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  1. JarJar' Hated you for ruining EP I, but thanks much for the guide. You may have a use after all...wanna look inside my saber?? Just look in the hole at the end...no, it's safe really... jk, thanks much!!!
  2. yep...just like I said....I did something stupid. But thanks for the help, I realy needed it.
  3. hmmmmn....I came here to get help, but there was no post!!! Odd, but oh well. So how do you kill that mutated Rancor anyway??? I've blown up some large wall mounted tanks or whatever they are with big-n-ugly next to them. I thought that would do it...but nope. There's a large container suspended by the control room...but I am only a Padawan...I haven't learned to cut the cable holding the container up yet. So I beg of you...what do I do to off that guy??? Thanks in advance for your reply. (oh, and btw I probably missed sumthin stupid...and for that I am sorry...hey it's been a while since JKO ).
  4. I think it was g_saberrealisticcombat 3 that gave full hack-ation but it has been a long time.....
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