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  1. Is there any cheat code to teleport to the Ebon Hawk in TSL? Or any mod to let me teleport?
  2. Is there any way to teleport via cheats to the Ebon Hawk? Any ccheat command? IN [TSL]
  3. If you use Jedi Block, until your stamina bar runs out, then tap block repeatedly, you will be able to block forever, as your stamina will not be going down, however, it won't go up either.
  4. I use single because it just owns mostly use yellow. Red beats Staff or Dual Staff or Duel beats Yellow Yellow Beats Blue Or Red Blue beats Dual ( ocassionally Staff )
  5. I love it and personnaly I think that if you disable the regentime option you will not get very many downloads if you disable it I for 1 wont download FM3 sorry but regentime 0 is the only way to go for using force jump and just cause of jetpack fuel just mod it so that what every the regentime is thats how much fuel the jet has...anyway if you disable the option for regentime in FM3 I doubt there will be half or less as many servers playing it as otherwise
  6. This thread needs to be locked or one of those idiotic flamming wars will break loose... And why dont you actually play by the rules you will find it IS lots of fun believe it or not then you wont have to spend your time posting complaints about being a noobie and being punished for disobweying server rules...
  7. ok To have NPC wars get the mod ''The Last Hope'' you can control NPCs FIght them and w/e To get color in server name it IS ^(1 - 8) so dont know why it didnt work...
  8. THis happended on my computer... It stop at Loading...rocket ammo just reinstall JA and it works fine ( ps you might want to sabe your jampconfig.cfg )
  9. Ya delete the other posts and i have a bone to pick wih you its NOT called Star Wars Jedi Knight : Dark Forces!!!! ITS CALLED Star Wars : Dark Forces!!!! Its Not a jedi knight game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it should be jk3 not jk4
  10. Wowwwwwww Sweeeeeeeeet Time to play SP for sure! I never tried it but im sure as heck gonna!
  11. If you dont have winzip heres an easy way to get around having to use winzip to open .pk3 files ( but it might only work with windows XP ) 1st: Right-Click on start and click "Explore All Users". 2nd: Click on "Tools" ( at the top ) then "Folder Options..." 3rd: Click on "File Types" ( and wait for it to load ) 4th: Click on "New" 5th: Then where it says "File Extension" type: pk3 6th: Then click on "Advanced" 7th: Next to where it says Associated File Type there is a drop down click the drop down arrow and find "Compressed (zipped) Folder" 8th: Click on "OK" then "OK" again And Voila! You can now double click and open .pk3s! But beware change anything in side of them and your game will totally mess up you wont be able to join any servers. So just copy what you want to change and put them in another .pk3 (not the assets!) By doing this you 1st: Right click in side of your base ( not on a file though! ) and put your mouse over "New" then click "New Compressed ( zipped ) Folder" 2nd: rename the "New Compressed ( zipped ) Folder.Zip" to: ( The Name Of Your Mod ).pk3 3rd: Press "Enter" 4th: When something pops up click "Yes" And there you have it you own .pk3 file now just put your changes in there and you have your very own mod!!!
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