So... Nobody's noticed the little bit of heavy symbolism I threw in yet? Nobody? Akril
  4. Yep, it's my first bit of GF fanart. I started it months ago, then finished it a couple of nights ago. As the caption says, it's most of the remaining main characters spending some time alone after the events of the game, with the focus on Eva, and for good reason. Enjoy. http://www.deviantart.com/view/14012785/ Akril
  5. Hmm...I guess I could submit some screenshots of this bug to the GFN, since this seems to be a rare occurance. Akril
  6. Actually, when you are talking with LeChuck at the beginning of Part 5, if you ask him about the history of the members of Captain Marley's crew, when he starts talking about Rapp Scallion, Guybrush has a very vivid flashback of the time he temporarily resurrected Rapp in the crypt on Scabb Island (complete with visuals straight from MI2). Costume 328 is the late Charles de Goulash floating down to the Goodsoup Crypt, using his blanket as a parachute. Costume 398 appears when Guybrush is having his Rapp Scallion flashback. Costume 438 appears to be a mask of some sort for the illuminated signs at the carnival. Akril
  7. I guess my saved game must have been a lucky accident. I've been trying to determine what variables (talking to the agent, talking to Meche, the agent's position when saving the game, etc.) caused this bug to happen, but I haven't had any luck duplicating this fluke so far. All I needed to do in this particular save was turn Manny around from where he stood and walk him over to the LSA agent, getting him as close as possible. Akril
  8. I was snagging some reference screenshots from GF yesterday, and ran across a possible bug that struck me as pretty funny. I restored a savegame in Year 4, inside the casino. Manny was standing beside Meche, facing Charlie (I probably tried throwing the sheet over him once before I saved). The one-armed, unicycle-riding LSA agent was standing in front of the far left slot machine, and I walked Manny over in his direction. I got stopped by an invisible barrier around the agent (which I assumed was normal), and as I was trying to remember which key I had to press to interact with a game character, the agent backed away from his machine, and instead of wheeling over to the other machine, kept cycling backwards over the casino floor and eventually floating up into the air and off the screen! When I restored the same game a second time to try to recreate this, I was successful, as I was the third and fourth time I tried. Once I tried following the agent, and his gravity-defying route took him out of the slots area, through the upper floor, making it look like he was wading through the carpet backwards, and eventually disappearing through the far wall! And even after he vanished, I could still hear the cheery squeak of his unicycle. Has anyone else encountered this, or am I the only one to have done so? Akril
  9. An interesting story about this animation... I posted a link to it on a fairly busy message board that I visit every now and then and created a mini-contest to see who could guess what 1998 adventure game that voice clip came from. I figured, with specifics like that, and GF being one of the best games of all time in some gaming areas, it would be a matter of a few days before someone came up with the answer, right? Wrong. Very wrong. Nearly 1,600 members and no one even guessed the clip was from a game from Lucasarts. The person who finally got the answer was a diehard adventure gamer who was a friend of one of the forum regulars. *Sigh...* Popularity has a different meaning in some places. Akril
  10. What really confuses me is that Old Town Radio calls its collection "The Complete Box 13 Radio Series", and also repeatedly claims that you can order "18 CD's with 52 different shows", while I got 17 CDs and only 48 complete episodes, with a 50th episode that is incomplete, as well as a repeat of one episode that is also incomplete. If you only have 48 episodes, I think it would be a good idea if you changed the text on the Old Town Radio webpage Just a few more trivial things about GF I thought I'd post a thread about. A while ago I mentioned that the cats at the race track might be based on Oaxacan wood carvings. (Hope these links work) Here's a photo of a carving of a leopard... And here's an assortment of carvings. I'm still not entirely sure why Tim Schafer (probably) based the cats on the carvings...but then again, I'm not entirely sure why he chose to create elephantine cats that ran in derbies like horses. Another thing I've noticed is the designs on the characters' hands. Most of the main characters have distinctive designs, while most of the minor or infrequently appearing characters have a stylized metacarpal pattern. Manny and Meche have simple, yet aesthetically pleasing line designs, while Nick has an elaborate double spiral that reminds me of a