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  1. Good News to here you are going to make a Force Mod for JA, it was by far my favorite mod for JO. I was a beta tester for all of your other versions. And I truly enjoyed testing them. What was so entertaining about your mod is that you could play Jedi for while and once you got bored you could switch to play as a Merc, which was a hell of alot more fun playing merc with your mod. All the xtra gadgets and weapons really added to the merc. I few question though. Can the grapple be used in JA? and have you been able to improve on the physics of it? Is it possible to use the grapple or simulate the grapple to be used as a weapon? For example: implementing some kind of animation to go with force push and force pull to simulate a grapple hooking someone and pulling them in or pulling or pushing them down, or use force grip with some animation that looks as if a opponent is being tied up? Good to see you back and creating for the JA community. Great Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I really don't see why people love to see dismemberment on every single hit, after 5000 dismemberments in a row, doesn't it get a little boring? The patch works great, the only thing that could be added is if you get two very good hits you can get two dismemberments. If you really time your hits correctly, you will get dismemberment and if you use force speed it helps tremendously. If you use the force choke and saber throw you get dismemberment about 75% of the time. Well I guess the best option is to have both options in which we do have. If you want constant dismemberment use the shortcut, if you want skilled dismemberment use the starfire patch. Hey Starfire, maybe you should change the name to skilled dismemberment starefire patch. Thanks again for the patch, I think it's great!!!! P.S. Any luck on getting to dismember boba_fett. I have tried adding the dismemberment properties to his file, but the problem is you can't kill him.
  3. Hey man, thanks so much for the mod it is exactly what I was looking for. I don't think anything should be changed, If you time your hits correctly "YOU WILL GET PLENTY DISMEMBERMENT" I EVEN MANAGE TO CHOP OFF A WAMPA'S HEAD. But I quess for those who want even more dismemberment, thats cool , I guess thats what is great about the possibilty of modding, so everyone can be happy. I have also noticed more dismemberment with katas and when you use force speed to place a well placed shot. Once again thanks so much for the mod. P>S Now if we can only find a way to chop off that Dam boba_fett's head> I went into his file and added the dismemberment lines but the problem is you can't kill him.
  4. I finally was able to adjust the files how I would like dismembement to work. Here is a quick run down of how I did it. First of if you are looking for body parts to fly every were at all times go with the other sabermorerealistic 2 shortcut method. But if you would like to have FULL DISMEMBERMENT AND I mean, hands, legs, arms, HEADS and torso without increasing saber damage so you can have some awesome fights with saber wielders. And in order to get dismemberment you have to put an excellent placed hit in. You don't get dismemberment all the time but when ever you get a good hit in. You have to unzip the assests1.pk3 out of the base file and go into your model files, then extract it to your desk top(only the model file you would like to adjust and make sure that it is not the bot file) open the model file you would like with note pad ,for example a tried first with the snowtrooper in the file at the buttom you will see the different modeldismemberment possibilities for hand, feet, head, and torso. Change all these numbers to 100 (don't worry you won't get 100 dismemberment but it is the highest setting I believe) then save it. Save it under a different name if not it will not allow you to. Now you will see the new file besides the old file, delete the old file but first rename the new file the same name as the old file . Now go back to your desk top were your file is and right click on it. Use Unzip archive and unzip back to the original directory something like Jediacademy,data,base, assest1. It takes like 5 to 7 minutes to update the file. Now do not forget once you have completed all these steps before you load the game, YOU MUST DELETE THE FILE YOU EXTRACTED ON YOUR DESK TOP. GO INTO THE GAME TYPE NPC SPAWN SNOWTROOPER AND CHOP AWAY, Remember you only get dismemberment on good hits. If you want to practice use ( bind (a key) npc spawn snowtrooper) to spawn the snowtrooper at a touch of a key. This has greatly enhanced my JA experience. You can aslo adjust other thing like the model health from 40 to 100 to make the game more challenging I have not tried it yet but I imagine it would work. If any one has a faster way of editing all the Npc files at once please let me now, I am currently doing them one by one and it does take some time. I hope this has helped a lot of you. P.S I did it wrong on my first two tries, make sure you follow the directions exactly if not you may get a Cannot spawn Npc snowtrooper.( YOU SHOULD ONLY HAVE ONE FILE OF THE SNOWTROOPER MODEL IF YOU HAVE TWO YOU DID IT WRONG, IF YOU HAVE TWO THE SECOND ONE IS NORMALY AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE LIST, YOU SHOULD HAVE ONE AND IT IF YOU CHECK IT, IT SHOULD BE THE ONE YOU EDITED. But I promise that if you do it correctly it WILL WORK. THIS IS ON THE FULL RETAIL AMERICAN VERSION OF THE GAME.
