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  1. http://www.swtor.com


    There is the official site folks, loaded with storyline information and so on.


    The true Sith have spent centuries building their strength in the depths of unknown space. The Sith Emperor patiently planned for the day when his Sith Empire would repay the Jedi for the humiliating defeats of the past. In that time, generations of Sith have come and gone, working hard and devoting their lives to the dream of vengeance.


    With dark discipline and meticulous execution, the Sith’s first assault on their enemies succeeded to near-perfection. They sliced through the Jedi and their defenses as if they weren’t even there. Though their aggressive advances were eventually slowed, the Sacking of Coruscant settled any questions about whether the Sith were victorious.


    In the years since the treaty, the twelve-member Sith Dark Council has overseen the consolidation of the Empire’s new domains and the restructuring to put practical matters in the hands of the Imperial military so the Sith Lords can plan for the future. The Sith Lords’ focus has now turned to recruiting and training new acolytes to increase the Empire’s power. When the final battle with the Jedi comes, the Sith Lords plan to be prepared. There will be no mercy.


    In the vaulted halls of the Sith Academy on Korriban and in the deep tombs of the great Dark Lords of the past, potential Sith must face arduous tests to prove their worthiness. Even if they survive this deadly training, though, their greatest challenge lies in the cruel competition of their fellow acolytes, as each vies for the favor of their Masters. Ultimately, only the strongest will become Sith; the others will simply die trying.


    I think I'll just go hug my copy of KOTOR2 and forget this day ever happened. :p

  2. Knights 2 had so many gaps, and this book fills in the missing pieces.



    There is an indication of bad blood between Revan and Exile.


    The Jedi Exile instinctively cut herself off from the Force at Malacore V, so she could protect herself from the Mass Shadow Generator. The Jedi Council didn't do it.


    Both of these points were already in KOTOR2 itself, the second in fact was a major plot point. :p


    Nevertheless, the campaign guide is pretty interesting. Although there are a few mistakes here and there that are slightly annoying.

  3. Maybe a bit out of order, but the Kotor comics will shortly start a story arc that turns some people into Dark Siders. Why it's interesting?

    This is the first victim to fall to the Dark Side in this arc:



    A possible Sion.

    And guess what? His best friend/padawan, Lucien Draay, has lost everything at this point. His position as a Jedi Master, he's accused (rightfully) of murder....and he has a mother called Krynda. All three Sith Lords could originate from these 3....Sion, Nihilus, Kreia...


    PS: They're part of a secret covenant who plans to hunt down all Sith, going as far as killing their own padawans. Sounds Dark Sidish to you?

    I don't see why people believe Haazen could be Sion, it really makes no sense to me at all.


    - Hazzen and Sion have completely different personalities.

    - Hazzen has a prosthetic right arm and eye, whereas Sion does not.


    Those points alone should squash that theory. :p

  4. I'm gonna stick with the Exile-Nihilus theory. Nihilus is the opposite of the 'canon' exile. The Exile is Lightside Female, while Nihilus is Darkside Male (but, not reversed for if your a male.).

    So, imagine either a really tough looking guy in the Darkside, or a really girly looking guy <_<

    Nihilus is opposite to the Exile in a sense that they were presented the same choice, yet chose opposite paths - Which itself should have no bearing on the gender, appearance or age of Nihilus whilst he actually had an idenitity.


    Anyways, I recently bought the KOTOR campaign guide - And it contains a pretty neat tidbit of information that offers some hints about his origins;


    "Victim of the Mandalorian Wars, the man who became Nihilus lost everything; his possessions, his loved ones, and the will to live."
  5. Storytelling? It was supposed to be Kojima's masterpiece: the reunion of characters from the entire saga. Not only the critics, that I personally hate, are loving the game, but the players too. And it's funny that you say the gameplay is smooth, because that we're one of the few things that used to upset me on the previous installments, if they have fixed it, great.


    I haven't played it thus far, but I certainly plan on doing so.

    Story wise, the majority of the game is great. But it's the last half hour or so that's a mess, and that mess unfortunately for me at least - spoils what came before it. It's what happens when a game is over hyped - You spend years eagerly waiting for a video game, you expect it to be perfect, and when it isn't it breaks your heart. :p


    Now, if you're an MGS fan, you'll eat it up. But it just lost me with the ridiculous amount of time I just spent with the controller on the table, doing absolutely nothing. Chances are, this is why most people who dislike it say they do, and it's a legitimate complaint. I don't want to shell out $60 for a movie with sections of interactivity, I shell out money for a game I can actually play and have fun with. And I think most gamers want to do the same, so don't fault them for that.
    It is a legitimate complaint, but it's one of the reasons I like the MGS series. In fact, one of the things which worried me prior to the games release was that Kojima would have reduced the amount of cutscenes because some gamers complained.
  6. I have both consoles, so I get the best of both worlds. :p


    Also, it's worth pointing out that hardware wise I find my PS3 to be much more dependable then the 360. I believe I'm on my 3rd Xbox360 right now (A friend I know is on his 6th), the other two having died suddenly - Whilst I haven't had any problems what so ever with the PS3.


    And in the UK at least, when the 360 breaks - The usual process involves phoning the helpline, informing them of the problem (Which I always say is RROD to take advantage of the extended warranty), sending the xbox away, then waiting 2-3 weeks for a refurbished model to be sent back to you.

  7. Coming from a fan of both video game series, Hitman was a terrible, terrible movie - But I have to say I have a little more faith this time around as the main actor is somewhat more suited to the role. If Mark Walberg gives a performance on a similar scale as the Departed, it should be a great film. :p

  8. Especially with bigger projects, creating backups should be a standard procedure. Usually after every session, I backup what I just created onto my 20gig external hard drive, then at the end of the week, backup everything to a DVD. Not that I've ever lost anything, but it's better to be safe then sorry. :p

  9. So what exactly is the place for? To discuss tips, techniques and the like? If that's the case... let me advise you not to try modding when you come home at 3am half drunk, it just doesn't work out. :p


    Not that I do that often though. I'm a responsible, sober university student. ;)

  10. I've done what some might think is really harsh, but what Silver would do if he saw it. I flagged it.

    I'm not really too concerned, the video itself clearly says "Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge, a Knights of the Old Republic Mod", so anybody with half a brain will know it isn't actually KOTOR3. And if they're interested enough in what they see, a quick Google search would direct them here.

  11. As the gaming industry grows, so do game development costs. And with the millions of dollors involved in game development comes great risk. Why create a project based around an unfamiliar setting to all but Star Wars fans when you can create a project based in a setting familiar to everybody, fan or no fan?


    It's all a matter of Lucasarts weighing up the risks of different strategies to determine which one would allow them to create as much revenue as possible. It's sad, but it's true.

  12. I'm pretty much in the same boat. You can only shoot/slash/zap/choke/blow up Stormtroopers for so long before it gets repetitive. :p


    I'm all for something fresh. Knights of the Old Republic, Tales of the Jedi, Golden Age of the Sith, Legacy... anything that isn't just a different spin on the whole "Galactic Civil War" thing.


    I can't see anything like that happening though. Given today's video game budgets, stuff needs to be as appealing and accessible to the "common folk" as possible.

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