Celtic triskel, minus one loop. Domino (naturally) has a pair of dominos on each hand, and Salvador’s hands are plain white. Hector's hands seem to have elaborate crucifix designs (I’m not sure how to interpret this kind of symbolism. It could get too violent in here). I’m not sure whether the dolls that the characters are based on have similar designs or not. Lastly, I’ve noticed how Hector’s skull is considerably different than everyone else’s in the game. Different colored lines and dots accent his features, and at times he seems to have actual eyes. I just realized that his head looks a bit like the sugar skulls that are made to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (apparently they are called “calaveras”, but some sources have stated that that’s what the little skeleton-populated dioramas are called…or sometimes, the skeleton figures themselves). I couldn’t find any good photos, though. Akril
  11. That's happened to me too, right at the beginning. There's been some discussion about this, and apparently it's just something that the programmers missed. It is pretty amusing, though. Akril
  12. Thanks, all! The frames were drawn on the computer with the mouse in Paint Shop Pro, with one frame per layer, then made into a GIF and exported into Flash, where I synced her mouth movements with the various sounds. It's not the same cheetah as the one in my avatar, they're different characters. I'm part of a fandom that creates its own characters for roleplaying or other devious means. I just like to draw animals. Akril
  13. Wow! It's great to meet somebody who can write and draw. Great job. Akril
  14. I must admit, I have a strange fascination with Lupe's voice. After some indiscretion, I decided to use some of her lines to breathe life into one of my own characters... And I don't think she turned out that badly... (The animation might not be in sync with the sound the first time. If this is the case, reload the page or right-click on the animation and select "Play".) Akril
  15. Ahhh, the inability to talk to Dom in Year 3 and thus make the plot just a bit less nebulous...so unfair. I think some of them might have been, however some of them are in the game, just a little harder to find (for instance, Eva's "Ooh, what is that, custard?" line and the brief dialogue exachange that follows it can be triggered if you show her the mouthpiece of auto-body filler before biting into it). Some lines weren't even voiced. They're in the text file, but nowhere else. One such line is when you use the coral hunk on the pigeons. Of course, this is impossible, since you have to use the coral to get to the pigeons in a way that makes it completely unobtainable. The dialogue is still pretty funny, though: "Stare into this glowing rock and feel your eyelids getting heavy...heavier...What are ya? Too dumb to be hypnotized?" A few (voiced) lines that I haven't been able to find in the game are from Year 4, when Manny is taunting the alligator after finding the florist's hideout ("Worked that kink out of your tail yet?"). Another line that I haven't found a way to trigger, even though it's in the code,is Manny saying, "I don't see how Sal, with all his crazy conspiracy theories...forgot to mention to me that there were alligators in the sewers!" I should do a bit more sniffing around in the actual game to see if I can find where some of these lines exist... Akril
  16. Wow. This site looks pretty darn good. Now this is definitely a place where I would post my "too-shy-to-post-outside-my-personal-gallery" fanart. Oh yeah. Akril
  17. Naomi: Ahh, I should've warned everyone of the dangers of that site. That sound byte used to be on one of the major GF sites before the server crash...I found out about it from a couple posts on adventuregamers.com. Definitely not done in good taste, no sir. Here's the "official" warning: SOMETHINGAWFUL.COM CERTAINLY LIVES UP TO ITS NAME. IT CONTAINS MATURE AND POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE MATERIAL. VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK. Oh yeah, and here's the page with the Manny Sim that you mentioned, Naomi. Akril
  18. Even though GF may not be very well-known outside the adventure genre, it still gets its deserved recognition from time to time... ...and sometimes in the oddest places. I found these interesting little "game crossover" pictures on SomethingAwful.com: Pic 1 Pic 2 (a) Pic 2 (b) I also found many more LucasArts spoofs and crossovers there. Interesting stuff. Akril
  19. I'm the sort of person who likes to explore the source code of recently completed games and see what little secrets can be discovered therein... One of my more memorable discoveries was finding out that in Year 1, if you take Glottis for a spin on the tree pump more than seven times, Manny runs out of excuses for flipping the switch, and Glottis starts looking at the experience in a different way... Akril
