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  1. some pretty good idea's there, i'm also wonderin if star wars jedi knight: jedi academy is like where u start off as a kid from the start then get older as you learn/do more things if anyone has any info on this ill be glad. thanks.
  2. i wouldnt worry about carth he's a loser
  3. nice one dude did u complete it on the dark side or the light? and i dunno how to get smilies on sig
  4. well come to think of it i dont think it is good i have to learn it 2 times a week!!
  5. haha yea i aint tried that yet though and i think if u want to get inot ajunta pall's tomb to get his sword u hafta place another sword in the stone inside the tomb
  6. lol i think he means republic mod armour
  7. lol i wouldnt start a new game cos if u r a goody guy you can get much better armour EG Qel-Droma robes awesome defense
  8. why do you need that armour for?
  9. yea i know...... i started agen and i was wonderin is there any way into ajunta pall's tomb after yuthura is named the owner of academy.... if you know please reply thanks. Luke.
  10. lol i dont do spanish but i do jerman
  11. yes you can get his robes, while your on the second floor of the star forge there should be a door on the second floor go into it there should be a guy there after that go to the machine it should give you options like light armour and heavy armour click the one that says "custom armour" WARNING: you have to have 40 spikes i think
  12. yea... im training my droids' security up so i can get into the tombs i missed out im doin with light by the way
  13. Yup its one of the best games i ever played on, its in league with my final fantasy games!! LoL Anyways it is a bit too short its like ship thing - Taris - Council - Star map - star forge - END! i wudda thought it was a longer game but there are alot of side quests in it etc... i gotta question also is there only 2 racing tracks for swoop racing AFTER taris is destroyed?
  14. Ha! it took you eleven days to complete it?! it took me only 5 days to complete it with both light and dark side and im gona start again, this time ima gona do the light side and get everything i missed etc.... you should start again there are alot of side quests. good luck.
  15. Hey I'm wondering how to get into the sith tombs i have already been in markus ragnos' tomb and Naga Sadows tomb. I need to get into the other two does anyone know how i can get into there? I'm about to star again and just realised that the droid might help me get through if the droid can get me through please post here so i know for certain, thanks.
  16. Well... i have owned this game 6 days now and completed it with the dark side and the good side. too get your dark side right the way down you have to be evil throughout the whole game nearly and try not to get good side points, you can also turn evil bastilla to the good side when you first encounter her in the rakata temple.
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