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  1. Come Back Fred!!!

  2. Hey whats up!

    Long time, what going on!

  3. Have you noticed the error in your previous mod?




    One of the deck plates doesn't seem to show up in "Ebon Hawk Restored v1.0."


    Another question on this mod - have you included the TGA file that removes the scaffolding in the copy of "Ebon Hawk Restored v1.0" mod at Roundgate.com


    By the way, the link to your home page here still leads to "kotorgalaxy.com" instead of your new page at "http://roundgate.com/playergamefiles/"

  4. Ok fixed it. the site moved, I was gone for awhile and lost it so i moved the files. the the new place: http://www.roundgate.com/playergamefiles

  5. Your signature is for a site that doesn't seem to exist anymore.

  6. I love your website, man...

  7. no multiple saved games but you can alt tab at certin points and backup the file and move it to another folder and do this for several points, but beware you may crash alot doing this.
  8. yea, when will they do a jedi game and make it modable like fallout3's geck. that would be awsome
  9. thanks, that did it. man i played them last night and they could have done a better job on them, the main story is 100% better than the extra levels. i played hoth first, but your supose to do it like this: Dark Side: tattoine then hoth Light side: only coruscant Wish they would have some how put it into the main story instead of having to do new game. like at the end of the main game if your evil your sent to tat, if good put the coruscant sometime before going to the last level.
  10. I dont see a campaign menu, when i first go in there is resume, load, extras, etc.. resume loads from the last place I played, load doesnt have anything, also once your playing there is an option to load a level but they aren't listed there either. this is the pc version
  11. I have the ultimate sith edition for pc, but all i can play is the basic force unleashed, I cant reach any of the ultimate sith edition areas. like hoth, coruscant,tattoine, why cant I reach these places, I have done good and evil endings and neither continue on to go to those areas. Please help! Randy
  12. ok sence nobody had one I went throught the game again and saved the SWTFU.BIN at a few different places. these are for force unleashed ultimate sith eddition retial version 1.0 Save just before end when your fighting vader then get to choose good or evil ending. http://www.playergamefiles.com/index.php?nav=download&file=20
  13. *edit* I would like to thank the 41 people sofar that have downloaded my save game, I hope it helps. I will be posting other saved games such as the new areas, tat, hoth, coruscant, for those that had trouble finding it like me. why they make you start a new game to get to them i'll never know Woot up to 50 downloads
  14. Hey Dstoney642000, I run Playergamefiles.com and we are looking to expand. I was wondering if you would like to host your mod with us? Our #1 benifit is download resuming so if slower connection people want to download and loose connection they can resume it instead of starting over. Unlike filefront etc.. doesnt support resuming.

  15. Hey Xarwarz, I am the owner of playergamefiles.com we have about 13-15 files hosted with us and looking to grow. If you want you can upload your files to my site. There is one benifit doing this, our site allows autoresume where if someone is downloading and looses their connection it will resume the connection ( if they have software such as download manager) filefront doesnt support it Thus it will have to be redownloaded all over again. Its also good for people on slower connections.

    If you want to do it just goto playergamefiles.com and register and begin uploading :)

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