  20. I think I've got it... According to GF's Trivia section on Mobygames, the tune plays in the scene with the zeppelin in Year 2. I never would have guessed. Akril
  21. Yep, it’s time for another Fandom Newcomer Speech. After several years of holding back, I finally decided to try Monkey Island. Not too surprisingly, I liked it. It was only a matter of time until I branched out into just about every LucasArts adventure, my latest acquisition being Grim Fandango, which I played for the first time this year. Not surprisingly (again), I was impressed. This is one different game. No wonder some of the reviewers didn’t like it. Heaven forbid such a game should shatter their perceptions and their expectations of what an adventure game should be about. My Spanish class and my 2001 trip to Oaxaca certainly helped with understanding some of the game…I guess I lucked out. (Note of interest: With the major part that Dia de los Muertos played in the earlier part of the game, I half-expected marigolds to be mentioned once or twice. On DDLM, their petals are used to form paths back to the dead ones’ former homes, since the color of the marigolds is said to be the only color the dead can see.) (Another side note: the cats in Year 2 seem greatly influenced by Oaxacan wood sculptures, in both shape and coloration. Has this been pointed out already?) And of course, the ending. With most adventures, I sit back and think: “Well, that’s it. I did it. Wow.” Few adventures get a “Woah. Now THIS is a game I’m going to play again. And SOON.” GF was one of these precious few. Maybe I was still in that all-logical, emotionless, puzzle-solving frame of mind, because the first time I finished the game, I didn’t feel much other than a slightly confused sense of completion. Then I slogged though it again… GAAAAAAAAHHH. Oh, such gaming consternation I have never before experienced in my scant number of years as an adventurer. I haven’t had such a helpless, pathetic feeling of “Now What?”-ness since…cripes, when was the last time? KQ7? SQ6? I don’t know what would fill this indescribable void, maybe not a sequel, wouldn’t exactly fly…I think… But of course I made the mistake of reading what other people thought about this concept. "Sequel bad", "sequel good"...Now I’m so confused, I don’t know what to want anymore. When will I learn… Maybe the one thing I’d like to see in some tangible form would be elaboration on existing themes in the GF universe, a look at things that we never got a chance to see in detail in the game. For instance –- (this may be a topic just as pointless and dubious as the DOTT/PAT “Red Paint “ Conundrum) -- but for all the detail that went into the descriptions of the Eighth and Ninth Underworlds, you’d expect at least a passing mention of Underworlds One through Seven. I have a feeling that one or more of lower ones might be “The Bad Place,” if you get my drift. Of course, there’s also the subject on where and how animals fit into these worlds…if indeed they do. I found a brief yet through explanation of the Underworlds in an old thread, but, regrettably, it didn’t shed any life on how the first seven Underworlds would fit into the GF universe. Okay. That’s enough. Akril If the train runs off the track, Will you want your money back?
  22. Ah yes, the gateway series that eventually led to MI for me... 'Course, I've got the complete collection now...the legal one, that is. "Thank you for purchasing SQ6! You did purchase it, didn't you? Oh, of course you did. You sure couldn't be like one of those weasels who would make ILLEGAL COPIES...You're too cool for THAT." --Narrator Akril
  23. Well, it was sort of a gift to the whole fandom in general, and it's part of a gallery that's mostly Sierra-themed art, but you can have it if you want. Thanks for asking. Akril
  24. Okay, so I saw all the LucasArts Hate Art, and found it on a scale of "extremely thought-provoking" to "slightly juvenile" to "disgusting." I've hated anything with such a passion, but I still wanted to "contribute"...so I made a little drawing of my character, who, although she is a loyal Sierra fan, is showing genuine sympathy to the famous duo. After all, the series she loved the most (Space Quest)* was cancelled, so she can certainly relate. I'd say this picture could be classified as "Love Art." That doesn't make it any less shocking, though... *And since SQ's core ambition is to spoof the life out of all things sci-fi, especially Star Wars, I’d say her intentions are quite noble…wouldn’t you agree? You have to copy and paste this link; it's hosted by Tripod. http://akril.tripod.com/Xandra/XandraSM.gif Akril
  25. Might as well make a positive contribution. Can't link directly to it, however. It's the 3rd picture down in the left column (the one with the "Yep, I've finally posted an actual photo of myself" description.) Akril
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