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  1. Not sure if it's the right place to put this, but since the Eclipse was really nifty I went and looked at the Dark Empire series and am really confused. I realize it was written earlier than a lot of the other stuff, but the New Republic's suddenly driven back into hiding for no apparent reason, and then after the comic finishes, the other books, even some apparently set at the same time, have people on Coruscant like nothing happened. Has there just been no attempt to integrate this or am I missing something? Also, where did the Ecliplse having a superlaser come from and is there any time it appears to do something other than blow up?
  2. It's kinda weird that it's still about the mon cal vs the star destroyer after that argument seemed to be somewhat settled a few times. Isn't the big problem still the shieldless zc cruiser which can take out most of the weapons on one side of an isd or mc pretty easily?
  3. They fit him in nicely in the campaign, but outside of that conquest, GC particularly, it is a bit odd. I always just wonder about the mechanics of him running up to an ATAT and bribing the guy way up there about to step on him too, but that's just me.
  4. Yeah, I really wish they'd take down the vengeance frigate, though the starviper'll be balanced it looks like. At least they're making the ISD a bit stronger now!
  5. But there were tons of factories that were destroyed by Zaarin, and so they had to match his tie-d's and kept even most of the avengers off the front lines. Just avengers would have evened it a lot. If they hadn't been learning, they wouldn't have even developed those, let alone gunboats.
  6. No no no, my impression is that at the higher tech levels, imps having good fighters would fit, since if they *could* have gotten more to the frontlines, they would have started to turn the tables on the rebels, but all the defenders/avengers were taking care of Zaarin during Endor and all that.
  7. I didn't mean their strategy, but more of an equalization at the end. Most of my impressions come from the x-wing series, but I thought that if they'd gotten more tie avengers and defenders out they would have at least neutralized the rebel advantage in that area. Since the tie defender made it in to begin with, the whole Zaarin deal is relatively canon, right?
  8. Yeah, that could be fun for extra scenarios. The ZC is really cool in campaign, but their having to conquer really sort of undermines their difference in gc, and is part of the reason their units are so insanely overpowered.
  9. I'm really really hoping that damage is what they mean by the fighter damage class, though it would be nice if the defender were just a bit faster too. It would be really cool if the rebels had to rely on fighters all the way up to the highest tech and then it shifted. I still wonder why they didn't put in gunboats. Those would be a good mid-tech bomber
  10. http://www.petroglyphgames.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1112 It sounds like the starvipers at least are going to be fixed, though that only comes out from the second dev post. Don't see anything about mass-driver damage though, just decreasing accuracy vs fighters. I posted a link to the cap-ship discussion here, since the devs do come post here, but that's probably the best place to give feedback.
  11. Perhaps about the towers. As a kid though I got all the little Lucas Arts tech dealies that emphasized the role of the fighters in protecting the towers. It doesn't make sense, but it was sort of fun, and would have been balanced if the cap-ships in the x-wing games hadn't been so completely underpowered against fighters, (and too small). The whole xwing series did go back and forth on whether you could destroy parts of ships before their shields were down. Didn't happen in XvT I believe. That the executor was big enough to need multiple shields so that you could concentreate on the bridge-shield makes sense to me though. Basically, I just really want the ISD to be powerful, and it wasn't until the new republic that they could make ground-up dedicated warships. Home One was supposed to also be exceptional in shielding if I recall, and larger than other mon cal's to be a carrier sort, rather than a direct battleship.
  12. Yeah, but after the war they would have been manufactured as dedicated warships. Superior engineering and backup systems make things work a bit longer when there are holes in the hull, but do not negate the actual holes.
  13. Yes the bridge is a target, but so's Home One's. The game mechanics here really de-emphasized shields to great extent. It's good to take out hardpoints and I really like it, there's just a greater proliferation of weapons that bypass shields than really makes sense in the game. If you have equal relatively equal shielding, better firing-arc, and more firepower, as well as a significant fighter-screen to protect you from the shield generator attack, it really should come out way ahead. Also, if the destruction of the executor weren't more of a freak accident, how long would it have been before the rebels just had dedicated rslaved ramming-awings?
  14. Haven't had much time to play yet, but do the b-wings and defenders do well against other fighters? The latter really should at least. I'm becoming a bit of a one-trick pony here but I'd really be ok with it if they just made the ISD really good and let the other imp ships suck. It's the one ship that's just too iconic starwars to mess up like that. Well, that and maybe tone down the mass-drivers a bit. It's also a little sad the game didn't have that counter-unit chart.
  15. The ISD has always been very very powerful going back to the days of X-Wing. The ISD's weakness was never weak shields, it was the generators being able to be destroyed, which was why they had so many fighters. In a cap-ship match they should win hands-down, and as it is, their one hardpoint is far too easy to get with bombers and anything else with mass-drivers and torpedoes. It at least needs two hardpoints.
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