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  1. There is supposed to be software and firmware updates this week if I remember right. It should update gen 1 to everything that gen 2 is going to have. Including wifi connectivity to computers for syncing.
  2. Cause it's fun? Anyways, yeah I finally got mid way through Sept. I'm digging it. It's a solid machine and I'm getting to know OS more and more. As for Leopard, yeah I guess that I'm going to have to pick it up because the bootcamp 1.4 license is up when Leopard gets released. Problem is that I'm broke until next semester, so it's gonna have to wait. And, yes, B & R will survive with the cunning use of the batarangs and shoelaces.
  3. Thanks for the link. I'll start looking at it when I'm ready to build.
  4. Well, my video card died on my desktop. I can go out and spend $150 on a new AGP card, but I think I will wait on it. It's been too long since I've had a complete rebuild. So, I'm going to do my best and move all of my photos and music onto my biggest drive and put it into an external case. This leaves me with a few questions: Is there a case that is better than others or are they ll pretty much the same? Since I'm looking to rebuild early next year, is there anything that is coming along that I should know about? I'm only beginning to think about what I might want. I've seen some stuff on whats out now, but I haven't really kept up. I think I will drop $1k (at least) on what a I want to use it for. I think I'm leaning more towards a designer/developer machine with a limited amount of gaming. Any thoughts would be great.
  5. I'm not going to waste my time on this one. The first was absolute crap. Something tells me that this will be much the same.
  6. OK, this is the last time I'm gonna bump this. I'm picking it up tomorrow. Can't wait. What's even better is that I scored a free copy of XP for work!!! Feel like it's Christmas Eve! Can't believe I'm excited to get a Mac...
  7. Well, back to the matter at hand. Another question: Did it take forever to actually receive said laptop for anyone else? I talked to the Apple guy on campus and he said I won't have it until Sept 16. That is if I actually believe Apple's dates.
  8. Yeah, I'm getting the same one without the glossy screen. The guys at the Apple Store told me that it tends to over saturate colors. But, it looks great for movies and stuff.
  9. Yeah I was smart enough to pick up the warranty for the next 3 years. I've heard that Apple was pretty good about that stuff. I think I will pick up XP. Thanks for the link, RS. I'm sure I'll be going there daily until I figure it all out.
  10. I ordered my MBP yesterday on campus. Should be here in about a week or so. I guess they're really backlogged. Wish I could get it now. Anyways, need some opinions: 1) I need to have it dual boot into windows. XP Pro or Vista? If vista, which version? I am going to do a little bit of gaming on it. 2) Can Macs read NTFS drives? I was thinking I'm going to try to partition the HDD into 3 parts: OS, Windows, and a third for universal files: MP3s, pics, files for stuff like CS3, etc. Is this possible? 3) Is there a such thing as a mouse that is compatible with both systems? Not really a big deal but would cut down on the clutter in my bag. Any other thoughts about what I should pick up would be great.
  11. That's why I'm going to wait to see what comes out on top. I don't even want to buy a player that can play both formats because, should the player die and only one format makes it mainstream, I'll be stuck with movies that I can't play.
  12. I've been goofing around with my myspace page using CSS. I came across these a while ago: http://www.myspace-layouts.org/tutorial.php and http://www.myspaceprodesigns.com/tutorial/. Is there a better explained list somewhere or do you guys know any more than what those sites have? My Google-Fu is lacking. What I'm looking for is an explanation of what selectors are what. IE, I know that: -the 'body' is the gray area on the sides of the page; -the 'table' selector is for the area behind the ad at the top of the page; -the 'table table table table table' is the area underneath the comments and friends list. I figure that if I could find all of the selectors, this could be a real easy way of learning/teaching basic css.
  13. So far, I like it. The screen is huge. The scrolling is kinda cool because when it is flipping through, it has a large letter to the right to show where you are at. The thing that is killing me is the short battery life. Make sure you set the display to black out after 5 secs and to turn off the wireless function when you're not using it. I think MS has a great idea and if they come out with another generation, they need to fix the play for sure thing, let the wireless function connect to a PC/network, and work on the battery life.
  14. Does this tattoo make me look fat? Nice one Sabre.
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