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  1. The command for auto bots would be "bot_minplayers", this is set to the minimum amount of players that you wish the server to always have, set it to 3 and the server will make sure there are always 3 players, bot or not, in it. Edit: I forgot, also make sure to define "bot_enable" to 1.
  2. Unfortunately, it's a common occurance... I've been to a good number of servers where there are no rules listed, only to get kicked out eventually. Being called a lamer on your own server is also rather funny, except the one that gets kicked isn't the lamer, but rather the lamee. =) I was playing gas mine with a few clanners that joined in last night, and what you say couldn't be more true, it seems that pushing some dork into the abyss because he failed to put points into push for defense or absorb to avoid being pushed in the first place makes you a lamer. Then they start making with the insults... But I think it's surprising when *they* end up getting kicked. I guess the idea of a lamer admin is something of a revelation to them. =) Too bad that 90% of the people that play this game are of the "you lamer!" variaety, it's been terribly lonely at my server since most of the true FFA crowd has already picked a favorite server and probably stays there. But oh well, pushing and kicking honor d00ds is plenty of fun in its own right.
  3. I think you misunderstood... He means that with the single saber stance with the two handed saber, when you run forward and hit attack you will execute a side swipe instead of the forward overhead hit you get with regular single saber yellow. And yes, it's annoying. In order to get the correct swing, you need to run backwards instead of forward.
  4. g_speed would have affected everyone playing, not just him. When you join a cheat enabled server, don't be surprised to see people doing odd stuff. I can't view the demo at the moment, but it may be possible that particular player is using a custom saber that increases speed...
  5. Thanks for the good advice Amidala, I've put up an *extremely* clear message in my MOTD about who isn't welcome. I'm very sick of this whole honor garbage and taken to just outright kickbanning the dead weight and be done with it. The word "Lame" and some of its variations were added to the profanity filter, along with the prerequisite "kton" with 1 warning and a kick afterwards. Unfortunately, and ever since instituting the new policy, I've been forced to kick out about 60 to 70 percent of the total players that join in for falling squarely into the honor d00d spectrum... Are there even any players left that actually want to play? It seems I get 1 decent person out of a bunch of 10 flaming idiots and because of it, server population has been low. Now I see why people hate admin mods this much... It's not necessarily the admin mod they hate, but rather the way gameplay was so horribly twisted over the years. What a terrible way for a game to go...
  6. Again thanks for all your efforts, I've uploaded the mod to my server and it's running just great. If you're adding the force jump+force speed move to the next version I think the question begs to be asked: What are the chances of seeing the various staff kick moves get converted from single to multi player in one of the future versions of your mod?
  7. It's, port 29070 Changed the setup for it to be full weapons, with jump, push, pull, absorb, heal, drain and grip along with the 3 saber force powers enabled. Ever since I changed it, all the people that used to come in during the morning and sit around haven't shown up... I guess they didn't like the changes. Hopefully things will pick up and new people (Hopefully good people this time around) will start coming in again.
  8. Ah.. Bill, you're always willing to give out one hell of a fight. Definitely could use more people like you.
  9. I'll keep this story as short as possible: When the game first came out, I rented out a server to avoid the typical "Getting vote kicked out of public servers for being a lamer/cheater/hax0r" and just be able to play games of Jedi Academy after work without all the fuss. I set this server up as a free for all, no force and basically no rules other than the typical "Play nice, don't behave like an asshat" rule. All was well for some time, people would come in and start sabering away at each other, a few of them stayed and became regulars... Basically it was pretty fun to join in and get into the saber mosh with the occasional saber challenge. But as time past, and I'm not completely sure when this came to be, but a group of honor players came in and screwed the whole thing up. After this, the whole "ur a lamer!" attitude seemed to have seeped into the regulars, and before I knew it everyone was amsitting in the Tattoine bar playing bartender as the 45 time limit draws to a near and the guy who's in the lead has -1 points. Now this wasn't that bad... I would join in with my regular name and things would eventually pick up after dropping a few subtle hints here and there that I was dissatisfied with what was going on. Mostly everyone would get the picture, some of the more whiny regulars would protest and immediately disconnect but hey, who cares? This went on for some time until I got the bright idea to pick a day when the server fills up, and join in under another alias- One that would be unrecognizable to everyone... Hoo boy what a mistake that was. Even though the server messages are blaring in the background pleading with the people not to RPG and actually do something, my oh so lovely group of regulars is sitting in the ring at the top of FFA1 chatting about some damn thing I've already forgotten about. When the eventual Padawan or 2 connect and start to wreak havoc upon the proceedings, the remaining group decides to stand up, cry lamer, and gang up on the guy constantly spamming a message to the effect of "We own this server, leave us alone or get out of here" but with much poorer grammar