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  1. no mater what im not going to finish it, it would take me years just for the third one and i cheated on the first two
  2. (((a smile? he was laughing his @$$ off ))) flame decided he would stop launching fire balls at jack so he launched 2 more and then a sword of flames appear in his hands he charged at jack and he was obviosly winning
  3. thresh just sat there for 3 minutes and said " well first we need to wake her up then we need to get out of here" then thresh recalled somthing "are you certain that it was the hutt that destroyed the tunnel? it could have been a trap the hutt could have been pursaded with the force to put the bounty on you if the dark jedi was powerful enough" thresh looked at the girl "do you think there might be any other survivers?"
  4. (((good one:thumbsup: ))) thresh thought for a second and then said to dain "we better get her inside quick or shell die
  5. uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yah can i have one with a jedi and a sith fighting and my name in white with blue around it
  6. Your name number is the number 6. You would identify yourself within the family group as being responsible, the chief of the clan. The one who creates an atmosphere of harmony, and helps out the others. Intimacy Your intimacy number is 5. This character is full of life, active, adaptable, versatile, adventurous, has a fighting spirit but is often fickle and impulsive. Does not like to feel tied down by routine. There will be a strong reaction if someone tries to impede her freedom in any way. Defends herself well in a conflict situation. It is surprising how the number 5 can bounce back after a knock. Elusive, but not necessarily persistent. Desire Your desire number is 2. Qualities: The desire to join in, to collaborate with others or to find a partner. Sensitivity and gentleness. The yearning for affection and helpfulness towards others. The capacity to occupy oneself with small details. An excellent companion. Intuition, sometimes very accurate. Possible faults: The search for tranquillity, which can easily lead to inactivity being carried along by circumstances. Potential laziness that is dead on for me exept for a few minor details
  7. weird... and after i read the article... scary
  8. i figured most people would be smart enough to know that they were already in it
  9. (((thats to bad he was a good RPGer better than me))) "hello darth tepe"
  10. this is a list of all the roleplaying forums for general refrance i would really like this to be stuck battlefront RPG forum XWINGALLIANCE RPG forum ARESEN RPG forum KOTOR RPG forum RPG heaven i hope you apreciate this:)
  11. (((who is your aprentice and what happened to death or dark lord?))) rick chats with them and he does this and that blahblah blah blah (((i started a thread and you guysvreally should join its called aturutan)))
  12. (((can someone sum upthe last three pages for me?)))rick walks in and order a drink
  13. "it is very odd but it could have been attacked" he said as he started to put the energy cell in ((( this is a prime time for anybody to join)))
  14. flame had let tepe battle with the man but now he decided it was he who started it and it was he who would end and with that he made a great wall of fire between the two and sand went on the side where jack was and grined jack charged at him but he quickly moved out of the way "hehe" he said under his breath as he lauched a fire ball
  15. did you get that from the urbaan legands thing and didnt her skin get ripped off?
  16. thresh bought the energy cell and told dain to follow him to his home where he had his suits "alright put this on and we can get on our way" they put the suits on and went out of the moountain closest to the acadamey thresh found the door and the dark side greeted "them i sence somthing" thresh said...
  17. well i have a couple suits that could get us there from above but if the electricity for some reason fails the door that keeps the cold out wont open but if you give me 10000 credits i could get an energy cell and i could rewire it so it woud give powwer to the door
  18. (((know what? neither did i:rolleyes: ill edit that right now)))
  19. i am so happy it is not true i was sad too imagin a kid who had been waiting for SW3 for a long time (like all of you) who had just heard that it was ruined completly
  20. "sure ill do that although he might put a bounty on my head but anyway maybe i can help you on your mission?" by the look in his eyes you could tell that thresh really wanted to help
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