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  1. some maps have a limit to the # of days you have to win, on singleplayer. the maw one does if i'm not mistaken. would be nice to be able to turn it off
  2. while playing GC multiplayer i've noticed that at the beginning of some land battles, my troops start off at the default control point, but i don't control it. so my pop limit is 1/0, and i can't land anything else until i capture a population point. I've seen it happen on several worlds. Kamino, at least on clusters comes to mind with this problem in a recent game i played. the only way i was able to crack it was by rolling over his droidekas with the gargantuan i don't know if it's intentional or a bug. but it makes any attack difficult at best, and next to impossible if the defender knows about it and rushes your troops.
  3. not sure if this is a bug or "feature", but in multiplayer GC when i invade some worlds i won't start with any population flags. so my pop is 1/0, and only expandable if i landed troopers. and it's next to impossible to conquer the world if the enemy rushes you. i definitely recall it happening on Kamino in the map Clusters when i was empire.
  4. i don't think making it a 3 player multiplayer game is possible through mods. so will the faction that goes unchosen be AI controlled during an MP campaign? or just not in game at all
  5. i wonder if the b-wings will be tough enough to survive at least 1 seismic charge from boba
  6. with the addition of a third faction, i was wondering if they've said how multiplayer galactic campaigns will work. can three people play at once, or is it limited to two people choosing among the factions? since anytime a battle starts, the game pauses, i don't think it's possible for all three sides to be involved in one battle. and the third person would have to sit around waiting for the resolution.
  7. i have to agree, it's ridiculous. the ships start firing before i even get a chance to select any of them on some maps. before the camera even pans to the default position from the hyper in cinematic.
  8. 4) bombing runs still destroy units/buildings covered by a shield if the run is targeted at the shields edge, even when the shield is upgraded to stop all weapons.
  9. never heard that before, oh well thought of something else though. there should be a way to setup what your initial fleet will be in battle.
  10. ships and troops should still take orders once the countdown to a battle begins. to be able to amass a fleet for a counter attack
  11. if it's a fortress system with a massive fleet + ion cannon, destroying the planet during battle gets rid of the annoying ion cannon.
  12. i tested it in a LAN game against myself, and it's still there. the first few bombs look like they're absorbed by the shield, but then the last ones get through. i think it's because the bombers fly through the shield, since they fly so low, and the shield gets pretty high at its apex. even units at the very edge of the shield still get destroyed that XML tweak would probably do the trick, since if they have to start the bombing run from farther away, it's unlikely any of the ending bombs would be launched while the bombers are inside the shield. unfortunately i don't think that will fix it for anything but single player, or LAN games where both players have the tweak.
  13. i'd like to see Imperial Star Destroyers have 2 shield hardpoints, there's two of those "ball" shield generators on top of the bridge anyway. as it stands it's too easy to take down their shields, a few y-wing squadrons can do it in one flyby. especially compared to mon cals that can recharge from nothing to full in anything but the fiercest attacks. you have to micromanage bombers like a madman to de-claw them also it'd be nice if the empire had any rocket using unit on land, at least force rebels to buy stutter shields
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