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  1. the simple answer is: Single: Saber single_<number> Dual: Saber <name> <name> Staff: Saber dual_<number>
  2. /playermodel boba_fett seems to work pretty well no, seriously, grip + saber throw works well, as does pull + slash Why does lightning have that nasty habit of pushing the enemies away so much? I hate that
  3. I'm still trying to figure out at which point Maul, Dooku, Vader or Palpatine showed ANY remote semblance of honor... Saber down = peace? Fine, you go try that in single player and if you can prove to me that no one attacks you, then I'll follow that rule. For me, the standard laming arguments (attacking when not ready, not bowing, attacking when saber down) is not laming, I'm just RP'ing the Dark Side The ONLY time I won't attack someone is if they step OUT OF THE FIGHT and the chat bubble comes up, then I patiently wait till they're done. The REAL laming comes in from people who move spam (lunge, roll stab, lunge..come on guys, I'm sick of running around waiting for you to stop, you're never gonna hit me) or the people who use the high mouse sensitivity or yawspeed exploits and just spin in rapid circles during their attacks. (That's just ghey and I'm pretty sure NOT what the guys at Raven had in mind)
  4. negative feedback to negative feedback irony?
  5. You guys DO realize that attacking an attack works just as effectively as a block, right? (it's called 'Parrying') Trust me, I've gotten into some pretty spectacular parrying bouts with my buddies...it's possible.
  6. spawn a bunch of reborn and jedi then watch the show....or a bunch of bobas and see how long you last
  7. What are you babbling about? No seriously, I never played JO mp much both because I only had a 56k connection and then because I hated it. Not enough options and most saber fights consisted of move spamming and/or running by swinging. JA seems to have more people that stay semi close and fight and the sheer volume of moves help to break the monotony of the same swing attacks. Granted, there are still move spammers, but not many...and really, is the kick REALLY that important to have? Honestly?
  8. for multiplayer type saber1 (sabername) and then saber2 (sabername)...next time you respawn, you should have your blades
  9. why not? and then there's multiplayer...which, incidentally, the above cheat doesn't work in mp... silly devs...you're supposed to give us ALL the cool moves for multiplayer!! and since when do acrobatics have to be part of the story?!?
  10. E-11 Carbine? You've all used them and damned if your aim is any better with those bastards!! :D
  11. letting us use them? for instance: with cheats enabled, type playermodel alora_dual, then playerteam player and npcteam player (unless you LIKE getting shot at by your allies)... then you can switch to whatever playermodel you want but you'll have new forward and backward flipping attacks..the timing is kinda hard to get right, but it looks sweet as hell and you can still do all the normal attacks...this is with dual sabers, btw
  12. not to get too fanboish, but...there WAS a reason that Jango was chosen as the donor for the clone DNA...
  13. AHhhhhhhh....I kept trying ot put a mods/MODNAME folder....that explains why it wasn't working
  14. I've never understood why you can't block melee with a saber... I mean think about it, you can block other sabers and blaster fire, but if someone punches, you don't even try! What, are you afraid you MIGHT HURT THEIR HAND!?
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