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  1. type /model jedi_tf/head_a2|torso_g1|lower_e1
  2. It's a common and known bug in siege, well atleast siege regulars know about it, i'm not sure what the deal with it is, but I think it's somthing connected with the servers force cvars. x-mod plans to fix alot of siege bugs (and siege has oh so many bugs).
  3. i reallly like the swbf grapics, call me crazy but i just love the water!
  4. join my leet jedi clan plzplzplzplzplplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzpzopzplzpz http://www.r3vclan.com/index1.html
  5. I dislike kt's, most of the time i get so angry i copy the persons name and say !ktoff and it will turn that persons kt off, kinda funny...and if im feeling evil i spam !mini
  6. It's hardly noticeable at all, even if you know it's there. it only does it once when you join game, after connecting, other times you join game it doesnt show
  7. Yes, asking moders is fine and dandy, they listen (slider not included;)) I sopose i can send a demo to one of them, 100th time lucky i hope.
  8. I really like this map, I could play it all day, the only thing I found annoying was the objective messages, they go off alot, and each time one comes up it gets in the way of the crosshair, I found it very distractive.
  9. It can be done on purpose, in all servers in basejk & basejka, after no success of endless reports to raven, I sent Master HeX a demo of myself doing it on my own server, so he can correct the exploit and he said he would.
  10. The lift spams on hoth are a pain in the ass but apart from people abusing the glitches (some do it by mistake) hoth is my fav map
  11. Great job idiot, now the whole worlds gona do it, it's gona ruin hoth now.
  12. I belive xmod2 is fixing the bridge dissappearing bug. You want people to post publicly about these bugs? so it will leak even more and everyone will know? meaning more people will be tempted to do them, it won't solve your problem.
  13. KPM


    The game looks like it will be popular, with popularity comes cheats....will the comunity be left up to making anti-cheat programs?....Still, is there hope for PunkBuster? if not then will they atleast offer somthing else?
  14. Sorry if it's been covered, but will the StarWars BattleFront community get support off the game developers, Patches, PunkBuster...etc.... ?
  15. If you want to bind a whisper /bind <key> tell_target "wtf you have no honorzz" so it will be like this in console: /bind q tell_target "wtf you have no honorzz" Put your crosshair over somones name from any distance, press q and it will whisper your custom message to the person.
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