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  1. I dislike monkeys...a monkey island connection!
  2. i'd heard about MI1&2 ever since they came out in the old AMiga World magazine, but never got them back then. I had also seen the budget release of CMI at the stores later and thought "ooh, monkey island! cartoons? wierd." Finally, I went to the store a couple years ago and saw CMI for 10 bucks and bought it. lo and behold, it came packaged with the first two games and my life became complete
  3. I only got two crackers.....is there some way to get another?.....can't.....remember.....
  4. I agree, but I just like the sound of the name "Monkey Island: Reloaded" better and wish they could do that (content-wise, nothing to do with it though)
  5. I know this is fairly silly, but does anyone have exact directions on where to get to the 'X' starting from the 'pile of rocks'? I fed the parrot the second cracker at the dinosaur and now it won't tell me where to go next. Loading a save game from a while back kind of spoils it for me, and the walkthroughs don't tell which way to go. [i *have* beat the game before!]
  6. sorry. is that the tag for "Monkey Island: Revolutions"? although i like "monkey Island: Reloaded" better
  7. Monkey Island 5: LeChuck's *other* Revenge
  8. 'The Beard is Back.' 'Not quite as many monkeys but still pretty good.' 'Buy this game or we'll shoot the demon zombie ghost pirate.'
  9. Just thought somebody might have an interesting story about how they discovered Monkey Island, or how they first got to play it. I don't know, something along the lines of **MI2 disks fall out of clear sky knocking me on the head **10 years later I buy the code wheel on ebay and play the game for the first time Well, anything interesting?
  10. Now I went back to my older savegame spots to try to catch up and see if I could get past the casino in a new game------the old savegames now seem to have clipping issues too :mad: :mad:
  11. I installed the GFUPD101 patch to fix the forklift prob, don't know if there is another patch or anything
  12. I've gotten into the casino where I'm supposed to put the sheet over the gambler and talk to the agent. However, when I enter the room, the clipping seems to be off - I can't exit the room, and Manny doesn't detect any of the doors in the area - he walks partway into the wall and stops. Also, when I enter the room, the agent wanders off under the floor and disappears, leaving me stuck. It happens even when I restart and reload the level before I enter the casino. Any ideas?
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