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  1. How is it you have been on for several years and haven't received any visitor messages?

  2. Well... if I know the gang running Lucasforums like I think I do (not me mind you, as I take a back seat) ... they have the show well under control...
  3. By the way... it should go without saying, EVERYONE is both encouraged and invited to join this particular community group... from newbies to admins.
  4. Lucasfiles is most definitely being relaunched. It's a question of when and who gets involved in the process. This is something the folks behind the scenes have talked about for a while now and it's currently on the top of the agenda. Finding good people is the next phase. Naturally the new Lucasfiles will have the ability for authors to upload their files, add their own screenshots, descriptions, etc and then go live once validated by an admin... that alone will provide the file site to push out the files for ALL LEC games at a pace that is surely to be appreciated by the community. And of course, we'll have a fully integrated comment system that hooks into the forums as well. Variety and choice is healthy. We are already providing files and now it's time to update the site and bring in version 2.0... for our community. I'm certainly not leaving out the thought of doing something jointly with FileFront either, however. That's always possible and has been explored in the past. I like the crew over there and think they do a great job. We'll either drive this project community based or we'll just pay for the coding to be done in the end. Naturally, the community leading the charge on the project has a nice ring to it since everyone would be able to take pride in knowing it was a successful community project that worked and everyone can enjoy. Again, either way, it's wonderful to see the folks line up to help. Says a great deal about the community we have here at LucasForums.
  5. The simple answer to that one is that LucasFiles is much more than just one game and hopefully will continue to be so after a re-coding and re-design.
  6. As TK said... there's lots to discuss behind the scenes before any project is assembled. I thought the thread was a good idea to see who would be interested in working on a large team project and who could offer what help. It's certainly nice to see people throw their hats into the ring if we get the ball rolling for this project and it looks like there is some solid talent willing to join the cause. Either way, be sure to add your name if you are interested in helping and we'll keep a list while we discuss the details a bit more and hash them out more. Great to see folks stepping up though and putting their names out there. It's most appreciated!!
  7. Sounds like a plan... we can make an announcement post about it in a while... but feel free to post in some of the forums that you are putting together a team.
  8. Well, see who you can round up for a team and we'll see if we can't give it a go. We can make it a lucasforums project (Our first use of the project tools?) .. but we'll need some coders, html gurus and some graphic wizards to do it right... Start rounding up a team and we'll see what we can get put together.
  9. Naturally we would support any type of initiative in that regard. It has been on our "to do" list for a while now... so if enough folks want to assist, that would be fantastic.
  10. We're in the black. Have been for years. Lets just hope we stay that way.
  11. Lots of questions right out of the gate Ender... good to see the interest. 1) There are a small group of partners including myself that actually are members of the LFNetwork, LLC. All the members of the actual LLC are of course admins. There are many admins that are not actually LLC members, but from time to time, they may become members after significant contributions to the LLC and Network. Just because an Admin may not be a member of the LLC does not mean they are any less important... everyone in the community from Owners to unregistered members just viewing play an important part of keeping the network alive. 2) The costs are significant to run the network... from LLC fees, to accountants, to insurance, to server costs to taxes... the ads cover the costs.. but there's barely if any breathing room after that and for years we all paid out of our own pockets to keep it alive before it could cover its own costs. 3) Yes, we of course have been working with LucasArts for over 11 years now.. directly and in some circumstances directly under contract with them. Hope that answers your questions... that's about as much detail as I can share, but hopefully that was worth your while.
  12. I sent you a PM regarding your topic. Let me know if you still cannot login and we will take care of you. Ari
  13. Source, I think they want LFN to be the folks in between the modders and them. That press release was the result of months of contract negotiations and rewrites and more rewrites between LFN and LEC AND LucasFilm legal ... so when they put that out, they made the position clear. Their/our wording and their position is well detailed in the terms of use on LucasFiles.Com and they fully support and endorse downloadable mods that are posted on LucasFiles so long as they are posted within the terms of use. I do not think LEC would provide another statement just to have it more recent. They made their statement public and have supported the community efforts for years since then. Good questions on your part and well researched. You would have no idea about the things I informed you about today, so hopefully that sheds light on the issue. Ari
  14. You make some interesting points Source and I think you did what you could to track down information pertaining to the answer you seek. Speaking as both a lawyer and an owner of LFN, I can assure you that the press release details you read about are still very much in place between LFN and LucasArts. I am in contact regularly with the Lucas Legal team and we deal with a variety of issues on a regular basis. Without getting into details I can also assure you that LFN and LucasArts have a contractual relationship that allows the users of LucasFiles.Com to mod files and post them for downloading so long as they agree to the "terms of use" found on LucasFiles.Com. So, what the CEO of Obsidian told you was pretty accurate from his standpoint. He's also right in that most companies would never take the time to really bother with mods unless someone was making a profit on their work or abusing it in some unfit fashion that would offend people, etc. The best bet for this type of modding, and the safest way with guaranteed protection of LFN for modding would be to post it on LucasFiles and if LEC ever had an issue with anything posted, I would get a phone call in about 10 minutes on my cell. Hope this helps clarify things. -Ari
  15. Let me add my congratulations to the both of you as well. LFN certainly appreciates the efforts both of you make on a daily basis to our community. The promotions were clearly warranted and well deserved. Congrats again. Ari
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