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  1. I just found out why I can't access the "jedi temple" content. It's because I have PAL Version of the game, and I downloaded the new content from US PSN so that's why it doesn't work. . . 10$ for nothing :-) damn!
  2. I got an impression of you to be one of those guys who just is rude to people who have a problem, that's why I was irritated by your answer because you didn't even bother to read my question. No need to make a big thing about this, we can all come along here. It was just a missunderstanding bethwen two persons (you and me) there is no need to argue about this. Anyway I apoligize for my rude answer. I live in sweden, and because the new content isn't availble in EU PSN store I opened a US acount and downloaded the content. When I start a new game the only option I get is to choose the difficulty level Easy, medium, hard (master) etc. When I make the choice I get to play as vader. .
  3. um? Can't you read? I have already said that I HAVE STARTED NEW GAME but I don't get a option to choose, I directly begin as darth vader.. . .
  4. ok so I need to finnish the first level for 10th time now lol ok I will try that.. .
  5. I downloaded the map and payed 10$ but I can't find it!! Yes yes I STAR A NEW GAME, but nothing happends I get to play darth vader on kashyyyl and nothing. . What the hell is wrong?? Help me pleaaaaase!!!
  6. As far as i know i played the trial before i bought the game and i could do everything exept Kashyyyk and Mustafar becouse they are for the expansion
  7. after i have played the game for a time now my favorite land and space hero are Land: Boba fett Space: Thrawn
  8. Chimaera! Biggest Europe server and one of the most populated servers overall!
  9. that will never happen but i think the game is turning around its geting better and better!
  10. Well there is a big chance there will be a sequel!
  11. My favorite space hero is Thrawn
  12. Yes its true read the Eaw Topics!
  13. you need to get the shuttle to the eclipse! the green dot on the map is where the shuttle is lol
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