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  1. by the time i read all the posts i forgot what this thread is about i dont know, i dont come here much anymore now that school started for me but everytime i come here there are only threads about people complaining about viruses and threads like '3 word story' and other games like that in my opinion the quality of the swamp has droped
  2. "go ahead and honk, its not like he has a gun or something"- passenger to driver "the cliffs not that long..." "what does 'death penalty' mean?" thats all i got
  3. awesom story, although, as doomgiver said, your not my alltime favorite but your pretty good and no, your not surprised
  4. ha! theyalways get it wrong with me; once i got like fifty things saying [picture of hot chick] in new york! and a million of the same kind, all were in new york or something like that
  5. i shall never bow down to those... *looks at post count* *looks at date joined* meh *kisses legameboys feet and starts to worship*
  6. drinking a little bit of red wine every night is good for your heart. sad.
  7. you forgot mmeeeeeeeeee welcom, i am the youngest one here. sabretooth *thought* he was the youngest one but he is 12, i am 11 and probably the most mature one here.
  8. its really easy to stop being addicted to the site: get addicted to something else
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ---------------------------------true--------------------------------------- *looks at sig pic**stares at it for a few minutes**cries* no offence mmmpie, just a joke WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. thank me... OR BE CURSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. http://www.angband.com/towers/resources/maps/Middleearth.jpg
  12. i put other because.... because i can, most of the characters i didnt recognize
  13. (((alright im really sorry i haven´t been posting for a while but i have an excuse [see sig]))) rick could not stop walking although he wanted to get back and attend to brittany but his legs forbided him and as he was going he triped on somthing landing flat on his face, he searched with his hands to see what it was and it was not to his great surprise that it was a skull, further feeling showed him that the rest of the body had been preserved, it then hit him: he was being drained of the force and if all of the force within him had gone he would die, die like the poor soul that lay before him. but still his arms pushed him up and his legs kept on walking he eventually fell asleep a sleep filled with nightmares and ones that brought back memorys of... sad events. he woke up with his hed on some wet soft surface, it was moss the first thing he thought was that he had gotten out of the cave, that wasnt soand he suddenly felt so confused; how could the moss live if it was constantly being drained of the force? he ate it, it tasted so horid that he was about to throw it out but he ffelt his power coming back to himhe shoved more into his faceand he soon felt as good as new, he continued on and soon he saw a small fliker of light as he got closer he the light got brighter, and brighter he found a peice of paper rolled around a stick, he had found the scroll and on it it said: "he who has the five scrolls of ( i forgot his name help me!!!) will have power over all living beings..." rick could not read the rest as it had decayed a little over the years he ran put with the scroll. altough the power did noy drain the force from him he could still feel that the power existed and as he went he grabbed a bunch of moss thinking of britany hoping it was not too late (((tons of grammer mistakes sorry)))
  14. you can't just rip on someone who can't spell, they could be younger than use, such as rick ulo, and can't come out with The most correct of spelling and grammar. and. insyult!!! *takeg out glover**slpth,slapd* id chlens yuo pu a dula i knew it was an april fools day trick all along SEE!!!, SEE!!!! i am smart hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (to much sugar for breakfast (and lunch))
  15. i... really dont care... im only eleven... when my friends ask me who i like i normally draw a face on my hand and say i love her... im really not a star wars geek... i havent even seen all the movies. now that i think of it i dont know why im still here
  16. Eat The WARRIOR your FEA t stink STARs ROCK!!! :\
  17. when my brother got braces, he got pissed off about anything. i normally heard him yelling curse words about his braces thru his door. that was the first month or maybe 2, im not sure i cant remember i was young. i naver want braces:(
  18. what does 133t mean? To everyone eXept Elmo, you are an @ssh**e again :\
  19. thresh, wondering what dera was looking at hee asked "is there somthing im not seeing out there" he said taking a brief look at the blue tunnel of stars.
  20. rick ran to the library he looked for faloo and found that it was a big rainforest with some mountain ranges. there was supposed to be a imp base but the council were not sure, the mission was to search for the base and if it was found, blow it all the way to tantooine. he ran back to britanies quarters annd told her what he found. she, being packed walked out and headed for the hanger, rick following close behind. when they reached the hanger they were surprised to see sakura and a tortured version of visiona. "what have you two been up to" he asked looking at visiona in a consirned way (sorry i made alot of grammar mistakes and all that but iwas in a rush)
  21. yah i was hoping the smiley would cover things up
  22. this thread was started last night. i have already wrote that it it all went well. in other words WTF!!!
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