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  1. November 12th, now this is really good news! Sincerely, rogue518
  2. Thanks alot guys, this helps out alot!! Sincerely, rogue518
  3. I was playing a multiplayer game just to brush-up on my skills, and when I hit ESC and tried to add a bot, I keep getting a message: Unable to add a bot must have "open" slot, now this seems to be my problem they either say "closed" or have a bot character in them. How can I make them "open" slots?? Sincerely, rogue518
  4. Download the latest NwO mappack #1 at http://www.jedioutcastmaps.com I started a thread a few day ago stating the problem, jkentmarsh informed me of the updated version, download it, and they work!!! Sincerely, rogue518
  5. Thanks KNIGHT_FEDAYKIN This has really made my day!!! This is AWESOME!!! Downloaded it ( 92mb download... hell, thanks for having broadband...) and saw it... this is so cool!!! The graphics are unbelievable.. I got to watch this again, just to make sure I saw what I saw.... later... Sincerely, rogue518
  6. I don't know you personally, but you have another website... the SFA.. which you are the one, or one of members responcible for creating the fabulous NCA patch and the NCA 1.b. And "hopefully" will be the one that "releases the NCA 2 Patch in the future.... Sincerely, rogue518
  7. Yep, thats exactly what I am saying... but you will have to make some modifications like I added the campaign, Balance Of Power, I had to add nav bouys, etc... But like I said it's for your own personal use!! Check: http://homepages.picknowl.com.au/troyd/ .. Sincerely, rogue518 [This message has been edited by rogue518 (edited October 06, 2001).]
  8. Hello guys, have y'all heard of AlliED from Troy Dangerfield? I have his registered version. I can convert T/F, X-wing, XvT and BoP to use Xwing Alliance's engine. But I will never release any of them to anyone... they are for my own personal use. And anyone who releases them to anyone is asking for trouble from LucasArt's lawyers. And the one who said "I don't Care".... beleive me you will. Sincerely, rogue518
  9. X-Wing, then TIE Interceptor (maybe it's the Imp side of me... ) Sincerly, rogue518
  10. Expert Rookie... that's the beauty of Talon's missions...they're HARD!!! What do you want?, some candy-a$$ missions that you can win easily? Also if you don't have the 'old' NCA 1.1 and NCA 1.2b... by now, then you're just going to have grin and bear-it until Nob releases the NCA2....sorry!! Sincerly, rogue518
  11. What you will have to do to solve this for now, until it is fixed, go to your FlightModels folder, open it up... scroll in it until you see.. EQUIPMENT.lst, open it up and scroll down until you see: 'FlightModels\RebelTurboShort.opt' FlightModels\RebelTurboMedium.opt FlightModels\RebelTurboLong.opt Add: FlightModels\ImpTurboShort.opt FlightModels\ImpTurboMedium.opt FlightModels\ImpTurboLong.opt This should solve your problem with the Turolasers... Sincely, rogue518 [This message has been edited by rogue518 (edited April 25, 2001).]
  12. Get X-Wing Alliance!! and Mitth,...'JM' is one of the 'great' OPT makers in the X-wing Community..just to let you know... He makes really great Capital Starships!!! Sincerly, rogue518 [This message has been edited by rogue518 (edited April 07, 2001).]
  13. Hey...Mitth, your lose, really, you are missing an amazing game!!! Especially from the new 'opts' that some fantastic folks are making at this site, check it out it my make you try to change your parents mind! Go to: http://www.xwaupgrade.com hope this helps... Sincerly, rogue518 [This message has been edited by rogue518 (edited April 06, 2001).]
  14. I am real glad that you manage to get the NCA 1.2 patch Dragon T,... it's well worth it!! I don't know when the NCA 2 patch will be out, maybe a couple of months maybe? Sincerly, rogue518
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