and spelling. I was basically foaming at the mouth watching this. Immediately thinking "Is THIS what always goes on when I'm not here?" All this is happening while Server Messaging is blaring the "PLEASE PLAY NICE, DAMMIT" message. Among them was a person who just the past day was begging me with "maek me admin plzz!!!11~" But oh well, pissed as I was about the whole thing, the whole reason for joining was to play and unravel a bit after work so let's try to challenge a few people. I walk up to one of my "friends" for a challenge, won a couple of times and lost a few more. Got to challenging a few of the others for a few fights, but during one of these challenges, I got one of those lucky red side hits that seems to take from 100/100 to 0 in .3 seconds. As the guy is sent flying and chopped in half and I'm credited with the win, I look at the corpse and the little chat bubble comes up for a bit. At this point I'm thinking "Oh boy, here it comes..." And indeed, the first words out of his mouth are "wtf ur saber is tweekd" and sure enough, the others join in with their cries of cheetar!!1~ and threaten to somehow throw me off the server. I've gotten pretty pissed off in the past about numerous events, but nothing to compare with this doozy... The anger was so much and my patience had already ran out days ago... These arse kissing bastards that have been so falsely nice to me in the past were now threatening to throw me off my own server!? I just lost it, I flipped out. Changing back to my regular name and banning the bastard that initially started it all, I let the flames loose, noone got off easy and the ensuing silence after I was done was proof enough that they had gotten the frigging picture of exactly how angry I was at what they had all been doing behind my back all this time. After this I just disconnected... This was a while ago and I've taken to visiting other server instead. So far it's the most therapeutic experience I could ever ask for and most importantly: Actually fun and not nerve grating. At this moment I'm debating on what I should do from here. Kick em all out and start with a clean slate? Keep playing on other servers and let the one person I fully trust to run it for me? Or the obvious alternative of just shutting the whole thing down and moving on? While shutting down is the most logical course of action, there are a few people among all the monkey crap that I truly like. Shutting the whole thing down would sadly lead to losing contact with them and I would hate for that to happen. Oh well... That's my little rant. For the server administrators reading this: Try joining your own servers at peak hours under a false name, you might be surprised at what you find.
  10. I placed an empty pk3 file in the root of my xmod install so that it'll appear on the mods menu, problem is that I set sv_allowdownload to 0 and people who have autodownloading activated can't connect because the server will always try to send out empty.pk3 to them. (Even though they don't even need it) Any way to disable this?
  11. muhahaha Thanks for your hard work.
  12. The Xmod forums are coming up for me just fine Kurgan, there may be some oddities going on with your ISP or the like... Is it just me, or does the whole admin mod / anti admin mod discussions remind anyone of the classic anti gun / pro gun discussion? Right down to the "Admin mods don't hurt people, people hurt people!" statements. Although it doesn't much matter to me since I've since clearly stated to my administrators that anyone caught using these commands in my server will get kicked out. I absolutely feel for the people who just got around to buying the game joining up the wrong server and getting the slap treatment. Regarding that point, I completely agree with you. Unfortunately Master Hex has already stated that he will not be removing these commands from the game, this was a direct response to you on the Xmod forums by the way, though you probably haven't been able to catch it... Instead of debating whether admin mods with commands prone to abuse are right or wrong, why don't we discuss possible resolutions to the problem at hand instead? It seems rallying together and getting the mod authors to remove the commands is too late now since those 3 mods you mentioned have been released and the abusers would probably embrace those versions instead of updated ones with the commands removed...
  13. At this point, xmod includes the ability to disable and enable what commands your sub administrators may use. It's a good feature, however I will avoid assigning "sub administrators" this time around and just ask someone, maybe 2 people tops, that I absolutely, positively trust with the rcon password to my server, thereby eliminating the inevitable abuse that comes out of these types of mod and strictly enforce a rule among them about not being authorized to use these commands on the players at large. In the end, it's not really the gamemods that are at fault here but the improper use of them by the people tasked with administrating. If one is concerned about abuse, one should avoid servers with "saber off = peace" or a clan name in the servername or MOTD and just go to a true FFA server. I'd love it if all the server operators that are intending to go with absolutely no rules other than the standard Jedi Academy FFA ruleset, to place "True FFA" or something along those lines in their server names for easy recognition for those that just want to join in and go nuts. It's what I'm going to do anyway... That and add as many server messages that I can stating this fact.
  14. Thanks for the heads up, oddly when I try /x it spits out an unknown command message... There must be something wrong with my installation. I'm using the Linux version by the way. Also, not sure if anyone has noticed it (Probably so) but there is a missing help page on the mod website. The page missing is: http://www.cat5camp.com/xmod2/help_usrcmd.html
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