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  1. Mirror http://www.ultimate-eaw.com Found in the Downloads section...
  2. Here is the fix, it works for me... Once you register and it goes through and gives you an error or success, click Okay. Now in the menu, click Change Account Settings and make it IDENTICAL to the settings you input during the registration, now type in ur details in the login screen. It should get you in without problems... The fact is,The REGO "IS" going through, your not receiving a reply, when you attempt to register again... hello, it is in use! so try that, and it should work Post your success
  3. Man, just off topic for a sec... I haven't been to the Zone since Quake II... hasn't it changed alot?. The LINES i can remember those distinctly, but they were quite efficient. Then the rumors broke out about the favourites. So it isn't new. Moderators tend to play favourites alot. Hell, you would too even if you knew u shouldnt. it's hard to think, why is he doing this... or why doesnt he ban this dude. Idiots that usually spam always have someone higher up, so they know they can just get a slap on the wrist. [On Topic] It is truly disgraceful, i have spoken with Delphi when i noticed the spamming on the first few days, he said that the bot would work. Or there was a filter for a reason. Which kinda turned me off from the game. I dont go there to IGNORE people, i go there to Play... I would volounteer to moderate, i'm there almost everyday trying to assist people with firewall issues
  4. its not a tie fighter, hes in a tie advanced... 1 of the most endurable ties. i think it even has a shield generator?. its really good. Also think of the unbalance. Con: why the hell are they weak to standard ties?. lol, correlian corevettes blow his buttocks up, x-wings aswell, and red squadron... lol, hes to weak.
  5. okay, ring ur isp. or better yet, head into ur router and look for ur Primary DNS... then enter it into the options.
  6. u probably merged them with a fleet... zoom in and check it out on the planetary stats and move it to there own team... it took me 6 hours...
  7. I wrote this up, it took an hour. LoL had to re-type it like twice. Check it Out!!! This should be Stickied Its extremely helpful includes pictures.
  8. Also Just a Direct Response to Mike... ur makin a bad statement. Idiotic Bugs... r Preferred over anything else. this is GUI bugs, it is a direct Hinder to modifying Options which could also hinder the multiplayer, as i showed u it stopped me from going to the NETWORK settings all the time. I rank it as a bad bug. it hinders the game
  9. Gamespy doesnt control the main menu of the game... the Servers collapsing and stuff is both Gamespy and Petroglyph, perhaps more petroglyph then not. but still, i aint a bad fan of petroglyph... im pretty sure LucasArts gave the order to rush release, so i suggest u dont judge me as a "BAD" or "Hateful" Fan... i just find these bugs that should have been squashed PRE-BETA have not... and this game should have been held for atleast a month as a private beta by invite.
  10. man, going back to C&C... wish those guys all got back together and do a huge revamp.
  11. It's still screwed, and is not fixed. Many are still experiencing the problems... like me.
  12. heh, i dont think its a bonus . its pretty stupid if you ask me, its simple to lock out the interface but accessing a few menus can unlock it. Sigh.
  13. Think Logically Mate... you gotta install the patch before u log in anyway...
  14. STILL CANNOT GET INTO THE LOBBY WITHOUT 3 MINUTES LATER GETTING [MISSING]!!!. This game and i'll quote 1 of my friends "It feels like an ALPHA Release". People that DO Manage to get in, cannot HOST or JOIN games... and you can see bugs everywhere with some titles in games are [MISSING]. What the HELL is it Missing?
  15. Finished it Yesterday Before patch 1.2, so i dont know why it says it halted Mission #4. Pretty Hard even on Easy!. Once you get Bathawui You'll see what i mean, theres a constant fleet going in and out in and out of every enemy planet, and dont take away your fleet oh no... theyll send in a wave. lol Cons: Destroying the Death Star ends Immediately regardless if the other planets r still in imperial control. Really REALLY Short. Expected really alot more from all those planets. some planets dont even have resistance such as Bespin and Ryloth. I'll fix that with a few mods though. BUGS THAT MUST BE ADDRESSED: If your fleet attacks the Deathstar while it hovers above alderaan (Destroyed) during Mon Montha's debrief. You will ultimately win and the death star + crew will then head(retreat) over to Yavin IV, and there you will fight again and win or lose your planet is gonna be blown up! (no red squadron because mon montha's debrief still isnt complete), it stops 3 times which is enough time for the deathstar to move from Alderaan to Yavin IV and from there to Dantooine in turn losing the game to the Imperials. So i think that the team better address that issue before others get up to my part. Walk-around: Absolutely do not attack that death star as it hovers alderaan, only until you have Red Squadron do you unleash your fury!!! Because if you dont, kiss you planets good bye. You will lose 3 battles, and if your like me, and keep mon montha on dantooine where she belongs, she will die and you will fail.
  16. Check it out! 2 Pages long of Information on 2 aspects of the Game before a sudden halt... Sudden Halt explained in the Article Multiplayer Reviewed Here!
  17. This Clan Will Focus on The Development of the Ultimate Mod through its Stages, Also... We're gonna have FUN bunching up together as a group. I've got a Static IP for Teamspeak for those who have it! If you don't like the Ultimate mod, who cares! Join us anyway!. You don't have to like it. But in the Clan you will be given explicit rights to Test the Modification!. All Are Welcome! Send me an Email @ augrunt@hotmail.com or Perhaps u can add me to MSN Same Address!
  18. Are you receiving my Private Messages? whats happening with the Prize Thread?. It's January 22nd In Australia, Going to 23rd in 30 minutes! lets get to that new question!
  19. Dude.... that was just the space battle... and if ur bad at ground, that brings down ur OVERALL... i got 100% in space, it isnt difficult at all, u can lose 1 corvette and still get 100%... also, i done it unmodded. lol try getting a higher overall. Overall comes right after the Tatooine score. You'll see it.
  20. Oi jason bro, im an aussie too, check with http://www.gameswarehouse.com.au <---- give them a ring, the Collectors aint on there Site but im sure they stock it... also, it says it comes out Feb 5th lol... Hope thats right
  21. Here's my 94% and my Transport Armada!
  22. It wasn't possible, In the demo you can see the retreat cool-down timer, Yet you could not retreat once the cool-down was over. Not in Demo? or just not possible to retreat?.
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