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  1. no i doubt it...they're just awesome bounty hunters
  2. ugh...i heard about that, but i hate how it wasn't explained...i enjoyed fighting him too, in fact i fought him for the hell of it early in the level when he couldn't die, just cause it was dumb. thanks anyway
  3. Just keep going through the level without attacking it, and you'll eventually have the opporunity to get it stuck between some contains and an energy field, which kills him...you're character will make a comment about it when it's time.
  4. I was just wondering if anybody noticed that boba fett is in this game, and shouldn't be. This game takes place several years after ROTJ (which is the movie in which boba fett dies), so can somebody explain why he's in the game?(and i hoped its not because of the story about him escaping the sarlac pit)
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