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  1. Same as me! Only it was a friend's Amiga and we never completed it. Still fun though. Well, as much fun as it can be without being able to understand all the dialogue.
  2. Proper?! He didn't die in Isengard, you know. With the overlong ending ROTK had, they could just have played those scenes at normal speed, added the bit with Saruman dying in The Shire, and the movie would still be at the same length.
  3. It shouldn't if you run it in ScummVM and direct the MIDI to the GS software synth.
  4. It's the MIDI music from the original release played through DirectMusic's software synth.
  5. It's been available on my site for ages: http://s-island.mixnmojo.com
  6. How big is it? You probably have the floppy version. It has speech in the intro, but not in the game itself.
  7. So you want to rip your legally obtained music from your legally obtained copy of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine? Read on! You'll need two programs for this: Conman and the Infernal Machine toolset. To get the music, open the files CD1.GOB and CD2.GOB with Conman. The music is in the CND files found within the "ndy" directory of the GOB files. Extract all the CND files to the folder CNDExt that was created when you unzipped the toolset. Open the command prompt, navigate to that folder, and type "CNDExt *.cnd" minus the quotes. The program will extract a bunch of WAV files to a sub directory called "sounds" and the files with the prefix "mus_" contain the music. Something that you'll notice is that CNDExt only extracts 201 MB of WAV files, while the CND files are over 500 MB in size. It's clear that it doesn't extract all WAVs, but I have no idea if any music files are a part of the unextracted ones.
  8. Spike in a marching band outfit. Definitely not X-Files.
  9. I thought the episode was a bit short and the Glenn Miller stuff wasn't obvious to me either at first (I didn't get Max's hint about train whistles for example), but I didn't mind the B-plots. It made the world around Sam and Max feel more alive and evolving rather than being static, like season 1 felt at times. I hope there'll be more of that.
  10. Yeah, but a fictional place in Norway with a name no Norwegian would put together. Also, whoever translated it did it wrong. Dårlig ulv= sick wolf, not bad wolf. Dårlig could mean bad, but only in a context like "this food's gone bad" or "bad news", not bad as in evil. Yeah, I become pedantic when English speaking people try to do Norway, because they always mess up.
  11. - I found the clip I was talking about. Chris is the guy with the glasses. I'd like both shows to go out of the UK more. Especially Doctor Who. It seems like the TARDIS only goes to Cardiff and London nowadays. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6YkeXG2vigE - here's the beginning of tomorrow's episode.
  12. I found a clip on Youtube from the mid-80s that had Chris Chibnall criticizing Pip and Jane Baker for their contributions to Doctor Who, calling their stories "runarounds on a space ship". What I find funny is that his first contribution to Doctor Who, the episode 42, is exactly that. His Torchwood episodes aren't that much better. I'm reminded of stones and glass houses... If, by American, you mean more like the X-Files, then I say go for it.
  13. So, are anyone gonna watch Torchwood when it returns tomorrow? Last season was a bit of a train wreck.
  14. About the errors themselves: The EMS error you get has to do with the fact that XP doesn't have an expanded memory manager. Expanded memory was a way for DOS programs to address the memory and it's not available in Windows newer than Windows 98 SE. Getting the error "disk full" when you try to save has most likely to do with the fact that HDs are much larger now and when the game tries to compute how much free space is available, it can't and gives that error. There's no other easy way around this than to run the game with ScummVM as suggested by Gabez and The Tingler.
  15. Aww, you got the "naughty" words censored.
  16. Survival was best! The outfits of the gym people were awesome! I was trying to make the point that RTD's season finales all contain the same meta-story, but with a different cast. Same ****, differerent wrapping.
  17. My favorite season finale was the one where the Doctor and his companion encountered what seemed like a new threat, but at the end of the first episode, there was a great reveal showing who the real threat was. That enemy then proceeded to conquer the Earth and it did that, but at the end someone pressed the reset button and saved the world. Then someone left. Now, tell me, which season finale am I talking about?
  18. Well, I played the game with headphones (no speakers) and for some voices the low sample rate got really annoying. I also noticed some compression artifacts on the music, but that didn't bother me as much. I thought the graphics served the cartoonish look of Sam & Max well.
  19. Bump the sample frequency of the speech up to at least 22 kHz to get rid of the lisping. If it makes the games too big, at least do it for the CD release.
  20. I was thinking of doing DotT next. It was either that or finish Monkey Island 2, but since I lost my MI2 CD, it will probably be DotT. The Ogg Vorbis Digital Audio files can be played with the latest version of Winamp and several other players. If you want to use Windows media player, you need to install this filter first: http://tobias.everwicked.com/oggds.htm However, I'm not sure if that filter will work with the next update, since I'm updating to a newer version of the Vorbis codec.
  21. It took a bit longer than expected (attending something called school), but the rest of the music is now up
  22. Just thought I should mention that on my site, Soundfont Island , you can get an almost complete soundtrack of Sam & Max. The last 4 tracks will be added in a couple of weeks. Enjoy
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