  5. I hate killing all saber wielding characters with one swing, dismemberment is cool, but not when your saber does so much damage, I am currently playing on Sabermorerealistic 2, with the shortcut but it does to much damage. I would like a patch like the old enyak patch for Jo it worked perfect.
  6. I know you can change the saberdamage in Mp but can you do it for Sp? I don' think the same code works for Sp.
  7. I spawned 4 normal rancors, 3 of them got eaten by the sand creature, but 1 of them ate the sand creature. Then I spawned the mutant rancor, I waited a while and the sand creature did not attack it yet, but then I forced speed underneath the mutant rancor the sand creature tried to eat me but I forced jumped out of the way and the mutant rancor grabbed the sand creature and ate it.(It was hilarious:p ) I repeated this two more times. Then on the third try somthing really funny happened, I could not believe it, I was grabbed by the mutant rancor as I tried to run pass him, he was in the process of eating me when all the sudden a sand creature appeared and he grabbed it and shoved it in it's mouth along side of me already inside his mouth, it was completley insane, I laughed my arse off. This game is great!!!!!!!
  8. I just started playing the game and I am using in Sp sabermorerealistic 2 , dismemberment 3, dismemberprobabilities 0.(yes 0) I don't know if it is because of playing on the hardest level, or because of dismemberprobabilities 0 but I don't get one hit kills all the time with officers and other stronger charcters, it some times takes 3 hits to bring down an officer, I have not fought that many saber wielding enimies so I can't really coment on that yet, but I Imagine they are stronger then the officers. I hope this helps untill somone creates a patch to make saber damage more realistic and more accurate then random dismemberment.
  9. This is from a post I had, Asking for Force Mod 2 for JA. Here is the response form the creater. Azymn Gungan Registered: Jul 2002 Location: ~(40.14, -111.40) Posts: 426 Sorry, but my heavy schoolwork load prevents me from doing any modding right now. But it appears that most of the features are already built into JKA (at least in SP), so it should be quite simple for someone who do has time to recreate their effects in MP. Report this post to a moderator | IP: Logged 09-25-2003 04:11 AM lionforce Bantha Fodder Registered: Sep 2003 Location: Posts: 17 To bad, Force mod 2 is still my favorite Hello, I was a beta tester for you a while back but then I got really busy, and I was away from the game for a while. I used to go by the name I believe was lionnight, you had my email and we emailed each other a few times. I think your mod was the best mod out there. I don't know much about moding but if someone out there would like to use your coding for a force mod 2 for JA, Would you allow them to use it? I still prefer to play force mod 2 over JA mp. I just like the variety there is in Jedi to mercernary, I like to be able to pull a boba_fett bot and have him play like a true boba fett ,you still can't do that with JA. In your mod he would fly around with his jetpack and kick ass with his arsenal of mercenary weapons. I have not been able to do this in JA. Does anyone know how to give bots jetpacks and guns in Mp? Thanks so much for Force Mod 2.
  10. If you try to start a siege game normally without other human players, you Can't! But you can practice siege goals by adding a bot throught the console. Type addbot Tavion or Desann and you get a bot(Although it is not Tavion or Desann rather some random bot from the siege) and then you can enter the siege mode, it is great fun and you can get familiar with the goals. I don' t think the AI bots will accomplish goals but, they will try to stop you from accomplishing goals. I credit this info to ASK, he gave this info on another post and I thank him for the information.
  11. I changed the jedivmerc to 1 . But when I play as a jedi and I want to add mercenary bots, how do I do it. I am adding bobba fett bot and he keeps showing up with a saber. Is there anyway to have the bots show up as Mercernaries? Can you get bobba fett to use the Jetpack in Mp? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would love to be able to use the force mod 2 in Jedi Academy, it was great for Jedi Outcast.
  12. With Jedi outcast I was able to use Force mod 2 to play jedi vs merc. Are ther any servers for Jedi Academy for jedi vs merc. How do you activate the grapple hook in Jedi Academy? Thanks in advance.
  13. In jedi outcast you could do this with mods. Can you add a bot with a jetpack. For example can you fight a FETT with the jetpack, maybe on jedivmerc 1.?
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